Exoo Webcam with Microphone and Speaker USB Auto 2.0 2MPixels (EX00 All-USB PC USB 2.0 Webcam with USB Microphone and USB Speaker (2MPixels))

The review today is the Exoo Webcam with Microphone and Speaker USB Auto 2.0 2MPixels (EX00 All-USB PC USB 2.0 Webcam with USB Microphone and USB Speaker (2MPixels)) of DealExtreme. Recently I made a request to Another webcam (bem ruin zinha), a lantern (whose battery does not hold charge almost anything) and Eneloop pilhas false (that were properly reimbursed with money back). A DealExtreme offered me a store credit from 20 U.S. dollar (credits that can be used on future purchases) to compensate for these blunders, and decided to use it to acquire this webcam by appearing to have much more quality than the other. The difference in 80 cents was not charged by DX.

The webcam is brand Exoo, misnamed by DealExtreme of EX00, model SD003, which according to the manufacturer's website has the following specifications:

  • Image Sensor: 1/4″ CMOS (Image Sensor : 1/4 ‘ CMOS).
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux (Working Platforms: Windows, MAC, Linux).
  • DSP: 2.0 mega pixels, 5.0 mega pixels with interpolation (DSP :2.0mega pixels,effective 5.0 mega pixs).
  • Sensor: from 350K to 5000K for super high definition (Sensor :Compliant from 350K to 5000k super high definition).
  • Video Format: 1280×960 pixels, sem driver (Form of video:1280X960 pixesl,free-drive).
  • Display: 640×480, 352×288, 320×240 (Display : 640×480,352×288,320×240).
  • Way out: YUY2 (Form of output:YUY2)
  • All glass lens with high definition German technology (All-glass lens of high definition from German Technology)
  • Foco from lens: F6.00mm (Lens Focus:F6.00mm).
  • Focal range: 2.0mm or infinite (Focus range:from 20mm to infinity).
  • Bracket: Windows Vista, Linux, Mac (Support:Windows Vista,Linux,Mac).
  • White balance: Automatic / Manual (White Balance:Automatic/Manual)
  • Patented product (Patented product)

The design reminds her of the VX series of webcams from Microsoft, because of the foot opening round to be engaged in LCD monitors. The front has an acrylic with holes for the lens, self-speaker and the microphone.

Webcam Exoo com microfone e auto-falante embutido.

Exoo Webcam with microphone and speaker built.

The box webcam is rather large for the size of it, and brings the inscriptions: “No Driver”, “5000000 pixels”, “High Clear”, “USB 2.0”, logos of major communications software: Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AIM e Skype, logo “Certified for Windows Vista”, and registration of MAC, Linux, PC and USB.

Caixa da webcam Exoo

Box Webcam Exoo

On the side of the box we have diagrams showing the functions of various models of cameras Exoo, which could lead one to believe that the same box is used for multiple cameras, but this is not the case because in front of the box for the drawing of this model.

Lateral da caixa da webcam Exoo

Side of the box webcam Exoo

On the other side we have a few more models of webcams Exoo.

Outra lateral da caixa da webcam Exoo

Another side of the box webcam Exoo

On the back we have more specifications, among them we have the camera is VGA, 30 fps, has white balance, exposure control and flash control (??) automatic. System Requirements: Windows XP SP2/ Vista, Pentium 450MHz or equivalent and above 256MB RAM, interface USB 2.0. There is also a basic explanation of how to install, major functions and something about a software called Fix8 that probably accompanies. At the bottom of various logos: Certified for Windows XP, EC, FC, RealTime, USB, RoHS, mild, recyclable, do not throw in the trash and others who can not understand, and instead “Made in China”.

Parte traseira da caixa da webcam Exoo

Rear Box Webcam Exoo

The USB cable is fixed target, unlike the DX photos where he is black. Note that there is only the USB cable, no cable microphone and speaker, This is because the camera does not need the PC's sound card to work, it has its own built-in sound chipset, which is very useful as we will see later.

Cabo USB branco da webcam Exoo SD003

USB Webcam White Exoo SD003

The acrylic part can be removed to adjust the focus of the lens.

Parte acrílica pode ser removida para ajustar foco da lente

Acrylic part can be removed to adjust the lens focus

Webcam Exoo instalada em monitor LCD

Exoo Webcam installed in LCD monitor

Now for installation: Once plugged into a PC with Windows Vista SP1, the camera was immediately recognized and installed the devices in the following: “USB Composite Device”, “DEF-299S Camera” and “DEF-299S Camera” (yes, are both “DEF-299S Camera”), one probably refers to the characteristic of webcam, and the other features of audio, and has installed their drivers that ship with Windows Vista. The audio portion of the manufacturer appears as “(Generic USB Audio)”, and appears as a webcam “Microsoft”, or hardware ID of audio and gives “USB VID_EB1A&PID_2761&REV_0517&MI_02” e da webcam é “USB VID_EB1A&PID_2761&REV_0517&MI_00”, in other words, or VID:PID dela é EB1A:2761, with review 0517.

