Control Games with USB Receiver for PC / XBox 360 Microsoft 2.4GHz Wireless Original (Genuine Microsoft 2.4GHz Wireless Game Controller with PC USB Receiver for PC/Xbox 360 (Retail Pack))

The review today is the Control Games with USB Receiver for PC / XBox 360 Microsoft 2.4GHz Wireless Original (packaging for sale) (Genuine Microsoft 2.4GHz Wireless Game Controller with PC USB Receiver for PC/Xbox 360 (Retail Pack)), acquired on DealExtreme.

If you have not seen the review the wired version, recommend doing it before prossseguir. This wireless version is Retail (não-OEM) and therefore comes in the original Microsoft embagem, including wireless XBox controller 360 and a USB receiver that can be used to control functions in the PC. The XBox 360 the receiver is not necessary because the game already contains the embedded receptor, then this version is more specific for those who do not have X-Box 360 but want to play on PC (meu case) with a quality control, for a good price and be prepared to play games on XBox 360 some friend without taking a disadvantage by not being used to control. Who has the X-Box 360 and PC can buy this version and use the same control in both. Who wants to play only in the X-Box 360 may opt for OEM version without the receiver. And both players PC as the X-Box 360 there is also the Wired control option whose review has been done here.

Controle do XBox 360 e o receptor USB, ambos na embalagem original

Controle do XBox 360 e o receptor USB, in original packaging

Parte traseira da embalagem retail do controle de XBox 360 com receptor USB

Rear of retail packaging control XBox 360 com receptor USB

A single receiver such supports up 4 X-Box controls 360, so whoever wants to have two, three or four controls can get in only one Full retail version and others may in OEM version without the receiver. The receiver is powered by a USB port and under device manager it consumes 260mA from the USB bus. The receiver has a button that serves to synchronize the control when needed, pressing that key, then the key synchronization control. Who alternates between the PC and the XBox 360 must retrace synchronization when switching from one device to another, who uses only one of the devices do not need to do this unless you have a problem. The receiver is small (about 8cm x 4cm x 1cm) and can stand discreetly on a desk, The green LED indicates when it is on and lights up whenever it is plugged into a USB port.

O receptor USB para ligar controles de XBox 360 no PC

The USB receiver to connect XBox controls 360 no PC

Parte de baixo do receptor USB, com o selo de genuíno da Microsoft

The bottom of the USB receiver, with the stamp of genuine Microsoft

Macro do receptor USB

Macro do receptor USB

The control of the X-Box 360 is powered by two AA size alkaline (included), or by specific batteries that are sold separately. The manual does not say you can use rechargeable NiMH, but they work seamlessly, estou using or com- GS Yuasa pilhas duas Enitime. The difference between the AA alkaline batteries and NiMH is that the former is 1.5 V nominal when new and decays as the use, qeu while the NiMH has 1.2 V nominal and constant throughout most of the payload stack. As we are talking about are two batteries of 3.0 V vs. 2.4 V and maybe that's the reason for the recommendation from Microsoft, but the control functions smoothly to 2.4 V. That the cloth indicates charge “average” em vez of “high” even with the newly installed battery, but this is a cosmetic problem only, the distance reaches to several feet comfortably. In my tests it even managed to penetrate multiple walls and be more than 10 receptor meters and still typically plug.

Visão superior do controle sem fio de XBox 360

Top view of control wireless XBox 360

Visão dos botões LB, RB e gatilhos LT e RT

Overview of the buttons BL, E e RB LT RT gatilhos

Parte de baixo do controle de XBox 360: compartimento de pilhas

Part of under the control of the XBox 360: battery compartment

Duas pilhas AA alcalinas Duracell acompanham o produto

Two AA alkaline Duracell with the product

I did not need to install any drivers, provalmente because the wired version of the driver is the same version of the wireless, but anyway that driver was also downloaded from Windows Update automatically the first time that control is plugged, so I imagine that is the same way. No device appears gerenciador “Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows” class in session “Microsoft Common Controller for Windows Class”. A “signature” do hardware é 045E:0719, or more specifically: “USB VID_045E&PID_0719&REV_0100”. In the box comes the instruction manuals and also a CD with drivers (not used).

Manuais de instruções e CD de drivers

Instruction manuals and drivers CD

For those unaware, the control of the XBox 360 has two analog joysticks (4 axes), um D-Pad Digital, two analog triggers (LT and RT, but 2 axes), 4 major digital buttons (X, And, A and B), 2 digital buttons on the "shoulders" (LB and RB), 2 digital buttons, pressing the analog joyticks center, more buttons Start and Back, besides button Painel XBox. The controls for XBox 360 also incorporates vibrating, feature that became famous with the Dual Shock. You can also connect headsets it, feature not tested by having no compatible headset. The layout is similar to the control of Playstation, inverting only the position of the D-pad with the left joystick, and replacing the buttons L2 and R2 triggers by.

The drivers support the official games that use DirectInput is only limited, and XBCD does not work properly with the wireless version, therefore recommend that control only for new games that use XInput, or emulators for classic consoles: Atari, Master System, Mega Drive, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, etc. Basically, limitation in DirectInput is that the buttons LT and RT are mapped to the same axis and therefore can not be pressed together, Apart from that the vibration does not work. In XInput otherwise everything works perfectly, it is not necessary to map buttons and games already recognize the control XBox 360 automatically and show up on screens or menus tutorial buttons that must be pressed in the colors and with the right names, Contrary to what happens in DirectInput.Os tests were made on XInput “Pro Evolution Soccer 2009” and no “Crysis”. On “Rainbox Six: Vegas 2” Could not select the wireless controller for some reason unknown to me (the wired version works). No PES 2009 Crysis and everything worked perfectly, inclusive vibração (Only in Crysis, since no vibration PES2009).

