DealExtreme: RMA happened bem-Hitach 320GB External HD

This is the story of an RMA more successful in DealExtreme, coincidentally the only request a bit more expensive that I decided to do. The product is a SATA Hard Drive 320 GB, 2.5″ Genuine Hitachi in a drawer USB 2.0, model HTS543232L9A300 (2.5″ Genuine Hitachi 320GB SATA Hard Drive with External USB 2.0 Enclosure (HTS543232L9A300)).

HD Externo Hitachi 320GB USB 2.0

HD Externo Hitachi 320GB USB 2.0

The request was made in 12/05, sent em 14/05, arrived in Brazil in 21/05 and oddly enough the IRS has not taxed Curitiba, As can be seen from the table that shows the trace, note that the product was delivered to the destination address in 27/05 and he has not gone through Pinhais.

Data Local Situation
27/05/2009 16:01 CSD (Removed) Delivered
27/05/2009 10:53 CSD (Removed) Out for delivery
21/05/2009 18:19 BRAZIL – BRAZIL / XX Awarded
Received / Brazil

The stamp released by the IRS in Curitiba is in small package, be small, and bring the description “MEMORY CARDS / USB DRIVES” must have helped calm the thirst for taxes RF.

Pacote da DealExtreme, registrado, mas não tributado

Packet DealExtreme, registered, but not taxed

And out everything cute, the box shows that it is really the model that was requested. Note that the box is apparently the only case (drawer), and that somebody (Hitachi itself?) HDs puts these drawers of various sizes and glue the seal with the new model number, serial, etc. But so far so good.

Parte traseira da caixa da gaveta de HDs 2.5", com o HD Sata de 320GB pré-instalado

Back of the drawer box hard drives 2.5″, with 320GB Sata HD preinstalled

Within the HD pack in a plastic bag, Leather one cape (probably synthetic) and a USB cable that has a mini-USB plug on one end and two USB plugs on the other end. You need only to connect the main, having power inputs and data, therefore the consumption of DC is less than 500mA, What is the minimum that must support a USB port by default, but the extra plug can be used if the PC / laptop in question has some difficulty to provide all the energy needed through a single port.

Dentro da embalagem: o case com o HD, uma capinha de couro e o cabo USB

Inside the package: almost with the HD, one leather cape and the USB cable

And out everything in order to marry, with the mark registrations “HITACHI”, and another saying the HD inside it is also a Hitachi. Lateral Na in Saida mini-USB. Apparently there is no way to open the drawer without breaking it, in other words, is impossible to make any repairs or replace the internal HD.

Case com HD de 320GB Sata USB 2.0 Hitachi

Com Case 320GB Sata HD USB 2.0 Hitachi

Lateral do case com HD Hitachi 320GB

Lateral do case com HD Hitachi 320GB

But as the title of this article already indicates, There was an RMA, and so at this point the text readers probably expect that despite everything seemingly being well outside, in practice the deal did not work. And that's exactly what happened. When you plug the USB cable into a two-door or even Windows PC recognized that something had been connected, but detected that the device was in trouble. Inside the drawer no sign of life of HD, probably some bad contact or something prevented him from connecting, some beats on the side until he did wake up once or twice, supporting the argument that there was some bad internal contact. But, as previously CITEI, this case is impossible to open without breaking it, I tried removing covers oranges side, but without success, they are very flexible, threaten to quit, but something holds the inside and there was no way to remove them. Obviously also did the test on other computers to make sure it was actually the device that was having problems.

Faced with the impossibility of doing anything that brings to life the device, resolvi usar o Customer Service Express (CSE) of DealExtreme to ask for RMA. The problem is that the “express” care of DX is in name only, they promise a response 24-48 working hours, but in practice usually take 3-4 days. And it really took, and unfortunately the first responses of the attendants are almost automatic, ner “see if it has a solution in the forum”, etc. Fortunately the subsequent responses are less time consuming and take about 24 working hours. The attendant asked the sending of the product was done as cheaply as possible, Without Registration, just as letter with stamps. And I had a great job to explain to her twice (she seemed not read the history of the ticket before responding) that in Brazil the Post Office do not allow this type of strategy, only paper, CDs and DVDs can be sent so, and a product (as was the case) would have to be sent in the form “Take Cheap” that was cheaper, but would cost £ 38,00. The attendant came here to ask if the USPS had not (United States Postal Service) so I took the cheapest shipping, I think that there is no obvious way the postal service in the United States other countries other than the United States, but either way I explained it to her. No give 10/06, she finally authorized the deployment as Take Cheap (were nearly two weeks of exchanging information on ticket), and promptly dispatched the package and have already sent the vouchers, yes and now, to my surprise, I do not need to wait for the package to arrive Hong Kong, and it became available to me as store credit (store credit) not only the value of HD, but also 21 extra dollars that match what was spent on post to make the RMA.

