LodeStar Solda paste 50g (LodeStar Soldering Paste (50g))

Today I will talk about more in a successful purchase DealExtreme, a pot of Solda Pasta LodeStar (LodeStar Soldering Paste) from 50 grams. A LodeStar Fantasy is the name of the Chinese company Shenzhen LodeStar ST Co., Ltd., manufacturer of products such as meters (multimeters), Oscilloscopes, soldering stations, Welders, power supply, glue guns quente, magnifying lenses and other equipment that category.

The solder paste has the product code L309050, that corresponds to the pot 50 gram of the product L309, L3 and that division is the accessories for welding. There are also versions 250 and 500 grams, more to DealExtreme do not have them in their catalog. The usage seems to have no restrictions, the paste solder is a compound (tin and probably some components such as lead) and flow, the name given in English (I do not know as it is called in Portuguese) for component that serves to prevent oxidation of the materials to be welded, because the high temperature at the time of the solder can generate oxides that adhere poorly to stranger. Additionally it serves to “wet” during the solder process, so that it spreads better on the parts to be welded.

I still did not do the test because the folder has not yet appeared nothing to weld, but apparently it should greatly facilitate the work. Who makes only sporadic welds as I, often finds it difficult to solder some components with tin wire, that sometimes does not spread right, which ends prolonging the process, warming the other component at the risk of spoiling it, besides melt the play dough to use as “third hand” to hold the parts together while the other two hands are busy with the soldering iron and tin. The folder seems to be a good solution, just apply it with a toothpick in the components to be welded, touch the soldering iron on the component (and non folder) and ready. Ultimately, I hope it's that simple, because I never used any folder, but I'll talk about it when you use it.

Pasta de Solda LodeStar 50g

LodeStar Solda paste 50g

Visão lateral do potinho de pasta de solda LodeStar

Side view of the container of solder paste LodeStar

Pasta de solda LodeStar, foco na pasta permite ver a espessura

LodeStar solder paste, Focus folder view allows the thickness

With respect to the purchase, was made on 19/04, sent on 20/04, Without Registration, and came home on 05/05, with stamp released by the IRS in Curitiba. The small envelope and apparently empty with only a pot bulky in the corner not caught the attention of “our friend” Orlandão, the tax which taxes all evil. Apparently they already know what package unregistered necessarily the item costs less than 15 U.S. dollar. The tax that folder, for example, custaria less than R $ 5,00, and therefore they must think not worth the effort, and focus on getting taxing virtually all registered packages. The description of the package was “PROFESSIONAL TOOLS” and the declared value was 26 HKD (Hong Kong dollars), anyone who frequents Skooter Blog already know that equates to just under £ 7,00, in other words, this time it was pretty much the real value of the product.

Pacote da DealExtreme, sem registro e sem impostos

Packet DealExtreme, without registration and without taxes

Wait for the next reviews. If you also want to make their shopping in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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