DealExtreme: 5 By Little Pigs $0.37 each with Coupon Easter

Who accompanies saw Skooter Blog ad coupon Easter of DealExtreme what was done here, where each 5 items was given a discount 2 U.S. dollar, I even gave a hint of piggies-lantern 78 cents, that ended with the coupon out for only 37 cents cada um.

I then decided to take the opportunity and ask me five, cells only after that costs more (are 3 button batteries, I do not know the exact model because not dismantled, but according to a buyer they are kind of LR1130, SG10 or also called AG10), and the pig is an excellent keychain flashlight, emergency. One of these was pig My first purchase from DealExtreme and got it today.

About the pig there's not much to add, He is already well known, has its two very bright LEDs, fed 3 Button batteries as I have already quoted. The light turns on by pressing a button heart-shaped bottom. Removing the muzzle gives it to see how it is internally, fairly simple. And the chain has to use it as a keychain.

The pig had been the first purchase in a cardboard box with a plastic cover and included the name of the manufacturer (Chiyu) and a model (CY-211), and a name “Mega-Brite LED”. Behind the package had instructions for battery replacement (positive pra top, not incinerate them, etc.) and dizia mistakenly uses this element 2 Batteries CR2016, or is quite wrong, since CR2016 is much wider and thinner, besides batteries are three rather than two. But that did not come with the package 5 piggies, Maybe the manufacturer is shipping without the packaging for the DealExtreme As part of the agreement that has reduced the price to just 78 cents, thanks to a price war with competitor FocalPrice. Or is it possible that the DX has taken itself the product of the original packaging and placed in plastic bags to reduce the volume and offset shipping.

Porquinho-Lanterna de 78 cents por apenas 37 cents na DealExtreme

Piggy-Lantern 78 cents for just 37 cents did DealExtreme

Cinco porquinhos adquiridos com o Cupom de Páscoa da DealExtreme

Five piglets purchased with the Easter DealExtreme Coupon

Porquinho com os LEDs acesos, bastante brilhantes

Pig with lighted LEDs, very bright

The request was made in 05/04, but apparently a lot of people had the same idea and the piggies are exhausted, and only in 24/04 is they were finally sent, Without Registration, and arrived here in 13/04, with stamp released by the IRS Oversight of Curitiba, no tax. They came in the package of brown paper that has no bubbles, but they all came running smoothly. Along with it came another package (yellow envelope with bubble wrap), having the same order number, This sent two days before, 22/04, But come together. Nele havia or CD do Dongle USB Wireless Network 2.0 54Mbps 802.11b / g 500mW 27dBm High Power Afoundry with Magnet, who had come without CD, which I ended up getting with the help of other buyers and visitors from forums DealExtreme, but anyway I decided to ask the DX and the CD included in my package of pigs, who at the time was open. And the people who make the order just sending the CD alone due to the lack of pigs, like a partial shipment, including the famous piece of paper sending partial, that was more modern and now uses a better role and a more professional. The CD is not those mini CD-R with a teddy bear that half of Chinese companies use and send without any customization, but an own CD with art.

Os dois pacotes não tributados da DealExtreme: à esquerda no envelope amarelo o CD do dongle Wi-Fi e à direita no pacote pardo os cinco porquinhos

The two packs of untaxed DealExtreme: left at the yellow envelope CD Wi-Fi dongle and right in the brown package the five little pigs

CD do Dongle Wi-Fi, veio faltando no pedido original e foi acrescentado nesse

CD do Dongle Wi-Fi, came missing in the original application and this was added

O novo papelzinho de envio parcial da DealExtreme

The new piece of paper sending partial DealExtreme

Wait for the next review. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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Or, your blog is really cool, he was one of the reasons I set up the courage to buy the DX.
I was amazed at how quickly they delivered one of my orders, I request the day 06/05, sent day 12/05 e Ontem (19/05) I was in my house. Neither believed it!

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