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Dingoo A-320, part 2

Recently I did a presentation for a product here, o Dingoo A-320, laptop that emulates various consoles like Boy Advance Games (GBA), Game Boy Color (GBC), Game Boy (GB), Nintendo (NES), Super Nintendo (SNES, Super Famicom), Mega Drive (SMD, Genesis), Neo Geo, CPS1 e CPS2 da Capcom.

It was not a review as I usually do products of DealExtreme, because the reviews I do after purchase and receive the product. In the case of an even display was Dingoo, along the lines of what I did with the new Master System da Tec Toy, from the Mega Drive sanduícheira, among others.

On the occasion, there was still no information on the laptop in Portuguese, so I thought it would be interesting to present it. The article ended up doing quite successfully, many people came to him through spontaneous quotes on Orkut. But something very annoying also happened, many people copied the text without giving any credit. The text appeared in several video game forums famous sites without any reference, moderators were fully complicit and had to get myself in each of them to give an earful in the poster, and thus links were placed. More annoying was still a blogger who copied several paragraphs in full and added a few other, called it a review and also made no reference. Ultimately, on the one hand it is good to know that the text was successful, the other is totally disheartening do a Google search and see your text reproduced in dozens of places without any reference to Skooter Blog.

Dingoo A-320

Dingoo A-320

But back to the Dingoo A-320, he continues for sale by 85 DealExtreme na U.S. dollars (frete included), but not yet convinced me that it is a good buy. In DX appeared up to now only two reviews, but many buyers have posted their information, videos, etc. The main problems reported so far were:

  • Lack compatibility with some games, especially the Super Nintendo has special chips and some Neo Geo.
  • Mega Drive emulators, Super Nintendo and Neo Geo run with visible frameskip.
  • There is no support for subtitles in videos.

The first defect was expected and apparently has no solution, Dingoo because the hardware is not enough to emulate the special chips, then play Star Fox, Mario Kart and Yoshi's Island Super Nintendo will remain exclusive to owners of original consoles and emulators running on PCs.

The frameskip can be improved through new versions of emulators, optimized for laptops, but unfortunately you can not expect much from the manufacturer, the Dingoo apparently is just a software house of mobile games and other mobile devices, as we see in this site oficial, and most games still in development. A-320 appears to be the first portable them, do not understand why there is no reference to it on the site that has games. There is an exclusive site for Dingoo A-320, but he is full of malware a few days ago. The impression is that it gives is that the device can be abandoned soon and there will be no new software or firmware, and there will depend on the willingness of independent developers melhorares emulators and software, and this is essential for a good installed base, what we do not know if happen.

Do not have support for subtitles is complicated for Brazilian, after all most movies we watch are foreign, which would limit the use of Dingoo a few domestic films, addition to the dubbed and the option of seeing without subtitles. Of course, you can convert the video and embed the legend, but it would have more work to record the movie and the subtitles in a DVD and watch on a DVD player that supports DivX / XVid, what is common today. This could be solved with a software upgrade, but does it happen?

Who wants to risk can buy now, whoever wants can not continue watching what happens, as I have been doing. Here are some interesting links that have appeared in recent days:

  • RicoSt's simple Dingoo A-320 Site: that buyer placed great photos of Dingoo in high definition, his video unpacking the Dingoo newcomer and a compatibility list with Neo Geo games.
  • Dingo-Scene: a blog that teaches surfing at least to put the Dingoo English (it comes in Chinese and for those who do not know Chinese is complicated to find the right option), a note explaining that it uses mini SD, and not normal SD or micro SD (the micro SD adapter can be used with non-included). There can also be downloaded ROMs converter Neo Geo, the manual scan in English and tips on how to change the volume of the Dingoo, and should come more under there.
  • Digital Dingoo A-320: promises to be an unofficial support site in English Dingoo, the forum is already active and has several posts, highlighting the post that contains multiple photos Dingoo, where did the photo illustrating this post, There are even pictures of him open showing the battery and the chips.

Besides the site, highlighting the many videos that appeared:

For those who do not want to buy the DX have appeared some sellers on eBay. One had the product to prompt delivery, but the price was salty: R$ 400,00. Another is selling for $ 350,00 with free shipping, but do not have the product, in other words, you pay the £ 350,00 for ele, he buys in DX and already put your address. You'll have to wait for the same term would expect buying the DX and will run the same risk of being taxed to rush buying the DX, the only difference is that you will pay almost £ 150,00 most :). I still prefer the Dingoo A-320 por 85 DealExtreme na U.S. dollars ;).

And I should not even have to ask this, but due to the events with the last post is required: if you liked this text, do not copy for Forums, Orkut, etc. Just put the link here. If you really want to copy something, Copy only a stretch and do not forget to put the link here.

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