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Mozy Online Backup

Mozy Online Backup

Several times I looked for a remote backup solution several times and was disappointed with what I found. The last disappointment was with the Xdrive, and wool so than the only remote backup I used was the Live Mesh, whose function is not exactly a remote backup, but a tool for synchronization of folders / files between computers that also allows you to sync with a folder (Live Desktop) virtual online. Here Live Mesh replaces Live Sync (antigo FolderShare), since it has all the functions and some other extras such as the Live Desktop, although it has some shortcomings scheme to handle duplicates is worse, you can not know exactly which file is being downloaded / uploaded or waiting their turn, and have some bugs chatinhos that not only made me lose important files because I had backup. Now I've learned that I can not add a new folder to sync two computers in a short time he loses, with some files and gives failure in dealing with duplicates.

O Live Desktop é legal, but the 5GB limit makes us have to choose very well what will stay and what will be online only syncing between PCs / laptops. I believe that Microsoft should raise this limit in the future, especially if a competitor appears to height, but until then I decided to look for an alternative solution for online backup and found Mozy. It is a remote backup tool that has worked well so far. The Mozy client software works with a configuration where the files to be backed up is made, he has some standard sets that are already a good selection of documents, Worksheets, Photos, folder of Thunderbird email, Outlook e outros. But the user can customize everything including specific files and folders or even creating rules based on dates, filenames, etc.

You can program it to step in when the computer is idle, at a certain time of day, etc. You can prioritize speed of backups or lessen the impact of the backup operation of the machine. The first upload is slow and can take days or weeks, depending on the size of files and the upload speed of the connection (which in Brazil is often ridiculously low), but the following uploads tend to be quick because they send only changed files or even just certain parts of files that have been modified.

The files are encrypted both in transmission (128 bits SSL) and the server (448 bits Blowfish), so that any server or invasion “listening” the connection will not provide any useful data to the attacker. Restoring few files can be made directly with the client program that gives 3 options: a virtual drive called MozyHome Remote Backup which is in “My Computer” and whose navigation is as a common drive, Right click on the folder and select the “Restore Files in Folder” and the third option with the software interface. There is also no option to restore the client software, to any PC with Internet access. You can select the files to be restored and Mozy prepares one or more zipped files (in my tests one was self-extracting and another not), and after a few minutes or hours (depending upon the number of files) the(s) file(s) will be ready for download via secure connection (https), which incidentally served as a reason for me to change the GetRight I wore many, many years (and that the unregistered version does not accept https download) pelo freeware Flashget, but that's another story. A final option is to restore the backups get a DVD shipped via Fedex with selected data, but this option is charged separately and has a high cost, but the value can be relatively low depending on the value of the data size and, because depending on the size of the restoration could take days, although Mozy's servers are fast and the download speed of ADSL connections and the like are almost always much faster (less unwieldy) to download than for upload.

The Mozy has a free version that gives 2GB of server space, is little in which case it is better to use Live Mesh to sync, or maybe use Mozy as an extra backup with only the most important things. But by 5 dollars a month you can upgrade to unlimited space for a computer, in case more than one computer is charged 5 per computer. There is also a professional version (MozyPro) that custa 3,95 U.S. dollar (desktop) or 6,95 U.S. dollar (servers) e but 0,50 for each gigabyte used, this has no quantity limitations of computers and has some extra features that are ideal for businesses and servers.

For the home user 5 U.S. dollar, near 10 dollars a month seems like a great deal, because even doing regular backups on DVD, pendrive, External HD, etc. it's always good to have a remote backup option, physically far away from the original data, for any eventuality that might compromise the original micro and backups at the same time (thefts, floods, fires, Elétricas downloads, etc.). Just remember that story, I do not know if it's real or urban legend, company headquartered in the World Trade Center that had their data backed up on a tower and the other.

If you are interested in Mozy lhe convido the head-. I used all the 2GB limit to do many tests before signing with the MozyHome Unlimited Space. Please also tests restoring files, after all it is worth nothing that a backup can not be restored. If you like and want to subscribe to the unlimited version, use o link aqui do Skooter Blog for 10% off (4,50 U.S. dollar). You can also opt for one-year subscription and get a free month, or two years and win three months free.

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