DealExtreme: AAA 750mAh NiMH Rechargeable Batteries, 1.2In, preloaded, GS Yuasa Enitime (package 4) (Gsyuasa Enitime Pre-Charged 750mAh 1.2V Rechargeable NiMH AAA Batteries (4-Pack))

The seventh product last packet of DealExtreme é um Bundled with 4 AAA 750mAh NiMH rechargeable batteries, 1.2In, preloaded, GS Yuasa Enitime (Gsyuasa Enitime Pre-Charged 750mAh 1.2V Rechargeable NiMH AAA Batteries (4-Pack)). A GS Yuasa, the DX erroneously called Gsyuasa, is a famous company in the market of batteries, despite being little known in the market for AA and AAA. The site seems to be way out of date compared with new batteries Enitime, they are kind of LSD (Low self-discharge) da company, because although there is a photo of Enitime illustrating the battery industry to consumer, table models has no information about it. But looking a bit we can find one on the official site PDF leaflet on Enitime.

The packaging is well done, with a thick cardboard and printing good quality. The batteries are packed, even with a small sticker preventing them from moving much in plastic cover. There are inscriptions saying they are 1.2V Min. 750aAh, or traditional “Ready to use” (ready to use) Battery LSD, enrollment “Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries” (Rechargeable NiMH Batteries), “Technology from JAPAN” (Japanese technology), “Cycle Life up to 1000 times” (Life up 1000 cycles), “Low Self-Discharge” (Low self-discharge), plus symbols indicating the optimal use: Digital Camera, MP3 Player, Electronic Clock, LED Lanterna, Wireless Mouse, etc.

Pacote com 4 pilhas AAA recarregáveis GS Yuasa NiMH 800mAh

Bundled with 4 AAA rechargeable NiMH 800mAh GS Yuasa Enitime

On the back of the pack have the traditional explanation of how batteries work LSD, that mantém 80% Load after one year (Sanyo Eneloop of them say they have 85% after one year). The back also has an inscription “No memory effect” (No memory effect), bar-code, address of the company in China, the address of the site oficial, another inscription saying that technology is Japanese, and an “Made in China”.

Verso da embalagem das pilhas recarregáveis GS Yuasa Enitime

Back of the package of rechargeable batteries GS Yuasa Enitime

Com Elas vieram load as promised, placed in the charger but still charged for awhile. I left them still for a few more weeks without using the charger and put back, were approximately 25 Loading minutes. The charger charges 4 AAA batteries with 320mAh, then we can calclular they lost about 130mAh those weeks, almost 15% the nominal load (what they would lose in a year), but it must be considered that the loader uses the temperature of the batteries to know the time when charging is complete (which is the most widely used method to detect when a NiMH battery is fully charged, since they do not have the negative delta observed in cells NiCD), then it is natural that the stack is accepting recharge for some time before they get hot enough to realize that the charger it is full. So I consider that these Enitime passed the test. The battery also has a very good finish and should not get anything for popular brands like Sony, Sanyo e GP, As can be seen in photos.

Pilhas recarregáveis AAA GS Yuasa Enitime

Rechargeable AAA GS Yuasa Enitime

Detalhe do acabamento do pólo positivo das pilhas GS Yuasa Enitime

Details finishing the positive pole of the battery GS Yuasa Enitime

Detalhe dos polos positivo e negativo das pilhas AAA GS Yuasa Enitime

Detail of positive and negative poles of AAA GS Yuasa Enitime

Wait for the review of the final product: NiMH AA Batteries 2000 mAh, 1.2In, preloaded, Sanyo Eneloop (package with two) (Sanyo Eneloop Pre-Charged Rechargeable 1.2V 2000mAh Ni-MH AA Batteries (2-Pack))

If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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