DealExtreme: Dynamo Lanterna com 2 LEDs (2-LED Dynamo Battery-Free Hand Pressed LED Flashlight)

The fifth product last packet of DealExtreme It is Dynamo Lanterna com 2 LEDs (2-LED Dynamo Battery-Free Hand Pressed LED Flashlight). According to the specification it is made of ABS with different colors, and brightness of each LED is between 10000 a 12000 MCD. It does not need batteries, it has an internal rechargeable battery. Pressionando to alavanca 1 ela minute light ofers 4 a 5 minutes. It has a handle for easy carrying it. It's rain proof and anti-impact. The LEDs can operate for more than 100.000 hours.

The box brings no manufacturer, just says it's made in China, and has the title “Hand-pressing Flashlight”. There are also icons with inscriptions: “Dynamo Flashlight”, “Never Needs Batteries”, “Never Needs Bulb” and “Rainproof”.

Mine is blue as it appears on the website of DX. Dynamo easy apertar, which makes it possible to use it by pressing the dynamo with one hand (unlike model you need to pull the rope). The 2 LEDs have a lens in front, which causes appear larger. On the side there are two small switches, a latch lever down (decreasing the size of the dynamo flashlight when not being used), but with hard work and lever detaches easily, at least until we learn how to position it in the best way. The other key league-and-off the flashlight. Unlike some other models, just press the dynamo lights do not light when the switch is off. The handle is very small and does not pass in my hand, you must have very small hands to get to use it.

But the great weakness is with the battery, that even after pressing the lever for a long time can keep a light reasonable only for a few seconds, with an LED stronger than the other, and soon she gets too weak (an LED practically erases). Light strong even if we only obtained the dynamo pressing all the time. Apparently the battery did not come good. In contact with the DX got offered me a store credit to compensate, which I accepted. Because one would not replacement is possible that the other of the same model have the same defect. Below the photos:

Lanterna de Dínamo com 2 LEDs

Dynamo Lanterna com 2 LEDs

Lanterna de Dínamo com 2 LEDs

Dynamo Lanterna com 2 LEDs

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