NET Virtua users having trouble accessing DealExtreme

Since last Saturday, various NET Virtua users (and other providers controlled peel NET) has faced problems to enter the site DealExtreme. The problem was not reported by any user other providers, Therefore it seems that the problem is in the same NET.

As I am not user Virtua'm not like trying to isolate the problem, but chances are it is a DNS problem, recommend that users use the Virtua DNS servers OpenDNS, are: and I've put them as alternative since Telefonica had similar problems with the Speedy, and whenever a problem occurs (something means frequent with Speedy) they are promoted to holders. No OpenDNS há detailed instructions on how to change the system and in many routers.

If the tip of the DNS does not work, Another option is to use a proxy, configuring the proxy option in the browser or with services like Anonymouse, But be aware that these cases, all traffic (including usernames and passwords) pass through the proxy, then make sure you're using a trusted service.

In the case of proxies that support the https protocol, DealExtreme na Aconselho enter using, so that the data will be encrypted and unreadable for operators of any proxy or intermediary in connection.

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Jackson Lis

Friend, 'm user virtua, accessed the dealextreme not even see the tip of your OpenDNS, thank you


Fabricio, I also thank. I am a User's Virtua and was cut with access to dealextreme. With the switch to OpenDNS, Tudo is normalized. Do you think the Net Virtua do it intentionally? Would request, to favor some online shop Brazilian? Or is it just a problem accidental?


Parabens friend, excellent work and post, changed the dns and it worked, usually use brt aqui no RS. continuous assim. I am grateful for the help.


Thank you very much! Tava like crazy looking for the reason to be offline dealextreme…


The worst of it is that the problem is not reaching the whole country!
Here at home also can not enter normal channels for DX, posted considerations in a technology forum and was not given due importance. By way of responses, attribute this error to my “pseudo” lack of technical capacity.
I appreciate this blog, so far the only blog that really helped!


Alexandre, I agree contigo. The willingness to respond quickly makes even read right when it publishes such an issue…


back to work now, without changing the configuration….


@ Dfrocha
The news is 15 April!!
Warns that you returned to work on 9 Maio…
Needless Comment, aff ¬ ¬’


in 08/06/2009 stopped again, I can not access either via speedy or via virtua, or changing dns or anything,then tried something simpler and worked, between com o httpS;// example: