Mother of octuplets in the U.S. reality show win

Eight Misbehavin

Eight Misbehavin

Washington, 1 jun (EFE) – Nadya Suleman, a Californian who em 26 January gave birth to octuplets, signed a contract with British producer Eyeworks to document in a reality show the lives of their children until they complete 18 years.

Source: UOL

As soon as I saw the news I remembered immediately This episode Simpsons, where Manjula gave birth to octuplets and a man named Larry Kidkill (Larry Kill Child in dubbing / subtitles) offers to put children in a nursery / creche, but in fact he owns the Springfield Zoo. Apu does not much like the idea but eventually accepts. Children become the star of a show called “Octopia”.

And it turned out that life imitated art in the worst way…

PS: I thought I had been the first to make the association, but soon after writing this post I decided to do a search and found this post Olhômetro, who also made the association with O Show de Truman (that I had not remembered) and still have the same opinion that I have about Jim Carrey.

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