I could choose to send a new HD, since it seems that was just bad luck, since other buyers received theirs working perfectly. But I figured that a second shipment may not have the same luck with the IRS and that in fact not only left the injury because the first packet was not taxed, after the DX return the value of the product and the return shipping, but not reimburse the tax. There is a procedure to guarantee use abroad and not pay tax again when the product back, but seems to have an unfortunate bureaucracy, besides having to rely on the good will store fulfill the paperwork they play, This can be very difficult. Furthermore, by then I was already marked with a trip to the United States and thought it was better to bring an external hard there, since the price difference was not so great, there I could test the HD before bringing it back, and rely on models up to 500GB of renowned brands such as Seagate and Western Digital. Analyzing all this I opted to bring a Seagate 500GB of there, Best Buy acquired na.

Regarding store credit, I ended up asking me to send a GPS Navigator 5.0″ LCD, 372 MHz CPU, Windows CE 5.0, Bluetooth, Tranmissor FM and 2GB SD Card with maps (5.0″ LCD 372MHz CPU Windows CE 5.0 Bluetooth + GPS Navigator w/FM Transmitter + 2GB Maps SD) that was a little more expensive than credit, but the DX was so cool that neither wanted the difference. This was sent, has arrived, foi tributado, and is working perfectly, but that story is for another review.

The package seems to have followed the RMA to Hong Kong, as can be seen by tracing the same, and probably arrived in DX, but had no confirmation of this, and anyway I could use store credit well before the product leaves Brazil, something that would hardly Brazilian stores, thanks to “Brazilian trickery” which unfortunately prevails here. And unfortunately it's a matter of time until some thug Brazilian coup decides to do an RMA for a box of pebbles to make money illicitly, since this Brazilian laws and protect all types of marginal. And that's why so many shops do not sell abroad to Brazil. But I hope I'm wrong and that this confidence that the DX has on your customers is never shaken.

Data Local Situation
16/06/2009 14:42 BRAZIL – BRAZIL / XX Routed
HONG KONG Em transit for
10/06/2009 22:48 CTE CAMPINAS – VALINHOS / SP Routed
Referred to GMEXP / SITC / SPM – SAO PAULO / SP
10/06/2009 17:52 CSD (Removed) Routed
10/06/2009 14:13 AC (Removed) Posted

Ah, and if it were possible to send without registration and there was not sufficient proof of a photo package ready (before being sent) as “receipt”. I took the photo package (below), but unfortunately could not do without sending record because, as I said, Here in Brazil this kind of transmission is restricted to paper, CDs e DVDs. Of course I could have lied about the content and probably there would be no problems, but I better avoid this kind of situation. For anyone who is doing RMAs abroad recommend downloading site postal form “CP72 – Airway Bill – AWB”, preenchê-lo, print 4 copies and already take for mail to save time, otherwise have to fill all the time and help stiffen the queues. The postal clerk was very happy I have done it, said I was the first to bring ready.

Pacote do RMA para a DealExtreme

RMA package for DealExtreme

Wait for the next reviews. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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Ali Saleh

Opa, eae Fabrício
tava to buy a HD that there, but I will withdraw from the purchase (:
is to do a review of how GPS works? to louco to buy
obrigado 🙂

Ali Saleh

Opa, earned.
Just a quick info, it detects where you're? Browser that uses ele ?
Vlws ^ ^


I bought this HD DX and I have nothing to complain about. Good… actually claim tax 60% daqui do Brazil. ahuehuah

But the HD is very good, just do not have the chance to catch a defective… =


no such luck ,I bought a compressor shaft and a plug adapter, DealExtreme is a pure frame, and I waited a 4 month to reach


when, vai delay mt this review gps ae ? ;p to going straight so to see if it comes out auhasha.. vlws ^ ^


Fabricio, I have to send an RMA to Deal, he asked to the outside of the package by the following:
TO: DealExtreme
RE: ORDER # ______
And his address, but I noticed that you did not put. I wonder if it is not necessary? Welcome!

