DealExtreme: Optical Cable TOSLINK Digital Audio Premium 3 m extensão (Premium TOSLINK Digital Audio Optical Cable (3M-Length))

The review today is the Optical Cable TOSLINK Digital Audio Premium 3 m extensão (Premium TOSLINK Digital Audio Optical Cable (3M-Length)) acquired on DealExtreme. Actually two cables, the first order in 21/05 and sent in 25/05, and second order in 24/05 and sent in 29/05, both of which arrived in 10/06. The packets have different sizes despite being the same product, but both were released without taxation by the IRS in Curitiba.

The optical cable is long and good quality, has 3 m extensão, properly measured to confirm that the tape had not exaggerated the specification, but was correct. The plastic connector has a gold cover and the price also well below those prevailing in Brazil and even abroad. The connectors also has a protective plastic when not connected to. There is no indication of who the manufacturer, but both are working perfectly and I can say that was a good buy.

Cabo Óptico de Áudio Digital Toslink

Optical Cable Toslink Digital Audio

Cabo Óptico de Áudio Digital Toslink com 3 metros

Optical Cable with Toslink Digital Audio 3 meters

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Arrived 4 packages with DX logo and none were taxed.. How did you?

Daniel Belini

This cable is interesting to turn my Mac on the living room TV. It has optical input and output of the Mac is both optical and normal (classy born?hehehe)


I'm looking to buy, but I wonder if before the tips are coated in gold, such as the Sony?


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