Premium HDMI-HDMI Cable with Zinc Alloy 1,8 Metro extensão (HDMI-HDMI Premium Zinc Alloy Cable (1.8m Length))

The review today is the Premium HDMI-HDMI Cable with Zinc Alloy 1,8 Metro extensão (HDMI-HDMI Premium Zinc Alloy Cable (1.8m Length)) acquired on DealExtreme, on request 21/05, sent em 25/05 and got em 10/06. The package came without registration and was released without taxation by the IRS in Curitiba. The cable has really 1,8 Metro extension, gold connectors on both ends, with plastic cover to protect them when the cable is not being used. The cable is protected by a plastic cover (plastic twisted wires) appears to be quite resistant. Cables with equivalent quality usually cost much more expensive not only in Brazil but in the big stores abroad. There is no brand specified on the packaging or cable. After testing it was found the perfect functioning and confirm more so a good buy.

Cabo HDMI-HDMI Premium

Cabo HDMI-HDMI Premium

Conectores do cabo HDMI, banhados a ouro

HDMI connectors do out, gold plated

If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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[…] I leave just a warning: os jogos vendidos pela ShopTo são as versões européias (or even specific pro UK), thus in some cases (como o do Heavy Rain) no dubbing / subtitles in Portuguese, and other (como o do Pro Evolution Soccer 2010) you can only play online with people who also have the European version. Furthermore, remember that European games are PAL, while most Playstation 3 marketed in Brazil comes from the U.S. market and are NTSC. O Playstation 3 has no lock for regional games, you can play European games (region 2) no American consul (region 1) smooth. Only the color system may be a problem, who have the console connected to a HDTV by an HDMI cable probably will have no problem, since the HD resolutions (720p, 720i, 1080p, 1080i) are equal worldwide. But who uses default (480p, 480i), normally associated with flat-tube cable or composite, may have problems. If you have a Playstation 3, one HDTV, but not using HDMI cable is losing much, e recomendo fortemente adquirir um cabo HDMI na DealExtreme. […]

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