Daniel M. Ivasse


I bought this HD there with them but also had problems just before. Despite being on the site as “Typically ships in 2 to 5 business days”, fiz to buy em 05/07/2009 and the request was until day 20/07 more or less like waiting supplier.

I contacted them to ask what was happening, afraid that would be a problem with the system. Unfortunately it was a problem with the same supplier, and waited some more. A few days later the status changed to “Packing”, however querying the request they sent just checked the other items that had asked, and the HD still remains “pending”.

I do not know if it's worth still waiting. My fear is that, when leaving there is income and taxed by the HD still not working, but it would be even cheaper if you take taxes.

Good, post here after what happened with HD.



Fabricio, I buy in Deal for some time as you, but I had 2 stolen goods here in Brazil and this has + from 3 months and so far the guys are winding Deal. My first complaint're over 1 month without response then so I had to open another complaint in another application that has nothing to do with stolen goods. The question is as follows, you've been through it? And now passed as solved?

Hugs and Thanks!


Thanks for the replies Fabricio. But you just complained to them and they reenviaram merchandise? And so fast?

Obs: The total stolen goods as a value of U.S. $ 220,00 Real.

It will be a great value for this huge delay?

Thank you!


Thanks for your response Fabricio, always good to have experience of other buyers. Well I'll keep trying, 've sent another “ticket”, let's see what the.
The worst of them are not to blame, but the post office every day worsens their work.
I'm really enjoying the Blog I've bought a few things there and if u want I can make a few comments that some products bought.

Thanks again!


Fabricio was in doubt now, you sent her as “gift”? Because the post office informed me that if not for this form must have NF. And you just put “To” and the address below? Because they asked for me to put
“To Deal Extreme”
I'm afraid of catching something at customs.

Thank you for your understanding!


I appreciate the clarification Fabrício. I'll mark it gift, since the value of the gift is secure $ 50,00 and is slightly below the value of products.
And leaving here Fabricio for his knowledge and all that, get my request of stolen goods happen, I am now awaiting the submission of the same, because the site is as “pedding”. 's Pretty sure they send the same, EJ lack Só send mesmo.

So grateful and more!
Obs: Soon I'll be doing my reviews…


great article!
searched the site and the post office did not find the form that you indicated.
could send the link ?

Daniel M. Ivasse

Hello everybody

As promised, I came here to post. Finally, after waiting for 1 months until the DealExtreme receives the product and the supplier of these other 20 days to get here in Brazil I am with my hands in HD.

Funny that the packaging is different and smaller than that shown in the picture. Perhaps this has helped not be stopped at customs, because it was not taxed. It really is a very neat, with its leather cover and a plastic prissy pretty cool.

Now, talking to other friends here recommended me to seek for HD's notebook 4.200 and external use cases, they can work with the energy of only 1 USB and does not need the trauma of transportation can be more reliable stop storing important data.

The goal now is to use enough and go testing to see how long the stand bixo. But I recommend buying, which further lowered the price a little more!



I caught the Form, DX address that passed me was that right there, but now… To fill in this form of postal, CEP / ZIP is this 255-226??
To a little doubt to fill it, if you can give me a little help
Thank you


I wonder if you also said the real value of the product or put the same amount that came in the package sent to you DX…


Thank you very much!


Fabricio Ola,
First I want to congratulate you, Hair site, very cool and useful to others, I read your review several times and used as the basis for an RMA for DX , Nau mistakes, and so far seems to be successful. Ja did the whole procedure contact, authorization and shipping the product, communication and service was super quiet note 10. They were to send another item and refund US10 poster.
However I received an email that did not mto well, sera that can help me on this? the text is: “We have arranged the new replacement 27990 for you already,and we can reimburse 30% of the defective item which is about $10,ok ?” or would this number 27990? Since ja appreciate your help mto this and the blog. vlw


Opa Fabricio thank you for your fast return, this and correct your information, a look at my original answer my request doubt, after all it is the same SKU :s. obrigadao.


always look this forum to have a half-measure that will ask all the deal ! VERY GOOD !

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