DealExtreme: two more packages untaxed

On Friday came two more packages DealExtreme, both unregistered and untaxed. There are packages of minors, Medem 25 x 18,5 cm, then the key point to have been released was probably the fact that they are not registered. The tax Curitiba probably already know that packages unregistered certainly contains less than 15 dollars of products and choose not to tax, both are with stamps RELEASED by the Internal Revenue Service in Curitiba.

The two products (one in each packet) are:

Both applications were in 25/03, sent in the first 27/03 and the second em 30/03. Both arrived in 17/04, almost a month later. Não usei o drop-shipment pois acho inútil, piggy-lantern came without content description and declared value as 19 HKD (Hong Kong dollars), o controle-remoto veio descrito como “USB GADGETS” and declared value of 40 HKD.

Dois pacotes não-registrados e não-tributados da DealExtreme

Two packages unregistered and non-taxed from DealExtreme

Wait for the review of products. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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Hi Fabricio!
May I translate some of your reviews into English or Russian and post them to my blog ?


i got it, thank you.

i can’t read portuguese, will use google translate, but i’ll try to rewrite as possible.

sure, you also may rewrite my reviews!

John Paiva

Hello I would like to say that I found another site like DealExtreme

Wholesale China Buy –

Many cheap products and free shipping to worldwide including Brazil of course would like to know if someone has already purchased the product and if there comes straight

Thank you


Sera whose request to not register a DX
encomenda U.S. $ 20.00, to thinking about doing that
because I wanted a product that amount and did not want to be taxed.


I am awaiting a request, probably when I ask this of U $ 22.67 more accurately, I'll try to talk to them about not registering, did not want to pay tax in that order.


John Paiva, a look at the site you indicated and that Deal has several cheaper products…