DealExtreme: Super Mini Bluetooth Adapter Dongle 2.0 (Compatible with Vista) (Super Mini Bluetooth 2.0 Adapter Dongle (Vista Compatible))

The sixth product last packet of DealExtreme é um Super Mini Bluetooth Adapter Dongle 2.0 (Compatible with Vista) (Super Mini Bluetooth 2.0 Adapter Dongle (Vista Compatible)), that despite having the same SKU Finally I bought bluetooth dongle, denitivamente is not the same adapter.

On the outside they are identical, but abstract the differences found in the table below:

Old New
Generic Bluetooth Radio Silicon Wave Bluetooth Wireless Adapter
Cambridge Silicon Radio Ltd. Silicon Wave
Blister adapter with mini-CD Only adapter wrapped in bubble wrap
Cor do LED:
Red Blue
00:15:83:07:c9:43 00:1f:81:00:01:00

Note that data can be cloned Manufacturer, just are not very reliable. The mini-CD is not much use, since it has only an old version of the BlueSoleil. LED color is aesthetic issue. What really kills this new adapter is the address, which is obviously the same for all of them (confirmed by other buyers), preventing someone buys two or more to use the same environment. The other is more likely to be unique address, although there is no guarantee that. Some say that the sku.16229 is the old dongle, but there is no confirmation of this.

The new Bluetooth appears to be less annoying to interfere with my Transmitter / Receiver Audio / Video 2.4GHz wireless, perhaps because it is less potent, or perhaps be smarter to detect the busy channels and not use them more. In connection with the phone it seemed a little problematic, so far failed to make a single backup my phone using Nokia PC Suite, he even detecting the cell connected, but as this Nokia Software is half bad with any dongle, I do not know if I should blame the dongle or software. Although it presents itself as USB 2.0, it is only in USB 1.1, This should not be a major problem, since the USB 1.1 reaches nominal 12Mbps and Bluetooth 2.0 no more than nominal 3Mbps.

See the photos:

Dongle Bluetooth 2.0 Silicon Wave

Dongle Bluetooth 2.0 Silicon Wave

Dongle Bluetooth 2.0 da Silicon Wave

Dongle Bluetooth 2.0 da Silicon Wave

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