Converter two AA (small) for D (great) translucent (Translucent 2*AA-to-D Battery Converter Cases (2-Pack))

The review today is the Package with two converters from two AA batteries (small) for D (great) translucent (Translucent 2*AA-to-D Battery Converter Cases (2-Pack)), acquired on DealExtreme. The converter consists of a translucent plastic case the size and shape of a cell D (big pile), that sleeps inside one or two AA batteries.

I do not know if they are still manufactured devices using D size batteries, but size is a relatively common on radio, lanterns and antique toys. Batteries common (refillable) size D are still easily found in supermarkets, but one can not say the same for rechargeable batteries D, are relatively rare. That's where this adapter comes handy, for rechargeable AA batteries are common, and then you can have a D cell battery without any problems.

Conversor de duas pilhas AA para uma pilha D

Converter two AA batteries to a battery D

The voltage is the same for AA and D, 1.5V for non-rechargeable and rechargeable 1.2V to. The converter accepts one or two batteries, if used two batteries in parallel they will, so that the voltage remains the same. Furthermore, if two stacks are used 2700mAh (the greatest possible load in AA today) 5400mAh battery that will effectively D, more than twice the capacity of a Rechargeable battery D Ecomania, the only one I found for sale in Brazil, and the quality of which I am unaware.

Conversores AA-para-D com as pilhas AA instaladas

Converters AA-to-D with AA batteries installed

The positive and negative poles have no contact area as large as a real pile D, This should not be a problem in most equipment, but may eventually hinder fitting in any specific equipment.

Polos negativo e positivo dos conversores AA-para-D

For negative and positive converters AA-to-D

The negative pole is attached to a lid that opens to the batteries that are placed, and no one contact for each of the two stacks.

Tampa na parte inferior aberta para colocação das pilhas AA

Cover the bottom open for placement of AA

Looking inside the cell where we see the top part there are the contacts to the positive terminal of each battery, there are grooves that separate the two piles and maintains properties inside the case, so that even if one chooses to use only one AA battery it will not be released.

No topo do adaptador os contatos para os polos positivos das pilhas AA

At the top of the adapter CONTACTS for by the positive pilhas AA

As a buy, was made on 30/04, sent on 04/05 and arrived on 20/05. The package was released by unregistered IRS Curitiba, without taxation. Along with it came another package, purchase made on the same day, shipped the same day and it arrived the same day also, with a Package with two AA battery converters (small) for C (average) translucent (Translucent 1*AA-to-C Battery Converter Cases (2-Pack)).

Pacotes da DealExtreme: adaptadores AA-para-D e AA-para-C

Packages from DealExtreme: adapters for AA-and AA-D-to-C

Aguarde o review dos AA pilha Converters (small) for C (average) translucent (Translucent 1*AA-to-C Battery Converter Cases (2-Pack)). If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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Hello friend really enjoyed your site and am enjoying the tips for shopping at dealextreme , but I have not understood a doubt when you purchase products mentioned some veses not registered
you mean remove that logo dealextreme for this ???
also live inside sao paulo and made a purchase 15 dollars and went through Pinhais Pr now I'm afraid of being labeled

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