The wireless controller operates in the 2.4GHz band, meaning that it interferes with Wi-Fi 802.11b / g, Bluetooth, etc. but where I noticed most was the interference Transmitter and Receiver Kit AV Audio / Video Wireless 2.4GHz, what forces me to unplug the receiver on occasion, which is not a problem when you are not playing. The control is turned on by pressing and holding the button panel XBox and immediately search the base and lit shows the quadrant corresponding to the number who took (from 1 a 4), the first being that they are connected will occupy the top positions. Apparently there is no way to turn it off after you finish playing, but just let it idle for a few minutes and shut it alone (or removing and replacing the battery / batteries).

The purchase on DealExtreme was made in 27/04, submission was made only in 08/05, arrived in Brazil em 15/05 and was waiting at the post office in withdrawal 26/05. The DX used the white envelope (plastic), declared the contents as “XBOX ACCESSORIES” and as the value 40 Hong Kong dollars (little more than 10 real). The IRS has oversight of Curitiba and as always decided taxing, the package was not opened, declare content as the NTS “Parts and Accessories”, the value of the property was set at 20 U.S. dollars two, exchange rate to 2,0762, and so the taxable value fell by £ 41,52, and thus the rate of absurd 60% was applied, resulting in a tax of $ 24,91. The NTS was made once again by the supervisor named Orlando, the same as ever. Under the package path, through Pinhais / PR, As with all packages taxed:

Data Local Situation
26/05/2009 11:26 AC [REMOVED] – [REMOVED]/SP Waiting withdrawal
Address: STREET 1,1171 – CENTER
25/05/2009 15:33 CTE CAMPINAS – VALINHOS / SP Routed
In transit to AC [REMOVED] – [REMOVED]/SP
15/05/2009 16:38 BRAZIL – BRAZIL / XX Awarded
Received / Brazil
Pacote da DealExtreme: registrado e tributado

Packet DealExtreme: registered and taxed

Wait for the next reviews. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

Update (12/05/2011): Added a video Control Games with USB Receiver for PC / XBox 360 Microsoft 2.4GHz Wireless Original (packaging for sale) (Genuine Microsoft 2.4GHz Wireless Game Controller with PC USB Receiver for PC/Xbox 360 (Retail Pack)) operation:

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hello friend it was taxed even bought 15 dollars in products on DealExtreme and taxed in 25,00 Actual absurd even
I live in the interior of Sao Paulo
I will now only buy in packages without screening also
thanks for the tips


Hey Fabrizio…

I have in my PayPal account that credit $1.95. If I buy something in DX with value less than the credit, the purchase amount will be deducted from this $1.95? I'm thinking about getting 2 lanterns pigs.



Fabricio, has a very good product in DX (and is linked to this entry) is a wireless controller for PS2 ( originally named: 2.4GHz RF Wireless Dual Shock Game Controller with Receiver for PS2 (2*AAA). It has approximately the same weight of the original and has the same format (other than drawings of buttons that are not equal: X,The,triangle and square). But the analog buttons are very good. Runs on two AAA batteries(stick) and so I bought a charger along. You should take a look (if you have a PS2) because it is very good.

PS.: Your blog is very good and do some shopping before I ever step here and take a look.



Can someone tell me if there is a black version of this control “For Windows”,

I can even buy a black common control and buy the separate USB receiver but I think it gets more expensive.


I bought msmo by 225, function q is a real beauty q so do not know how he off


if someone could help me as I turn off my xbox360 control for windows thank


+ if every time I take the battery q q him stop playing not damage control
I was knowing q xbox 360 appears a command to shut down + on my pc so the battery indicator appears already upgraded to version 1.2 MSMA and the only thing the battery indicator appears , control is great for games + As always leaving gaps or they find q'll play until the batteries run out if aff . tbm windows should appear in this option shutdown only thing q control was not liked this failure


ae man I wonder if he uses aa battery.
the wireless controller does not use or do not have battery? grateful pela resposta


Friend, I'm looking to buy one of these, wireless. Vc had many problems of games that did not accept this control?

Rafael Mazzali

Dude I bought one of these days, but is the following … it binds in a good work perfectly, but the off-time, what I do ? eu open or “x” control but nothing happens, be a problem? As you turn your control ? Hugs.


the xbox360 comes with a controller so I know if you have another way to buy two to play with another person?


I bought this control, came home yesterday was not taxed, more when I opened the package I had a little surprise packing my control was broken, then I looked they had some scratching, shall he come already used


I bought the control he was not taxed, more when I opened I saw that he had broken the seal and sealing it with cellophane tape to do tb fi you had some scratching them


It seems that now the DX ta sending a pirated version control… then do not buy!

Elber Luiz

I bought a kit receptor + control q so black but this control does not recognize the xbox…My friend brought his control q came bundled with the console to play on my pc and not acknowledged .. my question is as follows: Not the same control?
It should not work and vice versa?
Please would like a clarification.


Have you seen this product and made me want to buy, but has two very negative evaluations of Brazilians saying qo product and false and has very large deadzone analog nodes… Suspected calibration in windows or something, q you think of this product??? The gameplay with hes good on windows??


I will not risk it now, but if you buy put something here to add information…. Valew Cara….

Marcelo Costa

Very good post, I am in doubt whether wireless or buy to use on my computer, I recommend that you ?


Control bought a wonder he pq ta working as Rt and Lt Z axis and the back and start buttons are functioning as foce be the Lt and Rt


that will be received with a single usb I get to play with 2 control?


Gabriel proved that sim. With a receiver you can play with up to 4 wireless controllers.

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