Why do atheists want to convince others that God does not exist?

I was watching some of these off-topics that always come up in various forums and communities on the Internet, that always begin with an atheist posting something about churches, Pastors, priests or the like at the most inappropriate possible. Inevitably this ends up generating discussions (or flames) almost nucna change the opinion of any involved. In one of these discussions I observed that one of the atheists put a link to a video of a program called The Atheist Experience, a TV show atheists directed to non-atheists, where they answer calls from non-atheists and try to convince them that God does not exist. Can you understand such a thing?

I immediately remembered a phrase I read in a bright text of José Barbosa Junior in Believing and Thinking, he said:

Now, I believe that if something does not exist, pra that lutar against? Never went hunting sacis and mules-without-head, and no need to write such books as "Sacis, Delusion ", but that is not the subject of this "conversation".

Unfortunately he did not deepen the theme, so I decided to do it here at Skooter Blog, with my point of view:

Consider the following:

Huey is a Christian guy, he tries to convince others to accept Jesus also, which is perfectly understandable, since this is one of the tasks that were given to Christians.

If Huey is wrong and God does not exist, everyone will die and turn meal worms, logo will not make any difference what he did.
But if Huey is right and God exists, he will save some souls from hell, including his, his mission here on earth was fulfilled and he will receive his reward in the Kingdom of God.

Zézinho atheist is a guy, he hates “believer” and try to convince other people to be atheists too, do not know why this, and probably he did not, but we continue.

If Zézinho is right and God does not exist, it made no difference, since everyone will die and become food for worms in the same way, both Christians and atheists.
But if Zézinho'm wrong and God exists, he goes to hell with all that he managed to convince the atheists are also.

Note that I am not using Pascal's Wager (I discovered that someone had thought of it before me) as an argument to convince you to be a Christian, because atheists will argue that there are other religions with other “Gods” and other punishments and rewards, although they themselves do not believe in them and most not be exclusivist. Furthermore, think practically impossible to choose Christianity based only on logic and no faith. Then you can eliminate the “It” assumptions and just let the Christian point of view to the Christian subject, the atheist point of view to the subject atheist, and the point of view of any other religion to a third person that I will invent, so we will check the motivations of each, and there have:

Huey is a Christian guy, he tries to convince others to accept Jesus also, because this was the mission that Jesus left him and he believes it will be rewarded for it in the Kingdom of God.

Huey has a purpose, a motivation, to try to convince others.

Louie is a guy who believes in God unicorn, he tries to convince others to believe in God after death unicorn because he receives a bullet Juquinha for each person who convinced.

Louie also has a motivation and a purpose, it can be completely wrong, but following what is believed.

Zézinho atheist is a guy, he hates “believer” and try to convince other people to be atheists too, He does this because… hmmm, because… why even?

The atheist who is trying to convince the Christian, buddhist, Mormon, etc. to change his mind never win anything, after all he does not believe in rewards or punishments.

Until the terrorist who commits suicide to murder other people have a motivation for this (the do not know how many virgins in paradise), based on his belief. But then what motivates these atheists? If he does not believe anything, if he does not believe it gets any reward or punishment for what he wants so much to convince everyone that God does not exist?

Returning to the line of thought of José Barbosa: I do not believe in unicorns, but if you tell me what they are I will not try to convince you otherwise, will not change anything in my life to convince you that unicorns do not exist, I will not throw the book “Unicorns, Delusion”, and certainly will not do a TV show to try to convince people who believe in unicorns that they do not exist. Unless, é clear, I'm making enough money with this program or from the sale of books, but be willing to take care of other people's money is usually atheist argument, then this issue will not go.

I conclude the article with no answer to the title question: Why do atheists want to convince others that God does not exist?

If anyone knows the answer, leave a comment.

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Hmmm!! And pq believers want to convince atheists that he exists?

Edgar de Andrade Xavier

Não sei porque crentes querem convencer de que Deus existe, Não sou crente e sim agnóstico, não sei se existe ou não existe, mas tenho esperança de que exista, Se Deus não existir, penso que não há nenhuma razão para viver, se for assim, a vida é um sofrimento sem nenhuma finalidade.


Atheists want to prove that God does not exist for believers by 2 reasons:
1º To make the world better, and people begin to not accept the bad things in their lives just because they think they will be rewarded.

