DealExtreme: HDMI V1.3 M-M Premium Shielded with Gold, 5 meters long (Premium Gold Plated 1080p HDMI V1.3 M-M Shielded Connection Cable (5M-Length))

The review today is the HDMI V1.3 M-M Premium Shielded with Gold, 5 meters long (Premium Gold Plated 1080p HDMI V1.3 M-M Shielded Connection Cable (5M-Length)) acquired on DealExtreme. The cable has really 5 m extensão, will find something weird around here, and virtually impossible to find with reasonable values. The connectors are gold plated and comes with a small semi-transparent plastic cover to protect them when the cable is not being used. The cable is protected by a plastic cover (plastic twisted wires) appears to be quite resistant. Cables with equivalent quality usually cost much more expensive not only in Brazil but in the big stores abroad. There is no brand specified on the packaging or cable. The “shielded with gold” is on account of DealExtreme, I will not cut the cable to see if we really have in gold armor, but it seems that the quality is good regardless of the shielding material. The 1080p is expected of any HDMI cable obviously, since 720p to cables analog component video can achieve. As for the version 1.3 the standard HDMI, I do not understand much of it and point out the Wikipedia for those who want to know more about differences in versions.

Cabo HDMI v1.3 blindado com 5 metros de comprimento em sua embalagem

Cape shielded HDMI v1.3 com 5 meters long in its packaging

Cabo HDMI Premium v1.3 blindado com 5 metros

Premium HDMI v1.3 out armored com 5 meters

Plug do cabo HDMI, banhado a ouro

Plug do cabo HDMI, Gold Plated

Plug do cabo HDMI v1.3

Plug the HDMI cable v1.3

The request was made in made in 10/06, sent em 15/06, coming 25/06. I chose a package without registration (rastreamento number) not to draw the attention of IRS. As the product cost 14,99 U.S. dollar, if he wanted could have just put the drop-shipment of 1 cent and would already be in the minimum amount of 15 recebê dollars for the com-Registration, at the risk of being taxed, since the personal Curitiba walks not forgiving anything that comes with registration. The description of the package came as “AV EQUIPMENTS” and the declared value was 45 Hong Kong dollars (near 12 real), and despite relatively large package received the stamp “Released by the IRS in Curitiba”.

Pacote da DealExtreme, sem registro e sem tributação

Packet DealExtreme, without registration and without taxation

Wait for the next reviews. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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Dude what order the DX that took more to come?!!


Fabricio, I've read your reviews, and got some questions.

a) Where you set the time of purchase that the package would be unregistered (rastreamento number) ? What is the advantage “goddess forma” em relação ao Drop Shipment and Gift Service ?

b) Why not find interesting using the “Drop Shipment and Gift Service” (then it removes the packet DX), for products under $ 15 ? e acima ?



Fabricio takes me a question,

I have some paypal credit in dollars per respond to polls, Can I buy in the 1st dealextreme using this credit I have to after using and enjoying the credits on my card? Thank you in advance!

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