April 11 2009

Dingoo A-320 preto na DealExtreme

Muita people pediu, a Dingoo decided to meet and DealExtreme now has to sell Dingoo A-320 version in black. And the price up gave a melhoradinha, are now 82,20 USD, with shipping included to anywhere in the world, including Brazil. The Dingo A-320 white version also still available, now by 83,91 U.S. dollar, also including postage to anywhere in the world including Brazil.

Dingoo A-320 na versão preta

Dingoo A-320 version in black

Not yet know what the Dingoo A-320? So you need to give it a read here and here in recent articles I have written about it. From então, emulation is still poorly, the most criticized emulators are still the Mega Drive and Super Nintendo. But the good news is that the scene is improving, with the announcement of first alternative firmware and a group is working to port Mame, Amiga and Atari for the Dingoo. Let's wait to see if indeed the Dingoo be able to get on the PSP level in emulation of old consoles.

If you buy your Dingoo A-320 “Black Edition or Dingo A-320White Edition Direct from Hong Kong in DealExtreme, be sure to stop by here to comment.

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