DealExtreme: Batteries Sanyo Eneloop sent fake again

To recap the history of pilhas Sanyo Eneloop in DealExtreme:

Subsequently the price of card with four units fell, but the product was on back-order with ETA (estimated date of arrival) that were never fulfilled and always postponed, until one day the cells began to be sent, I decided to buy a card in 10/05, sent in 14/05, but when it arrived it came to disappointment, instead of a card with four original Sanyo Eneloop decided to send two of counterfeit tickets.

Pilhas Sanyo Eneloop falsificadas

Batteries Sanyo Eneloop fake

I will not be repeating here evidence of forgery because they have already been discussed previously and would just repeat everything. Even before the batteries reach users have started to complain in forums, Raindy appeared to explain to them that the supplier had changed the batteries without them noticing. It is regrettable that have made the same mistake again, but with thousands of products in the catalog is acceptable that the employee was not aware that rocked the previous problem. After sending ticket lost about a week until the attendant Ellen understand and admit the problem, as the first response to a new ticket arrives to take 3-4 days and take all the other response about 24 hours. Apparently they are trained to offer a discount or a credit when problems occur, and so they ask if the product works at least “Malema”. After explaining that counterfeit batteries chubby neither fit in most appliances are practically useless managed to send one GS Yuasa bracket Enitime (who have previously bought and did review aqui) no place delas, no additional cost, submission has already been done and I am waiting.

Although the initial stress, the loss of time with the tickets and the delay until you have functional batteries because of new shipping, ultimately the DealExtreme acted properly and replaced the batteries by GS Yuasa also seem very good and did not charge the price difference, since they are few cents more expensive. I believe that there would be no problem if he had also for a full refund. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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