2º For churches to stop disturbing science.


being one and knowing many atheists, I can say q 99% Atheists naum kerem convince religious god qo “Cristão” or else there qualequer, mainly because it does not work. the atheists will want to streamline, Religious will want to have faith. are incompatible, and always will be. no use trying for a bit of faith in reason and not by faith in reason, is simply ridiculous. obviously, some atheists kerem convince others that gods do not exist, for the simple reason of wanting what others naum live a lie, in which all are created. Lagun can do this by hatred, others for Compassion, others for no specific reason kerer. obviously also, Nao generelizar deve, pq is not got a TV show and atheists who want, q all atheists in the world also kerem. not because some religious people poe children in microwave (God sent, she said) everyone axa q religious are crazy. among all people I know, q are or are “becoming” Atheists, the reason of becoming or wanting others to become q is one. want the truth, however suffer if q, however “percamos benefits” to prove, ter fe,… Read more "

Caio Romão

Face, I have to confess that I read your blog for more review of the DX items (hehehe), but the title caught my attention and I decided to comment. My motivation: * I am an atheist * The title is roughly equal to a review of Professor. Vera Meneses (veramenezes.blogspot.com) no site “ATEA” (http://atea.org.br/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=58&Itemid=63) — with the difference in the subject. * I did not come “preach” atheism as they did in previous reviews. Citing: “The hardest part of being an atheist is that we do not try to convince others that religion is nonsense, but the harassment of those who have religion is something unbearable.” I was thinking of writing a good stretch, but I think the evidence is enough (with caveats for excerpts possibly offensive to the religious). In a society, what should be dear is respect and do not think “be written in the holy book of religion X” is a good reason to break this regard. It is absurdly annoying when on the bus or, worse, at the door of my house, try “preach” to me and, even after I say I'm an atheist, continuam trying me “converter”. Eu mesmo nunca iniciei uma conversa sobre a existência ou não de deus e não conheço ateus sérios… Read more "

Edgar de Andrade Xavieri

É importante distinguir três posições muito diferentes: a) posição de quem acredita na existência de Deus com base numa religião; b) posição de quem pensa que Deus existe com base em argumentos filosóficos e científicos; c) posição de quem pensa que não sabe se Deus existe ou não existe, pois não acha convincentes nem argumentos dos teístas nem dos ateus. Minha posição é c). Leio filosofia e estudo cosmologia física (com base na física moderna) procurando compreender como se pode entender a realidade aceitando ou negando Deus, mas me parece que não se consegue chegar a uma conclusão. On the one hand, parece ininteligível que o Universo e as leis que o regem (e que determinaram evolução imensamente complexa) tenham surgido sem causa, sem um agente externo ao Universo, a partir de nada (conforme teoria do Big Bang, não existia nem o espaço nem o tempo); on the other hand, parece ininteligível Deus. Os ateus ficam com o mistério da existência do Universo, os teístas ficam com o mistério de Deus. Pascal disse, no pensamento 230, que é igualmente ininteligível Deus existir ou não existir. Ateus dizem que é desnecessário recorrer a hipótese de Deus para explicar a existência e a sintonia… Read more "

Caio Romão

Fabricio, In itself testimony to Prof.. Vera cites that there was no reason for her descreça. Cito: “It's important to say that "I have not lost faith" because my son died. We do not lose what has not.” Just to make more clear: I think the disrespect is not preaching, but the insistence (greater) after I declare to be an atheist. There are always extremists. Both sides. And that's why I made a point to refer to atheists serious. Likewise there are those who resent one “deus te abençoe”, there are those who are offended by a guy using a T-shirt Metallic (or any other banda). Already about your comment on the jokes / insults that arise when someone gets on the bus with a bible: accept that happen, see happening even. But, again, assure that the same happens on the other side – I lived 7 years in a small town where most of the population is Christian and felt the skin thing all these years. The conclusion we can reach is that the two sides have, in fact, seus fanáticos e que ninguem tem direito de impor sua… Read more "

Carlos Alberto

well, hj met your blog and liked it because of the dx and talz but this text caught my attention. I have no religion because religion was made by men and they are all passive error, but I like to attend evangelical church because for me is the most certain and I feel fine. Fervorozamente believe in God and there is nobody else q take it from me. The same thing happens with people are not evangelical q be they Catholic or any other religion. I see in comments on orkut videos evangelicals as the testimony of Rodolfo chigando deny the evangelical saying q is lying and saying various things talz q Gospel is what it is but by chance I saw a link to a video satanic not seen the video but read the comments ? Cause nigga afraid to speak evil pq ae thinks he'll end our cmg and talz pq God is nice and does not hurt any to you and never will but then deny esculaxa ae dps is the worst thing on earth cuz u live 90 years 100 sei la quantos anos de… Read more "


You did an essay dense and visceral, with a narrative that raw seam detail the facts and borders on documentary. Okay Fabrício.
Nice try to answer this question, but really
I guess we'll only find that answer when we die..
Do sou the only Catholic who reads your blog?

