jun 30 2009

FocalPrice, first purchase: Bundled with 4 Kits for storing batteries (4 AA ou 4 AAA) (4AA/4AAA Battery Storage Case (4-Pack))

A FocalPrice has been known for some time as one of the main competitors DealExtreme, including having played the classic price war piggy-lantern, since both stores offer price match, after successive price decreases the DX just getting the better of lowering the price for pig 70 cents (subiu for 78 cents depois). Like DealExtreme, a FocalPrice also headquartered in Hong Kong, accepts payments via PayPal and offers free shipping worldwide. Furthermore, a FocalPrice has also made the feat of selling capes silicone iPod nano for just 1 cent (with free shipping), probably a strategy to attract new customers that could test the shop for a price close to zero.

I was always watching FocalPrice, but had not yet ventured no purchase, because the products I wanted was not there or cost more expensive. But recently I had the opportunity to make the first purchase, some more wanted cases for storing AA and AAA. While DealExtreme was charging 2,44 dollars for a package with 3 Cases, a FocalPrice was charging 2,81 dollars for a package with 4 Cases (pid 7051), in other words, um retail custo by estojo, so I opted for it. Today the price is even lower, only 2,49 dollars for the package with 4 Cases.

Estojos para pilhas AA e AAA da FocalPrice

Cases for AA and AAA FocalPrice

The purchase was made on the day 08/06, sent on 10/06 and arrived on 23/06. The packages FocalPrice whose value is less than the purchase 20 U.S. dollar has no record (code for tracking), and so that my package had no record. The package arrived with stamp released by the IRS in Curitiba. The sender comes as “FINEOU”, the description is as “Gift Electronics” and the declared value was $10, without specifying currency, if we consider this as a U.S. dollar value is much higher than the product actually costs, which is not good, but there were no problems.

Pacote da FocalPrice, liberado pela Receita Federal de Curitiba

Packet FocalPrice, released by the IRS in Curitiba

No verso do pacote, a declaração de conteúdo

On the back of the pack, the declaration of contents

Wait for the next review. If you also want to shop in FocalPrice, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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