Three packages of DealExtreme, all without registration and without taxes

After the packages for the interior of São Paulo started to go through Pinhais in Parana, buy na DealExtreme ceased to be that great deal it used to be, as auditors of the IRS taxing many packages there, virtually all larger packets, unlike the auditors of Sao Paulo (where the packets before passing) that left almost all passed without any tax.

There's no way to pass packets back to go through Sao Paulo, change laws that instituted this tax nonsense 60% almost 20 years is also virtually impossible. Then see if any remains standard for taxation. In recent packages had already noticed that the few who had passed unscathed exactly been minors and in most cases not registered. So, past purchases I chose to put only one item per order and not use record (except in cases where the product exceeds 15 dollars and or automatic registration and), thus abandoning my old advice of always ordering always at the lowest possible value above 15 U.S. dollar (Products above 15 U.S. dollar products coming alone and below 15 U.S. dollars piling up until this minimum value).

Using the new strategy of a request made by item 3 shopping, and all come together in 31/03/2009, they are:

  • Caneta Stylus 4 in 1 (4-in-1 Stylus Pen): four functions are: common ballpoint pen, caneta stylus, red laser and flashlight (Bright white LED), an excellent cost-benefit. Request made in 12/03/2009, sent em 13/03/2009.
  • Super Mini Bluetooth 2.0 Adapter Dongle (Vista Compatible): is already the third of those who buy, came the same brand of second, but fortunately it is a newer version (newer version of HCI and LMP, 3.3 both, although I still do not know quite what the difference) and decided to update the address update, which now has a different bytes of the previous version, still must be the same for all from the same batch dongles, but at least be able to use all three together my if appropriate. Request made in 15/03/2009 and sent in 18/03/2009.
  • Black Flashlight Keychain 22000mcd 10-pack: the same that sent me to the toast last purchase, I liked him very much, very useful to use as a keychain and always have an emergency light around. The package comes with 10, to put one in and still remain key. Also purchased 15/03/2009 and sent in 18/03/2009.

As I had said, the 3 packages arrived together, although the first has been sent 5 days before. This gives a total transit time of only 13 days for the last two and 18 Days to first. None were taxed, and furthermore none have been stamped “Released by the IRS to Curitiba”, As had happened with my last packet untaxed, remembering that he took over a month to arrive, then it is possible that these 3 packages have come straight here, without giving that ill-fated ride in Paraná.

The declared values ​​were: 31 HKD, 21 HKD e 25 HKD respectively, and the descriptions were: “LED KEYCHAINS”, “PDA GADGETS” and “BLUETOOTH / IRDA” respectively. Not used “Drop Shipment / Gift Service” in none, I think it unnecessary. All envelopes were smaller than the DX uses, com 20x14cm. Apparently the packet size is one of the key attributes when deciding what will be taxed and what will be released. Below the picture of the package and product:

Três pacotes da DealExtreme, não tributados

Three packages of DealExtreme, not taxed

Produtos da DealExtreme da última compra: caneta 4x1, dongle bluetooth e chaveiros-lanterna

DealExtreme products of the last purchase: caneta 4x1, dongle bluetooth e chaveiros-lanterna

Wait for the detailed review of 3 products in the coming days. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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