DealExtreme: Romisen MXDL RC-Lanterna Create G2 (Romisen MXDL RC-G2 Cree Flashlight Black (1xAA))

The review today is the Romisen MXDL RC-Lanterna Create G2 (Romisen MXDL RC-G2 Cree Flashlight Black (1xAA)) acquired na DealExtreme. A Romisen is a Chinese company famous for manufacturing quality flashlights with a wide variety of models, accepting various types of batteries: AA, AAA, CR123 and 18650.

The Romisen RC-G2 is powered by a single AA battery, type of battery that is not the preferred means of personal flashlights because one AA battery provides only 1.5 V (or 1.2 V in the case of refillable), while CR123 and 18650 3.6 to 3.7 V supply. But the RC-G2 does ugly with only one AA, which still has the advantage of being easily found anywhere, besides having excellent models with high capacity rechargeable NiMH and low self-discharge.

The Romisen RC-G2 is much higher luminosity than all dynamo flashlights that I've shown here, including the three LEDs, which is by far the best in the category of dynamo flashlights. She has a metal body and measures just 10,5 cm length. The CREE LED emitter is the secret of high brightness, beyond the reflector which is also very good.

Lanterna Romisen RC-G2

Lanterna Romisen RC-G2

Lanterna Romisen RC-G2

Lanterna Romisen RC-G2

Luz da Romisen RC-G2

Luz from Romisen RC-G2

The accompanying emitter is also known as P2 and is relatively old, today there are more new issuers (Q5, etc.) with higher brightness, and many people buy flashlights as the RC-G2 mod to do, in other words, switch the transmitter by a more potent. And it can also count on DealExtreme Separate emitters which also sells. The reflector can be unscrewed leaving the transmitter on display (I owe a picture of it, forgot).

The switch on / off switch is on the bottom of the lantern, with the screw cap is placed where the stack AA. It is covered by a rubber orange and when pressed lightly lights now lights up, allowing only flashes it, send signals, etc. Pressing the button to the bottom hear a click and then torch stays lit until the button is pressed again until the end, disconnecting the. The button position is criticized by some users, since it can be cumbersome to achieve it depending on which way you hold the flashlight. Hold it with your thumb on the button is the best option to turn it on and off quickly. The lid has a rubber o-ring, but I do not know if it is waterproof, 'm not risking, então se alguém quiser fazer o teste informe nos comentários 😉

Switch de ligar/desligar da lanterna Romisen RC-G2

Switch the Ligar / desligar da lantern Romisen RC-G2

Caixa de papelão resistente da Romisen RC-G2

Sturdy cardboard box Romisen RC-G2

A wrist strap at the bottom can be used to prevent Romisen RC-G2 hands from slipping and falling down. O tube is relatively large, and even includes batteries Eneloop falsified that are thicker than normal (I finally found a use for that shit). Another advantage is that the sender keeps constant regardless of the brightness battery, in other words, the light will have the same intensity not important if the battery is new (or newly loaded in the case of rechargeable) or velha (at the end of the load). This advantage has the side effect of the opinion that the battery is dead suddenly, in other words, you do not have that time it will weaken to prepare to buy another (or reload), therefore it is recommended to always have a battery backup on hand.

On a I've talked previously purchased, but I repeat that the request was made in 20/05, sent em 22/05 and got em 10/06. The package came without registration with the description "CREE LIGHTS", and the value declared 33 HKD (Hong Kong dollars) that equals about 8 real. The package was released without taxation by the IRS.

Pacote da DealExtreme com a lanterna Romisen RC-G2, sem registro e não tributado

DealExtreme package with the flashlight Romisen RC-G2, unregistered and untaxed

If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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I made my first purchase in the DX days 18/06.(Memory Card Reader, EasyCap Video Capture USB keychain that plays music when you whistle) When you arrive if you want to do a review for you here in your blog post.
Big hug.

Hopefully not the recipe tarife…


just a curiosity,
as pronounced CREE??

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I bought one too, exelente Range … I bought a friend along binoculars, came broken but I know how to change or send back…


I really liked your blog, because of him I'm getting hooked on DX!
I already bought that flashlight and quite liked it.
By chance, you know how to upgrade the transmitter to P2 Q5?
When you get other products I can comment tb?

[…] uma purchasing Romisen MXDL RC Lanterna Create-G2 (Romisen MXDL RC-G2 Cree Flashlight Black (1xAA)) and use it I realized how much these Cree lights are more powerful than the common […]

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