DealExtreme: Plug Power Converter Redondo for Plano (Round to Flat Power Plug Convertor)

The third product last packet of DealExtreme is Plug Power Converter Redondo for Plano (Round to Flat Power Plug Convertor). His job its name describes, it serves to connect devices with plug sockets with pin redondosem made for plugs with flat pins (ou chatos). The plug with parallel round pin is also known as Type C, Type French (French Type), Type or European (European Type). It is also the most widely used type of plug in Brazil and South America. The plug with pins parallel planes is known as Type A or Type American (American Type). It is mainly used in North America, U.S. inclusive, Canada and Mexico where it is the only standard (addition to the Type B, that is equal to A, but adds a pin to ground), but it is also widely used in South America, including Brazil.

The Brazil mainly used the plug Type A, but with the appearance of various products imported plug Type B, outlets nowadays tend to accept the two standards. In addition, Brazil also uses the Type B, to ground, which is used in computers and many other devices, as well as some other types used on a smaller scale. Tables with the types of plugs, photos, and locations where each one is used can be seen in Travel Images and World Electric Power Guide. There was also some Drive by the ABNT to try to create a Brazilian standard, I particularly reject anything that comes from the ABNT, since I nonsense someone want to impose a standard SELLING standards, when the most obvious to establish a standard would provide the standards free, then do not know what gave it, but I hope that does not work, especially since it is stupid to want to create a new national standard, when the whole world is full of different standards and will continue to have to use adapters.

But back to Plug Power Converter Redondo for Plano (Round to Flat Power Plug Convertor) of DealExtreme, the quality is not the best, the pins are loose through the plug (but catch when a connected device), and even one of them came loose when you remove the phone from the charger (with round pins) I had called to audition, but I could mount it without problems, it is only a plastic cover with the two pins, no wires, so that the plug plan is in direct contact with round plugs into the converter.

In the plug a few inscriptions in English and Chinese. English is written to make sure that the voltage is 125V / 250V max and 6A. That's enough for just about any household appliance, but obviously these specifications should not be as reliable and should not be highly recommended connect irons clothes or hair dryers without keeping an eye if it will not heat up, despite that the plastic aspect find it hard to melt it. See the photos:

Conversor de plug com pinos redondos para pinos planos

Plug converter with round pins for pins plans

Conversor de plug com pinos redondos para pinos planos

Plug converter with round pins for pins plans

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If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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