DealExtreme: temporary solution to the problems of access

Several customers DealExtreme are facing problems trying to access the store site. The problem this time is not the DNS provider specific as happened in Brazil last, it is happening with clients from various countries. Apparently it's a problem on the site server (which lies in the U.S.) and are already working on it.

To work around the problem you can access the store with the protocol https, in other words, com a URL O protocolo https difere do http by encrypting the data and make secure sending sensitive information (logins, Passwords, card numbers) the network. Many sites automatically change to https when user will log requests or close. A DealExtreme does this automatically, therefore it is recommended to place the https URL to log on or close applications.

Remember back to the http após or problem to be solved, because https has a higher computational cost for the server and can cause overloads that all resolve to use it unnecessarily (to navigate pages, selling products and participate in the forums).

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Wes Barboza

Dica Vlw to Fabricio!!!


Well done, mlk! E Seu classy blog, congratulations!

PS: I was desperate means without the DX, hehe.


Fabricio Olá,

I would like your help. I will make a purchase on mobile DX and would you give me some tips to minimize the chance of being taxed, you have more experience with the staff there and probably know a way for them to issue Commercial Invoice with value below, and also inform the package low value.

I await your help.



Thank you for the response fabricio.

Really would've been looking through complicated.
You've done some shopping on FocalPrice?? mobile prices are better than the DX.
I'll have a better analyzed.


Complementing the above tip, Deal of the guys have another suggestion, é to use 8080

Website Maintenance Notice
we are upgrading our systems. During this process, please try visit

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. We are confident that we will be able to provide an improved service to you after this upgrade.

Best regards,
DX Team


dear, I have purchased a lot on this site and I can assure that the products are in most quality, since deliveries are delayed even by mail.. almost a month.. this same!! but with that security is higher…

Now I made a request for 170 dollars and come sent by EMS (plane) average 12 a 17 frete dollars (well worth it) they are only 7 days.. The first request came well… and behold it was a big box…

I'm risking a little more for sending by air, I'll do some more tests and post here…


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