PS: As everyone said, its reviews are absolutely memorable from DealExtreme. Congratulations and thank you!



Eu sou ato, the only one in my classroom at school. Can I first say that I never tried to convince anyone that God does not exist. Moreover, falo had até “Deus te abençoe” for people, because although I do not believe, they believe, and that's what matters. At the same time, is rare time someone bothers me a lot for being atheist. Has yes people who are doing very boring jokes, or telling everyone that you are an atheist just to… good, do not ask me why it, I can not find any, lol. Or trying to convince you to become religious, talking or you will burn in the eternal flame of something if you do not believe in God, mesmo que você seja uma Mas parece que você está sendo meio preconceituoso. Look your comment: “There's always that guy who wants to drag Christians into places they do not attend, use substances that they do not use, etc.” First of Christians are humans too, then there are proportionately the same number of Christians and atheists going to places not suitable substances and using bad. This has NOTHING to do. Ah, e eu não acho que estou sendo… Read more "


pq and Christians always want convercer others that your God exists?
and detail, among many gods and all religions, the only one that exists is his…

suzana jones

An atheist is always the hope that the believer sees his own irrationality and start thinking. Atheist, precisely because they believe that there is only this life and that most people are good, attempts to bring the person back to sanity in this lifetime.
Religion convinced the believer that he does not pay and that God should deliver your LIFE (the most precious). The atheist just want to take a chance pro poor believer to live their lives based on their own thoughts rather than getting obeying a gadget that someone invented imaginary.

D. Picoli Jr.

For love! At least I'm atheist and I want to see the humanity out of its cradle childhood and reign in the stars with the truth, if God exists we know that after we prove. I love mankind. I'm atheist and humanist. I believe in the unlimited development of human.


Objective Serei. “But if Huey is right and God exists, he will save some souls from hell, including his, his mission here on earth was fulfilled and he will receive his reward in the Kingdom of God.” “receive his reward in the Kingdom of God.” ? So a Christian only “tempts save souls” that ele “receive” a reward ? That seems a bit intereceiro, and nothing altruistic, because, if it does not recebece “nothing” this would be “task” with such will and determination ? I am an atheist and do not want any Christian or Mormon or any other religious change your way of thinking, just want everyone to look for answers not only in religious scriptures or the like. Now that is a thought himself a bit (sarcastic) If Jesus freed us from our sins, no one will go to hell because they were forgiven. Then “Huey” is trying to “save” a punishment that has already been “saved”. And the simple fact that Jesus in “Rid” our sins, sin can be no fear, thus we “steal, lie, blaspheme, corronper, etc. And we can even make things worse, that in the end we will all go to heaven. VIVA JESUS E… Read more "

Junior Jesus

For Thiago….Jesus died when he was until hell take the hands of Satan the key Ades…thus inaugurating the paradise, giving salvation to the q deserved, only deserved to q…naum Atheists believe in a supernatural force?? And explain how real miracles and clear q happen daily around the world?…Sera reason qa them explain the resurrection of a child recenascida after a prayer given by his father to put his hands on her heart?!!…what is the reason for this fact the reason naum Divine?…Auction the works of God is taum near us, naum ha naum reason to believe in the supernatural…being an atheist is a galudisse!! desculpa ai…But God's promise will be fulfilled….and deny all akeles qo summer and felt eternal suffering!!!! Jesus loves all Atheists!!


I am an atheist, adicionei numbers as Questões. Numbers not religious world: Christianity: 33% Islam:21% Atheists (no religion):16% Hinduism:14% buddhism: 6% other:10% in “Christianity” Catholics inclusos estao, Protestant, Evangelicals, Protestant, Witness Geova, Anglicans and etc.. and “no religion” Atheists are included, agnosticos e teistas Dizemos entao que cerca de 2/3 the population do not believe Jesus is the son of god! This equates to MORE OR LESS 4 BILHOES DE PESSOAS veja as frases atribuidas a jesus: “But whoever denies Me before men, I TBM deny before my father that the parks ceus” (Matthew 10:33) “Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, who put believeth not shall be damned.” (Marcos 16:16) “If anyone does not abide in me is thrown away, (…), and caught him, thrown into the fire and burned” (joao 15:6) “IF not believe that I am, die in your sins” (joao 8:24) CONCLUSION: God will curse 2/3 of populacao to hell! What do think of an omnipotent being whose salvation plan covers only 1/3 of humanity? IMAGINE 2 each 3 people in the world being tortured in hell forever…..imagine your friends or loved ones family. and IF you were saved, aproveitaria o paraiso sabendo que os seus… Read more "



