Strawberrynet, DealExtreme of perfumes and cosmetics.

A is already old, perhaps even more than the DealExtreme, but I had not talked about it here, so I think it's past time. A also sells perfumes and cosmetics directly from Hong Kong. Some products have free shipping (products Skin Care, makeup, line of body products, etc.) and others do not (fragrances, etc.), but the rate of delivery is much less steep than other international stores: 10% the value of the product, but never exceeding 15 U.S. dollar. The prices are almost always better than any store and national progressive discounts for every purchase, in other words, each new purchase the discount will increase, and the first purchase they usually give some toast (batons, etc.).

The product line includes perfumes and colognes for men and women from brands like Jean Paul Gaultier, Giorgio Armani, Carolina Herrera, Yves Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Sweet & Gabbana, Diesel, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Ocean Pacific, Valentino, Victoria Secret, Lacoste, Kenzo, Ferrari and many other brands, all original. In addition they also sell makeup, skin products, cosmetics, etc.

And best of all for those who live in the land of taxes, a reimburses the amount paid on import tax. If the product is taxed just go to the post office, pay the taxes and send the voucher via email, fax or Belt normal for they devovem the tax amount as a credit on the credit card used to purchase.

Payment can be made with any major credit card international flags Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners’ Club, Discover e JCB. Moreover they also accept payment via PayPal. The site has Portuguese version, which greatly facilitates the shopping for those who do not know English.

If you also want to shop in, directly from Hong Kong, click the link and good shopping.

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good tip to,now binds,elements or donates %% tax paid by paypal account to tbm? vlw


this site is even comfiança?
dx in the products are well + Cheap, ñ and we run a risk so great…


Do not believe those perfumes that come from china are original.
But still good tip.




In that part of the site talks about repayment in case of taxation ?

Just to ensure.

Congratulations Blog

[…] time ago I wrote an article showing how the title and put “Strawberrynet, DealExtreme of perfumes and cosmetics“. I think I was somewhat unfair to compare this, pea […]


I just spent a situation such as Strawberrynet. I am a customer site a year and I'm in my ninth request, until then had never been an order my be taxed. I blog on the internet researching qdo the amount charged upon cométicos and so I could harvest the information likely repayment, I did not hurt to try. Seeing that, although we supreendermos with the likely attitude for the benefit of its customers, tb leave the company profiting, once you repay my money, I will not be afraid to keep buying the site. already having a long relationship with the company, I can affirm to be reliable and the products are, no doubt, original. Again I post here qdo or receive remmbolso.


Do not buy this site, perfumes are FAKE… Me and a friend bought that site at the end of last year and perfumes are fake, I sent an email complaining about two months ago and so far no answer. Deixo aki o alert, pay + aki buy expensive but even in Brazil a quality product.


talk until parrot talks, wanna see sign viviane.


IMPRESA DealExtreme NOT SENT MY PRODUCTS AND WAS WRONG WHEN sent. LOST MUCH WITH THEM. Now I'm showing everyone what the DEALEXTREME was able.

Invoice / Order #: 0127L9EX
Date: 1/27/2010 2:33:54 PM
Payment: PayPal #4EH01944V7680813E
Status: Shipped
27213 PC Computer ATX HDD SATA Power Supply Tester (English Edition) x 1 Shipped $7.87
Invoice / Order #: 08256A46
Date: 8/25/2009 9:42:55 PM
Payment: PayPal #5AV87673B4692332S
Status: Shipped
3 02663 Mini Multifunctional Remote Controller Black x 3 Shipped $2.34 –

Invoice / Order #: 101275WY
Date: 10/12/2009 2:32:53 PM
Payment: PayPal #6DX88317P11997209
Status: Shipped
1 03629 15-inch Microsoft OEM Mouse Pad x 1 Shipped $5.17 –
2 04759 Memory Heat Spreader x 2 Shipped $1.88 –


I would like some help making a payment using the credits account paypal? grata


Personal, beware. People selling pig in a poke is not lacking. Counterfeiters are very cunning and shrewd. I'll tell you my experience with Strawberrynet. I am extremely picky and critical for things I buy, and was not different Strawberrynet. It all started when I was looking for a perfume that I had the opportunity to acquire when I was in Paraguay for a long time ago. I had tried several in the store just taking what pleased me most (in other words, I did not take the name or fame or indication, but for my taste). It turns out that this perfume is hard to find even in stores abroad: Lagerfeld Photo. Since then always looked in stores (not here in Brazil and abroad) and even freeshop, but had never found. Hence searched the net and found several stores just, who had the happiness to my Lagerfeld Photo. One was Strawberrynet; I opted to make my application there, it seemed very reliable and very professional. Finally he had found the perfume that I liked so much! I ordered the day 28 December and, after waiting and NTSs (yes, he was taxed by the Internal Revenue, that… Read more "

Christian Cabrini

Very good hint Site, I had seen once and forgot the address, I went back to look and found here, I will definitely buy.

Regarding DealExtreme, I always buy lá, the only thing happened was d q once a request came missing a product pq had cabado in stock, but a few weeks after the product arrived certinho.
I trust no DealExtreme, Strawberrynet and I'll try and Fragrancex.

Flavio Garcia

Personal, não if iludam, Brands do not manufacture the fragrances in Asia, all the best brands in the market are manufactured in Europe or the United States, logo, prices miracle sent from Hong Kong can only deal with fakes, can even be done well in some cases but is counterfeit. The best store to buy original products outside Brazil is in [Edited by moderator: Propaganda] prices are great and only work with original products shipped from the United States.

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