May 31 2009

Strawberrynet, 100% approved and reimbursed tax

Some time ago I wrote an article presenting the and put as title “Strawberrynet, DealExtreme of perfumes and cosmetics“. I think I was somewhat unfair to this comparison, pea better, far better, that DealExtreme.

There is no purchase price, after all of them are selling a wide variety of relatively inexpensive products made in China. While the other is selling imported perfumes, manufactured mostly in Europe, of eateries and naturally more expensive. But that does not mean that the price of seja ruim. In fact their prices are less than half those charged by the big stores in Brazil, and at least 30% cheaper than the specialty stores with the best prices, as Perfumes Summer (excellent loja) and Women's Perfumes (never comprei).

But as stands out is the same customer service (customer service). She has an advanced system of tickets as DealExtreme, and even a forum where users can exchange ideas and solve problems together, a has only an e-mail. But every time I had to use it the answer came in a few minutes, in good English and was really the answer to what I was asking. Opposed, a DealExtreme promete responder os tickets em 24-48 working hours, But my last ticket was answered only after 5 days and there are reports of who went unanswered for weeks and even months. Furthermore, responses are often clearly copy-and-paste (copiar and colar) and not respond to questions which was placed. Currently I have still two open tickets with DealExtreme , an HD External arrived faulty and that Eneloop batteries fake sent again, This time instead of four cards (that are demonstrably original) decided to send two cards with two of the counterfeit.

Another major highlight of the is that they reimburse the import tax paid in Brazil. Yes, while not having any guilt we import tax world's most expensive, a kindly refund the amount paid in taxes, just pay the amount due in the mail, NTS to scan and send by email to them. I did this and within minutes they were answered by providing reimbursement and the day after PayPal has confirmed that the refund comes as credit card bill next. What else does this store?

Although the store be located in Hong Kong, the product was shipped from Sweden, probably not worth sending the products manufactured in Europe to Hong Kong and then resend from there. It came in a box, declared this, including a ribbon around. Inside the box the product comes gift-wrapped too, in the middle there is enough Styrofoam ensuring their arrival in perfect condition. But the IRS Curitiba decided to tax anyway, and exactly 60% the value of the product (except freight), was already thinking up “our friend” Orlando had entered the site to see the price or something, but seeing the box I realized that the stated the correct value of the same, making life easier for the tax nor opened the box. I even doubt that reimburse 60% of the purchase price, after all, they would only 40% to pay costs and profit. I sent an email and within minutes came the reply that no problems would repay, and this was done, NTS paid and properly scanned was sent by e-mail, receipt confirmed again in a few minutes and already the next day came the email from PayPal confirming repayment.

Caixa da Strawberrynet, vinda da Suécia

Box StrawberryNET, Coming from Sweden

Declaração de conteúdo na caixa da Strawberrynet

Statement of the content in the box Strawberrynet

Carta da Strawberrynet dentro da caixa

Letter from StrawberryNET inside the box

I will not review the product StrawberryNET.comhere, primarily because it is not my thing to do reviews of perfumes and also because my purchases in that store should be fairly sporadic, probably only a year or less. But I can say that the product has all the features of the original and I have no reason to doubt its authenticity. The purchase was made in 13/04, posted at 14/04, arrived in Brazil em 21/04 and was available for pickup at the Post Office 02/05.

If you also want to shop in, I will not keep the tradition of placing “directly from Hong Kong” because as I said earlier, the box came from Sweden, but click the link and good shopping. 😉

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