Bundled with 2 pilhas AA NiMH 2000 mAh, 1.2In, preloaded, Sanyo Eneloop (Sanyo Eneloop Pre-Charged Rechargeable 1.2V 2000mAh Ni-MH AA Batteries (2-Pack))

The seventh product last packet of DealExtreme é um Package with two AA NiMH batteries 2000 mAh, 1.2In, preloaded, Sanyo Eneloop (Sanyo Eneloop Pre-Charged Rechargeable 1.2V 2000mAh Ni-MH AA Batteries (2-Pack)). I solved the buying and because package with 4 Eneloop I bought last year showed excellent, lasting enough and proving the advantages of low self-discharge (LSD, acronym low self-discharge). And on the occasion of this new purchase, two packages with two batteries were cheaper than a single package 4 Batteries, then they chose to.

When the package arrived I noticed something odd, the packaging did not take way from the original, despite all entries “Sanyo Original” Bright, because the plastic is too thin, and also the role ago, quite different from the original packaging that I bought last year.

Embalagem das Sanyo Eneloop falsificadas

Packaging of Sanyo Eneloop fake

Verso da embalagem das pilhas Sanyo Eneloop falsificadas

Back of the pack of batteries Sanyo Eneloop fake

Unpacking the strange things continue, blue ink stuck in the packaging cells, leaving all marked. The finish is not the same as Eneloop proven original, because plastic was left on both poles, the Plastic being almost the same level of the metal. Besides the positive pole is smooth, while the originals are slightly rough and the white paper around it is also different from the original. The negative pole is also smoother. It, finally, lack that numbering in low relief on the side appearing in the original.

Pilhas Sanyo Eneloop falsificadas: a tinta da embalagem grudou nas pilhas

Batteries Sanyo Eneloop fake: Ink stuck in the packaging cells

Pilha falsificada à esquerda e pilha original à direita: a falsificada tem impressão mais fraca, algumas falhas e o plástico recobre boa parte do polo positivo

Stack faked left and right original stack: the fake impression has weaker, some flaws and plastic covers much of the positive pole

Pilha original (em cima) e falsificada (em baixo): faltam os números em baixo relevo

Pilha original (up) and falsificada (below): missing figures in low relief

Eneloop falsificada (esquerda) e original (direita): na falsificada o polo negativo é mais liso e o acabamento pior

Eneloop falsified (left) and original (right): forged in the negative and the finish is smoother worse

Pilha Eneloop falsificada (esquerda) e original (direita): polo positivo mais liso na falsificada, além do acabamento pior

Eneloop Battery fake (left) and original (right): positive pole at fake smoother, besides finishing worse

Pilha Eneloop falsificada (esquerda) e original (direita): diferenças no acabamento

Eneloop Battery fake (left) and original (right): Differences in the finish

The batteries had some charge, but should be very little, therefore placed in the charger 525 mAh, remained as more than 4 hours, This would not be normal for a battery LSD, it should contain some charge. Leaving the charger put them in a holster for AA, and when trying to open it I had great difficulty, which does not occur with other cells, so I soon realized that these cells are also thicker than normal. I tried to put them in my camera, but I noticed that they only fit together with enough effort and would be difficult to get them later.

He was almost convinced that these batteries were false, then went on the forums DealExtreme to see what they said there, and had a few more people complaining that the batteries were false, including citing errors of English on the packaging, Sanyo something that certainly would not. There was the case of my, containing no such errors, but no documents were, seems that counterfeiters only corrected the pack in lots latest.

A few days after the DealExtreme stopped selling the product and placed him under investigation, all duly informed on page, due to suspicions that it was fake. Shortly thereafter I received an email from Raindy, sent to all buyers :

Dear valued members,

We’ve Received the report that there is spelling error on the label of this product. There may be a serious problem with this product, DX is investigating the issue and this product won’t be available for sale until the conclusion of the investigation, and we’ll investigate why this happened before sending out new shipments.

For customers who have already ordered, DX will take full responsibility for the purchase. Customers may select from the following two remedies:

1, Keep the product and receive store credit for the full purchase price of this product,

2, OR return the product to DX and get a full refund plus return shipping reimbursement.

We will begin contacting customers and explain the situation and remedies immediately.

Trust and integrity are DX’s core values. Please be assured that DX will be doing everything possible to prevent such problems from occurring again in the future.

Apologize for any inconvenience and will be much appreciated your understanding.



And shortly after an email from Tiffany stating that a product was:

Dear Valued customers,

You may received a notification email from Raindy yesterday, and sorry that we didn’t make it clearly that which item we referred to. The product we mentioned is sku 19324


Please let us know which solution you’d preferred and we will follow up on it upon receiving your reply.

PS: so as not to cause any confusion, please reply me directly via this email.

Apologize for any inconvenience and confusion caused you.

Best regards,

To summarize for those who do not read English: they gave us the option of staying with the counterfeit product and receive store credit in the amount that had been paid, or devoltar the product and get your money back, including the cost of return. I chose to stay with the counterfeit product and receive store credit. Nevertheless, a few days later I received a refund through PayPal (instead of credits), who credited the amount I had paid on my credit card, which is no problem, since I would use the credit to buy original batteries, and so I just made another purchase, desalination vez do package 4 Eneloop AA pilhas, yes these original, or at least were until the last time I bought, but I think the DX will not pass again forgery.

I decided to investigate further the counterfeit batteries, I removed the clear plastic covering roughly one, and took a bit of plastic thinner, white, which has entries. I thought it was just a false cloak of Eneloop battery over some other brand whose original cover could be below. But this was not the case, under the plastic blank there was only the metal. Even without the cover thicker stack is still thicker than normal, and still has some difficulty entering my camera.

Remoção do plástico mais grosso que recobre as Eneloop falsificadas, ainda assim ela fica mais grossa que as originais

Removing the thicker plastic that covers the Eneloop fake, yet it is thicker than the original

After about two weeks I decided to put the batteries without using the charger again to see how much load they receive. They still had charge, but still remained 50 a 60 minutes (some more, other less) the charger to 525mA, indicating that they received a load of slightly less than 525 mA, including the extra current that each received until hot enough to activate the sensor off the charger. These values ​​indicate that most likely they are not low self-discharge, all indications are that some common NiMH any manufacturer with a normal discharge rate, with load to reach some value slightly above 2000mAh. They may have some usefulness in equipment that consume a lot and whose battery compartment is wide enough to accommodate them. As he came for free (except for tax) it is of good size.

And note 10 for a DealExtreme, they stopped selling the product so knew of the problem, acted honestly and returning the money to all buyers.

If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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DX me not contacted. I got in touch with Sanyo and they asked to send them to California (USA), but the freight for there was more expensive than the batteries here in Santa Iphigenia.
I'll try to contact the DX, see you get something, though I bought these batteries in March and only recently was using and discovered they were fake.
Very good explanation here on your blog.



Also sometimes buy some items from DX, good store and has a lot of useful electronic offal.
Unfortunately can not always avoid leaving a slip pass these.

But, ultimately, just to add that commenting on photos of counterfeit batteries for gross errors of English in the instructions inscribed in the very cells.
One can read:
– “(…) in eyes, wahs them with clean wather(…)”

This was one that I could see from your photos. Perhaps more such errors. The forgery was rude.

Interesting blog, keep up the good work.


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It, you're right, Best Buy logo is branded batteries. Thanks. Already addicted to at DealExtreme….rsrsrs..


It, you're right, Best Buy logo is branded batteries. Thanks. Already addicted to at DealExtreme….rsrsrs.. I'm waiting to receive my first shopping there, I hope to have no problem.

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