But the drivers installed are not definitive, since shortly after installing Windows Update tells you that updates are, and she is just a new driver for the webcam, accepted download it and install it and the camera changed its description to “AND USB 2760 Camera”, manufacturer “eMPIA Technology”, provedor do driver “eMPIA Technology”, data do driver “20/7/2007” and version 2.7.720.1.

Now we know that the chipset manufacturer is eMPIA Technology, do Taiwan, then we can verify that on her website have a newer driver, and indeed there, but it is not digitally signed, therefore do not recommend installing it on Windows Vista, it will not operate without gambiarra. The same applies to the driver available on the Exoo.

I then decided to see the contents of the mini-CD that came with your webcam, it contains also a driver, but again a driver is not digitally signed, By raising passe longe dele. There is also a collection of software, I think some games to play with the webcam, but none worked, probably only work with the driver that is on mini-CD.

The resolution of the webcam driver eMPIA Technology installed with Windows Update was limited at 640×480, but with a very good quality, still lower than a Microsoft VX-3000, but much better than the webcam de 6 DX gives U.S. dollars, with good sharpness and resolution, fluid handling well, and the lens is wide enough to focus on the whole person's face at a distance where the webcam de 6 DX gives U.S. dollars só mostraria or nariz. O driver da eMPIA Technology (via Windows Update) has manual brightness adjustment, contrast, saturation and sharpness. It also has a digital zoom effect with adjustable distance and a face tracking feature that did not work (nothing happens to use it). There is also option to set up the monitor is CRT or LCD, type of light (Fluorescent de 60Hz, Fluorescent de 50Hz, incandescent, luz do dia (internal), luz do dia (external), manual white balance and automatic, manual exposure control and automatic.

As I said earlier, the microphone and built-in speaker has its own chipset and audio are completely independent of the PC sound card or motherboard. So, if your PC already has a sound card or motherboard with onboard sound (today everyone has) you have two audio devices at your disposal, and most software allows you to choose which will be used. Some people prefer to leave the chipset webcam for Skype, GTalk, MSN, etc. and the motherboard for music, videos, etc. You can also use the speaker for music and webcam video, but is not recommended because the sampling rate for both the speaker as the microphone is 16 bits, but only 8KHz, telephone quality, voice sufficient for, but the music will have the same quality of music on the phone. Note that neither can be considered a failure of webcam, because with the extremely small size of the built-in speakers is unlikely that a higher sampling rate would make any difference. I chose to continue using the audio chipset motherboard, connected to two speakers from Creative, for just about everything, but the audio output is particularly useful webcam, as Skype and GTalk allow you to configure the call ringer for all audio devices, and so I can hear when someone is calling me on Skype or GTalk even when the speakers are off or the sound down, as the sound of the webcam has independent volume (and configurable mixer) and is always on.

Now let's talk package, was sent in 05/04, arrived in Brazil in 18/04, and em 24/04 the IRS had already sent it to Campinas / Valinhos. No give 28/04 withdrawal was already waiting at the post office, as trace table below:

Data Local Situation
29/04/2009 11:50 AC (Removed) Delivered
Recebido by (removed)
28/04/2009 09:46 AC (Removed) Waiting withdrawal
Address: (Removed)
27/04/2009 16:03 CTE CAMPINAS – VALINHOS / SP Routed
In transit to AC (Removed)
18/04/2009 13:40 BRAZIL – BRAZIL / XX Awarded
Received / Brazil

Content description: “Webcams”, stated value: “45 HKD”. Unfortunately the package was taxed £ 26,56, and again the supervisor was Orlandão (this guy loves me), that should not have stood the packet size (the webcam is small, but the box is a big girl) and decided to pay tax, As with virtually all recorded passing damn city in Pinhais. Note that this time even the law ridiculous and unfair import third world country that the tax was erroneously charged, this time it was really a gift, to me anyway DX gave the store credit, as a reward for defects in products for which I had already paid tax. Could ask for exemption from tax by revising attaching the conversation with the clerk about the DX store credit, but I doubt that would backfire, Brazil is finally (country that despite having thousands of street thugs decided drop more 40.000 to enhance the rates of assaults, robberies, etc. for Mother's Day).

Pacote da DealExtreme com a webcam Exoo, tributado.

DealExtreme package with webcam Exoo, taxed.

Wait for the next reviews. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

Update 16/11/2009: In late October the camera has stopped working, when you connect it to a USB port it is no longer recognized on any computer. It lasted only 5 months, worked well while it lasted, but the speakers sometimes made strange noises when the micro slept (so S3) and then woke up and needed to be unplugged and plugged back (apparently does not support standby mode correctly). It was replaced by a Microsoft VX-6000 bought in Dell canadense for a fair price (unfortunately here in Brazil the price of Microsoft webcams is extremely abusive).

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