jun 04 2009

DealExtreme: Hub USB 2.0 with 4 doors (Power Bar Style USB 2.0 4-Port Hub (1-Meter Cable))

The review today is the Hub USB 2.0 with 4 energy bar style doors with one meter cable (Power Bar Style USB 2.0 4-Port Hub (1-Meter Cable)), acquired on DealExtreme.

This is a hub that has no source of energy, therefore the total load on 4 doors added load is limited to the USB port to which it is connected. By default the port should provide 500mA, considering that the hub consumes 100mA 100mA would remain more, sufficient for devices that do not consume energy bus (Printers, etc.) and devices that consume little power (mouse, dongles bluetooth, pendrive, etc.). Devices which consume a lot of energy (External HDs, etc.) can not be linked to this type of hub and must be connected directly to the USB ports of the PC / Laptop or USB hubs with external power supply, because these provide 500mA per port.

In a few PCs with USB ports ideally a USB hub with external power supply. But there are several applications for hubs without power, here are some of them:

  • Use as USB extension on PCs without USB ports on the front of the case or which is inaccessible Desk Officer: for easy connection of USB sticks, card readers, etc. Of course it could only be used a USB extension, but the price of this hub may be even cheaper than the actual extension.
  • Use in laptops: can be inconvenient lugging a source along with the laptop, so light and small a hub without external power may be the ideal. Furthermore, the laptop can be used with beteria in places where there is no energy, and in this case a powered hub would not work or work without external power (some have that option) with the same limitations of non-fed).

The packaging is all in Chinese, therefore do not have much to talk about it, just let the photos. On the back of the package instructions for, Also in Chinese. The product itself seems good quality, the finish is not great, but it's good. It worked perfectly in my tests.

Hub USB 2.0 com 4 portas

Hub USB 2.0 with 4 doors

Embalagem do hub USB 2.0 com 4 portas

Packaging USB hub 2.0 with 4 doors

Instruções em chinês na embalagem do hub USB 2.0 de 4 portas

Instructions in Chinese box for USB hub 2.0 from 4 doors

The purchase was made on the day 12/05, sent on 14/05 and arrived in arrived 28/05, only two weeks, a time good enough. The package came without registration, and therefore no possibility of tracing, and stamp released by the IRS in Curitiba. A description of the content DealExtreme placed as “USB HUBS / SWITCHES” and the value declared 35 Hong Kong dollars (HKD), the equivalent of just under £ 9,00.

Pacote da DealExtreme com o hub USB, não registrado e não tributado

DealExtreme Pack with USB hub, unregistered and untaxed

If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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