DealExtreme: Bundled with 6 Microfiber cleaning cloth for Screen and Glass (Microfiber Screen and Glass Cleaning Cloths (6-Pack))

The fourth product of last packet of DealExtreme é um Bundled with 6 Microfiber cleaning cloth for Screen and Glass (Microfiber Screen and Glass Cleaning Cloths (6-Pack)). These cloths are similar to those accompanying glasses in general and suitable for cleaning lenses and screens, such as CRT LCD always Risca-las. Are 2 each cor: blue, Green and amarelo. Each measured about 16,5 x 14,5cm. There is a pattern in low relief with a design and inscriptions: “Zheng Cheng Long” and “G Z Z L D” , I have not the faintest idea what it means.

It is difficult to compare them with eyeglass cleaning cloths for the latter vary widely, but do not think he owes nothing to the best in softness and thickness. But, it still is not as soft as the cleaning cloth that came with LCD monitors from Samsung. See some photos:

Panos de Limpeza de Microfibra para Vidros e Telas

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for Glass and Screen

Pano de Limpeza de Microfibra para Telas e Vidros

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for Screen and Glass

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If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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