DealExtreme: webcam, lanterns, Adapters, Panos limpeza, bluetooth e pilhas

After several packages taxed by the Internal Revenue Service of Curitiba (which unfortunately remains responsible for packages São Paulo) I decided to change strategy and ask the DealExtreme more items in the same package, since they tend to tax everything with default values ​​without opening the packages. In order came the following items:

And the DX decided to send a gift, one chaveirinho with LED I had not asked, very good.

Request made 05/02/2009, and then ordered via CSE to send all together (no partial shipments), to avoid double taxation. It ended up delaying sending, it took until all items are available. Shipping made in 02/03, saiu de Hong Kong em 04/03, arrived in Brazil em 06/03 and on day 11/03 appeared Pinhais in tracking, indicating that was taxed as was to be expected of these unoccupied tax. Finally in 13/03 I pick it up at the Post Office.

The tax was R $ 28,52, refereed good value in 20 USD, then somehow the strategy worked, as if he had used the old strategy of asking as few items as possible that this 15 U.S. dollar (to achieve recorded sending) would have paid the same tax, which in this case would be unfair. But with the request I made the tax just being little less than 30%, what is even more expensive than the civilized countries charge, but is less than the absurdities 60% that our law determines. The tax was not the famous Filho, but it was Orlando, the second time! The Orlandão is also looking to get famous. To help define the profile of tax: none of them believes in the value declared by DealExtreme, but while Filho usually arbitrate the dollar value of Hong Kong, the Orlandão prefer US dollars. The criterion used is still unclear, 20 USD, 30 USD, 100 HKD, 150 HKD, etc. It would be the description in the package? It would be the size of the package? It would be a value pros yellow packets and other pros white? It would be random? Hardly know.

The description of the package that the DX did was nothing economic: “PLUGS / ADAPTORS, PHOTO / CAMERA, WEBCAMS, OTHER LED LIGHTS, DYNAMO FLASHLIGHTS, BATTERIES, BLUETOOTH / IRDA”, and the declared value was 45 HKD. Below the photo of the package as usual:

Pacote da DealExtreme, tributado em Sâo José dos Pinhais

Packet DealExtreme, taxed in São José dos Pinhais

Paninhos de microfibra, lanternas de dínamo, webcam, pilhas de baixa auto-descarga, adaptador de plugs, mini-bluetooth e um chaveirinho/lanterna de brinde

Cloths Microfiber, dynamo lanternas, webcam, pilhas low self-discharge, adapter plugs, mini bluetooth and chaveirinho / toast lantern

The trace shows the steps that the package come, and as always São José dos Pinhais is there. The text: “CTE INTERNATIONAL ORDERS – SAO JOSE DOS PINHAS / PR” tracking should be switched to “YOU GOT SCREWED, YOUR PACKAGE taxed!”. I will make a suggestion to the Post. Highlight for the name “Jadenice ap. Good”. I thought it was an error in the paperwork of Posts, but the RG (that removi) was my same. Conclusion: My letter is even more horrible every day :).

Data Local Situation
16/03/2009 15:08 AC [REMOVED] – [REMOVED]/SP Delivered
13/03/2009 09:36 AC [REMOVED] – [REMOVED]/SP Waiting withdrawal
12/03/2009 16:12 CTE CAMPINAS – VALINHOS / SP Routed
In transit to AC [REMOVED] – [REMOVED]/SP
06/03/2009 17:45 BRAZIL – BRAZIL / XX Awarded
Received / Brazil

For the strategy, I think it is valid for those who depend on IRS Curitiba (taxing virtually everything that goes through there). For those who live in the quietest (Sao Paulo – Capital, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, etc.) still more advantageous strategy of action in a single package only minimal products give the sum 15 U.S. dollar. Of the items that came in my package, many probably would unharmed if they came alone in a non-registered envelope (bluetooth, plugs, Batteries, cloths, etc.), despite the inconvenience of not having the number to track. It is something for which to try.

The goods, they will each have their respective review as usual, but as time goes scarce can take quite. But the following advance:

  • The webcam driver is not digitally signed, and needed workaround to work on Windows Vista x64.
  • The webcam costs less than 1/10 which costs a Microsoft VX-3000, but the image and quality of the lens is also only 1/10 the VX-3000 :).
  • A dynamo lantern cordinha already have a review here on Skooter Blog, is the same, bought another because the first broke :(.
  • The blue dynamo flashlight is reasonable, but the brightness drops too when used in battery, have to keep pressing the dynamo constantly to have a good light.
  • The converters do not have much quality there, one left when the pin pulled a plug that was securely, but rode it without problem again, break the branch.
  • The microfiber cloths look good, the kind that come in various optical glasses, but not so “cute” as what comes with Samsung LCD monitors.
  • The bluetooth dongle is the same as the ordered again, only this time came without packaging, as CD, and the chipset is another: “Silicon Wave Bluetooth Wireless Adapter” and the LED is blue (the other was red), but both work in Windows Vista without drivers. Although the housing and sku are the same, internally is another product. At least the price was already cheap fell further.
  • The batteries I still have not tested, but the Eneloop are somewhat different package with four Eneloop I bought last time, I am still in doubt whether they are even original. I took two two packages because at the time was cheaper than a four, but now the four is cheaper (prices in dollars fell sharply), then compensates buy himself to have no doubt.

Wait for the complete reviews in the coming days, ou weeks months. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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Eduardo sakae

Fabricio Ola, congratulations for the blog ! I got to know Deal Extreme through their posts and I'm trying to buy. Maybe you can help me with a question.
I registered with Paypal and checked the credit card. When I tried to make the purchase on the deal, I received an unpaid debit notice. Try more 2 times and then the card reached the limit reached.
I need to send the money to Paypal first ? Or it happens automatically on the Deal Extreme website ?
Thanks for listening !


Fabricio congratulations guy !!

I would like you to help me, i'm kerendo to buy a cell phone 400 dollares, amis my fear is that the prescription fee above that amount, I live in SP Capital, dude do you have any recommendations ?

Eduardo sakae

Thanks for the information Fabricio ! I'll try to email her ! Hug !


Hello Fabricio, how long it takes +/- to arrive by Airmail and it's safe? has tracking? Thanks!


Olá friend! Looking for Eneloop batteries I ended up arriving at your blog and discovered the interesting adventure of buying from outside. I signed up for Paypal, at DX and made my first purchase, everything very simple and impolent and now i'm just waiting for the deal's logistics completion but something worries me, such taxation. I bought the batteries, a small phone and an SD card but only after I saw that it could have included the gift, that I read that I could lose the inspectors, will it really help? I'm still in time to cancel the order and redo it but I think that in the end it will be the same because these silly inspectors only have the face, Is it or is not it :). My purchase was 26 doletas. Thank you and congratulations for the blog that helped me a lot, abs!
That Dalton José

Jampa technician

I'm living in Paraiba 6 months. I asked for some things to test. I was taxed and still had to go to show my card statement statement to prove the price. Absurd. Nothing happens here. Only under $ 10,00

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