DealExtreme sob DDoS attack

On Tuesday I put here a temporary solution to access problems in DealExtreme. It's been a few days and the situation has not yet been standardized. In a few moments it was possible to access via http and other even access via https worked.

The information we have the last few days is that it is a DDoS attack (Distributed Denial of Service, or Portuguese: attack distributed denial of service). This type of attack is extremely difficult to circumvent, because it is not only part of a machine that can be easily blocked, but many machines that can be distributed worldwide.

In order to coordinate a DDoS attack is necessary to have a network of infected machines (zombies), which is not difficult to obtain because the large amount of people who open suspicious emails, click on suspicious links, do not bother to install the latest security updates on their machines, etc. These infections can go months without their owners perceive them, but infected machines are always ready waiting for a command to attack any site, send spam, collect personal user data, etc.

Remember that this type of attack does not endanger users' data, shopping, credit cards, none of that. This type of attack is intended only congest the server attacked, causing him to receive a volume of requests far above normal, to which he must respond. This type of request has a low cost for those who are attacking, because many computers are used to attack and the request has low computational cost, moreover the computational cost and bandwidth used are not of those who are attacking, and therefore it does not have any prejudice. Across the server needs to handle this huge amount of requests that have a high computational cost to be answered. The difficulty is also differentiate a valid requisition, made by a person who is willing to enter the site, an invalid request made by one infected computer.

Oos officials DealExtreme continue working normally in sending requests, etc. and data remain safe for everyone on the server. It is also worth noting that even if the server is hacked, credit card data will not be accessed because they do not pass through servers DealExtreme, leaving only the servers of PayPal.

The DDoS attack is a type to which any person or organization is subject, there are ways to minimize its effects, but there is an effective way to cancel it or predict it. Big companies like Ebay, CNN, Yahoo and Amazon have suffered this type of attack and stayed off the air for at least several hours. As much as the servers are protected, the problem is the lack of protection for machines that are used for the attack and has nothing to do with the server.

A DealExtreme tem sede em Hong Kong, but your site is hosted in the U.S. with one of the best hosting companies, which certainly is doing what is possible to work around this situation. Find responsible for the attack is complicated, because the machines that are attacking are just “oranges”, responsible and can be well hidden coordinating the attack through some vulnerable machine in which it can erase the access logs and so hide your real IP address.

It remains then wait for the situation to normalize, remembering that deliveries will not be affected and that the temporary solution using the server https continues being valid.

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olá friends, DealExtreme now and tried to access is down.
Or bug is hitting!

Even https requests do not work! 🙁

someone is aware of something?


Experimente, ou . Here the 4 is operating.

José Carlos

Friends seem to have been disabled accounts, ai eu consegui entrar pelo chat e o atendente ativou minha conta de novo e ai passei a ter acesso a todo o site outra vez.
Utilizei este endereço:

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