DealExtreme: Dynamo Flashlight with Pig 2 LEDs (Blue) (Cute Piggy 2-LED Squeeze Powered Battery-Free Dynamo Flashlight (Blue))

The review today is the Dynamo Flashlight with Pig 2 LEDs (Blue) (Cute Piggy 2-LED Squeeze Powered Battery-Free Dynamo Flashlight (Blue)) acquired na DealExtreme and that arrived on Friday. The lamp is shaped like a cute piggy snout which contains the 2 High brightness white LEDs. Lateral Na esquerda (looking for beachfront pig) we leverage Toggles the dynamo, have the right buttons to turn on the light and batteries activated by a latch that holds the lever down completely dynamo, decreasing the overall size when not in use.

Lanterna de Dínamo de Porquinho com as luzes acesas

Flashlight Dynamo Pig with the lights on

At the front of the pack have a pig snout with red white, similar the one little one (locksmith) that only works with batteries and that is one of the great sensations of DealExtreme for being the cheapest product. In front of the box there are small photos of available colors: green, pink and blue. Interestingly the only color DealExtreme do not have is the traditional. Like many other Chinese products, there is no mention of who the manufacturer.

Embalagem da lanterna-porquinho de dínamo da DealExtreme

Packaging lantern-pig dynamo from DealExtreme

In front of the LEDs that there is an acrylic lens scatters light, so looking forward to have the impression that the LEDs are larger than they really are.

Porquinho de Dínamo da DealExtreme: Lentes na frente dos LEDs para espalhar a luz

Pig of the Dynamo DealExtreme: LEDs on the front of the lens to spread the light

The pig-lantern (or lantern-pig) also has a handle that allows it to hold wrist avoiding falls. Unlike thenother flashlight dynamo who recently received, this handle is big enough to go through my hand.

Porquinho-Lanterna da DealExtreme: alça para prendê-lo ao pulso

Piggy-Lantern DealExtreme: strap to secure it to the wrist

The box sets titled “HAND-PRESSING FLASH LIGHT”, namely, a flashlight that is activated by pressing with your hands, what is truth. On the side we have a small blue sticker to indicate that the pig in the package is the blue version, and description of some characteristics of the product:

  • Two pcs LED bulbs (two LED lamps): this is true, are two high-brightness white LEDs.
  • Rechargeable by hand-pressing (Rechargeable pressing with the hand): here I detect a possible lie, I do not think those are really rechargeable internal batteries, I will speak of this later.
  • Portable with the rope (portable with rope): must refer to the loop, and he is truly portable with its measures approximately: 10 cm x 5 cm x 4 cm (with the gear retracted and dynamo including little ears)
  • Different colors available (different colors available): truth again, like I said, DX na tem green, pink and blue, and also there seems to be a white that is not available until the time of writing this review.

And now we return to the point of recharge. The first indication that the internal batteries are not rechargeable comes from the DX. When I bought it there was no description, but after some time included the following:

  • Features 2 bright white LED emitters (Displays 2 high brightness LED emitters)
  • Dual-mode power: hand pressing power generation, or powered by built-in emergency batteries (Two modes of operation: pushing with the hand, or emergency batteries built)
  • 2-mode switch: emergency power and hand generated power (Dial in two ways: emergency power and power generated by hand
  • Perfect novelty gadget gift for kids (Gadget-perfect novelty for children)
  • 3 x AG10 batteries inside functions as emergency power source so that the flashlight can stay on continuously without the need to hand press for power generation (3 AG10 batteries embedded function as emergency power source for the flashlight may be left on continuously without the need to press with the hand for energy generation).
  • Comes with carrying strap (Comes with a handle for carrying)

Ok, then DealExtreme already admitted that you can not recharge, AG10 batteries that are only non-refillable, and when they have finished the owner will keep only the light generated via dynamo. A good evidence of this with the flashlight in hand that is pushing the dynamo with the power switch off the light turns, which does not happen with the other two lanterns dynamo who already bought the DX (a of LEDs have e A three LEDs with cord), and this indicates that power is going straight to the lights, and not carrying any internal battery. Another clue is that the battery light is strong and does not increase when the dynamo is pressed, unlike what happens in Outra lanterna of LEDs have that is very weak when using only the battery, and rapidly loses strength. And for taking the time to doubt even just opening the lantern, and that's what I did. As can be seen in the photo, there is no battery on the main body, and in that part which holds the LEDs to see the tip of the top of a battery. Unfortunately it does not seem possible to disassemble this piece, so I could not see if they are really 3 AG10 batteries, but not good would, it certainly can not replace them.

Lanterna-Porquinho desmontada: nada de bateria recarregável

Lantern-Pig disassembled: no rechargeable battery

Finally, I say that the best flashlight dynamo DealExtreme, I've got the, Sendo continues to de 3 LEDs, with cord, with the only exception that she is more fragile than the other, but I can at least ensure that the internal battery is great (Button battery is not) and really recarregável, just can not tell if it NiCD, NiMH or other. Still would like to purchase one of Romisen or Ultrafire flashlights that abound there and look pretty good, but these are more expensive and probably will not escape unscathed from the evil tax Internal Revenue Curitiba.

Wait for the next review which is the Remote Control for PC (Driver-free Universal USB IR Media Remote Controller for PC (2*AAA)). If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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