DealExtreme: Remote Control for PC (Driver-free Universal USB IR Media Remote Controller for PC (2*AAA))

The review today is the Remote Control for PC (Driver-free Universal USB IR Media Remote Controller for PC (2*AAA)) acquired on DealExtreme and that arrived on Friday. This is a PC remote control receiver which is connected to a USB port. No need for driver, tested on Windows XP SP3 and WindowsVista SP1, working perfectly on both. It is powered by 2 AAA size batteries, I'm using the GS Yuasa Enitime.

Controle Remoto para PC

Remote Control for PC

Once connected the device for now is identified by Windows as a provision of human interface. In Control Panel, it appears as “HID-compliant consumer control device”, sob or identifier 06B4:1C70, ou na string completa: “VID_06B4&PID_1C70&REV_0200&Col03”. As he carries keys and functions of keyboards and mouses common, is compatible with virtually any software, and makes use of the keyboard / mouse restricted to the traditional data input (text) This should not be necessary when using Media Player and related. Not yet installed any software for HTPC (moreover, accepted suggestions from which to install, will use to watch videos, DVDs and play emulators, for this latter function SimpleFE already have that allows me to just use the joystick), but even with the traditional Windows you can use the remote to navigate in Explorer, open files, control the VLC Player and even download and install updates indicated by Filehippo.

The box does not provide any indication of who the manufacturer, front we have just the title “PC Remote Controller” (Remote Control for PC), and supported operating systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows MCE e Windows Vista. The packaging does not say if it works on Linux.

Embalagem do Controle Remoto para PC

Packaging Remote Control for PC

On the sides have the USB logo and saying another frame “18m distance”, I do not know if it really works well so far, because only tested with distances of less than 3 meters. In the back we have the features:

  • USB Interface (Interface USB)
  • No need driver (No need for driver)
  • Wireless mouse functions (Features wireless mouse)
  • Support software: WMP, RealPlayer, KMPlayer, TTPlay, WinDVD, PowerDVD (Supported Software: WMP, RealPlayer, KMPlayer, TTPlay, WinDVD, PowerDVD)
  • A, B, C, D hotkey: Each key can be set to open a software (Each key can be configured to open a software)
  • Remote distance: 18m

Moreover the back of the package also behind the list of keys and their functions.

Parte traseira da embalagem do Controle Remoto de PC

The back of the pack Remote Control PC

The VLCPlayer is not quoted, but I managed to get it working just by changing some shortcut keys, just select the shortcut key you want to modify and press the corresponding button on the remote.

The wireless mouse function is very interesting, a large circle moves the cursor 8 directions, the movement begins and goes smoothly accelerating, so do not delay to move the cursor from side to side of the screen, while it is possible to make small movements to adjust the position of pixel to pixel. There are also key to the right click, left button and a third used to move windows, since it is not possible to hold the left mouse button and move the cursor while.

Controle Remoto de PC

PC Remote Control

In the first row we have four keys: Power, E-mail, WWW e Close. Power does the same function as the Power key cabinet, so depending on what the user has configured the PC it will connect, disconnect, hibernate, sleep or do nothing. In my case is set to sleep. The e-mail key enters the program that is set as default for emails (equals key email keyboards with multimedia keys), WWW button opens the default browser (also equates to the key of the browser in multimedia keyboards). Finally Close serves to close the current window, the same as an Alt F4.

In the second row we have 4 configurable buttons, ícones cujos music sugerem, movies, pictures and TV. But in practice it to put any program, just enter the properties of the shortcut to the desired program (no Windows), select “Shortcut” and press the desired button on the remote control. In practice it will send a Ctrl Alt F1, Ctrl Alt F2, Ctrl Alt F3 and Ctrl Alt F4 respectively.

Then we have the functions of mouse, já described. Then comes the key patterns Media Player: Play/Pause, Stop, Previous Track, Next Track, Forward, Rewind. The first four are equivalent to those of multimedia keyboards, and the other two are Ctrl Shift F and Ctrl Shift B, if memory serves me.

Following is the volume buttons (also equivalent to the multimedia keyboard), uma tecla de FullScreen, equivalent to an Alt Enter, and a key to Page Up and Page Down, which is equivalent to the keyboard. In the lower row we have a mute button, a key “My PC”, em coming “My Computer” and a Backspace key.

Nas last 4 lines 3 keys have 10 Dual function keys. When Numlock (in the lower left corner of the remote control, and that has nothing to do with the keyboard Numlock) is acionado, Operat elas as number keys 0 a 9. When is off, make the following keyboard functions: Tab, Seta to Top, Key Start (tecla do Windows), Left Arrow, Enter, Right Arrow, Open, Down Arrow, Esc e Alternar Janelas. In the lower right corner we have the key Desktop, showing the workspace (equivale a Win D).

The small receiver has a cord long enough to allow positioning it so that it is always visible to the remote.

Receptor do Controle Remoto de PC

Receiver Remote Control PC do

A leaflet inside the box shows various information that is already included in the first.

Folheto de Instruçoes do Controle Remoto de PC

Brochure Instructions Remote Control PC

I conclude that this is an excellent remote control, perfect for anyone who wants to use the PC connected to the TV to watch videos, DVDs, etc. Or even for those with PC in the room and wants to control it without getting out of bed on some occasions. It may also be useful in presentations, ultimately, has many uses. The ease of plugging it in and use, without the need for any additional software or driver is a very welcome extra. The low price also makes it an even more advantageous option (although somewhat more limited) those who build homemade solutions that depend on the parallel port (which is being phased out) and additional software.

If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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José Augusto

Friend, Today I received a remote control identical, however it did not work, I have a pc with windows 7 x64 and a note with win vista x64, neither recognized the usb receiver, Any trick? Na comprei tambem, have you ever had any experience with exchanges? rma? can tell something about? Abraços!

José Augusto

In despositivos stayed as manager “UNKNOWN DEVICE” I'll try to open an RMA… thank you.


Friend will be that it is compatible with XBMC ?

[…] for PC (2*AAA)) acquired na DealExtreme. This is the second such control that I buy, 've talked about the first two years ago in an article here on Skooter Blog. USB PC Remote Control Universal IR, no need […]

Junior Borges

for quem never viu

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