So God gave us free will as deua apple to Adam and Eve….if comer vai pro inferno?

one should not defy god? axa q if jesus if he played such a lot of god not save him? is his son! minutes then you mean to defy gravity….a bom daí sim 🙂 pq nao faz diferenca se vc é ateu crente, person, animal, stone, jesus god or if you are playing a lot for sure will be on the ground estabacar! even knowing the law or not gravidado. it will do you in effect!

obrigado novamente 🙂


Olá fabrico 🙂 Feliz em conversar com vc 🙂 Kkkk….actually the hypothesis that Jesus walked on water is…diria um pouco duvidosa Mas em fim, 'm not aki to prove nda…just lift my point of view on the subject. I think you can be a Christian with good education and a high degree of study (it serves everyone who reads this comment), as a good person who has said, probably with college education. It has been well prepared to think logically and rationally about the world we live, in other words, eh you an intelligent person and a good critic census. Again I repeat issues impose simple thoughts, but very interesting: (use your college education to think about your Faith)the world hj implies q you use your rationality, at work, and even at home with you on your pilgrimage interpersonal. As a Christian probably believe in the power of prayer right? According to a simple study, near 3 each 4 medicos(who believe in god) medical miracles happen with some frequency, Many Christians believe that God is healing cancer, diseases in general, reversing effects of some drugs and poisons, etc.… então minha mente esboçou a… Read more "


Fabricio, Looks like your class rationalization became too appealing to facts required, actually text na eh just my, but a group of colleagues and I share the same idea ontological. The main text spans over 10 racionalidade pages of pure logic. Certainly there are issues that live in them running for emails and web pages put these same issues have not defined author, even for security, and anyway I would not have the minimum encomodo cites it in my texts. For the main idea is the same. As I said this blog is not the place for this type of exposure. Not vc is the christian ideal for this type of questioning religious. Be consistent: vc Citou “You are correct the stone fall on the head of whoever threw upwards, Jesus not played the hill when challenged by the devil, because you should not defy God.” Again: “I did not get your lesson on the law of gravity, Jesus walked on water, I think that gravity was not a big problem for him.” So jesus challenged when God walked the waters? Parece que nem vc acredita em suas… Read more "


Eu já notei que em vários perfis no orkut de ateus tem muitas teorias e frases ateístas e a maioria das comunidades (if not all) are on the topic, mas o perfil de pessoas cristãs tem várias outras temáticas e suas comunidades mostram amplos interesses não apenas o cristianismo, I also wonder why so much emphasis on this issue because they do not believe, if I believe in something I just ignore and put the focus of my life on other things, Here are some phrases for reflection and their owners: There is no greater proof of ignorance to believe that the impossible is inexplicable. (S. Billiards) Modern physics leads us necessarily to God. (Arthur Eddington) Want to put in opposition to natural science and religion… only thing we can be ignorant in two subjects. (Paul Sabatier, Nobel Prize in chemistry 1953) The discoveries of science glorify God, em rather than reduces it; destroy not only the men that built upon the false ideas that made God.” (P.G. Leymarie “The human science in no way denies the existence of God. When you consider how many and how wonderful things man understands, can perform search and, então reconheço… Read more "


Fabricio, good afternoon!
Really, response is a difficult answer.
But look, I went to various religions, yet he said that he saw nothing, only points of contact, is as lines that go together and then separated into, to never unirem more.
I checked that take Bible texts and create their beliefs, I saw that the universe analyze and decide on who will believe, create theories and prostrate themselves after their convictions.
“Atheist”, Who is really, do not despair, many who call themselves atheists, say “god”, in a loud and sonorous.
Talk long and tiring, but I hope that many may God look with different eyes.
Before being Christian, was a student of Eastern philosophies and medieval, always the desire to discover the truth, but which to my surprise, when the people that I thought had less wisdom, here comes the Truth.
* Without wanting to convince any atheist, only to the lost sheep of Israel, they are the sons of Abram (faith).

Grace and Peace!


I would add, when that did not believe in “Jesus”, and the God of the Bible, I noticed that anyone spoke of God, this Christian God, but after understanding what was happening, how sad I was to get as much time fighting the faith of these people, not saying, but inside I found myself more, by third technical course, for having read countless books (in various subjects) and be starting college.
“vanity, all is vanity…”

A hug!

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