DealExtreme: GPS Navigator 5.0 "LCD, CPU 372 MHz, Windows CE 5.0, Bluetooth, FM transmitter and 2GB SD Card with maps (5.0″ LCD 372MHz CPU Windows CE 5.0 Bluetooth + GPS Navigator w/FM Transmitter + 2GB Maps SD)

It took, but which will turn out to be at least the first part of the review GPS Navigator 5.0 "LCD, 372 MHz CPU, Windows CE 5.0, Bluetooth, Tranmissor FM and 2GB SD Card with maps (5.0″ LCD 372MHz CPU Windows CE 5.0 Bluetooth + GPS Navigator w/FM Transmitter + 2GB Maps SD) acquired on DealExtreme.

Actually I would like to do a more complete review, with videos showing the operation of the GPS, as navigator on the streets and also the extra functions of media player, etc. But to do all that the review would taking enough, since they would need time and help to make videos, since it does not lead to filming and simultaneously. So I opted to do a first part with only text and some pictures and videos to let the next opportunity.

This GPS has a manufacturer defined and uses a generic box that serves a number of models DealExtreme, that differ primarily in screen size, and presence or absence of features like FM transmitter, video input, bluetooth, etc. I choose the model that was just 4 dollars more expensive than the amount I had as store credit due to returning a faulty hard drive, DX and not just the difference charging.

Caixa genérica do Navegador GPS

Cash generic GPS Navigator

The GPS navigator screen is concerned 5.0 inch 480 x 272 pixel resulução, CPU 372 MHz, vem com Windows CE 5.0 and has all the optional: bluetooth, FM transmitter and video input. Furthermore it comes with a 2GB SD card, containing the program and iGO maps of USA and Canada.

The Bluetooth allows the phone to function as a handsfree phone, make calls through it, probably has other functions as well, but not explored. The FM transmitter transmits all sounds (music, video, GPS instructions and whatever comes via bluetooth) to the sound system of the vehicle, simply choose the desired frequency (any frequency in the FM band can be used) and tune to the same frequency on the car stereo, taking care to leave some wire connected to serve as an antenna (the charger now serves).

A canvas tem 5.0 inches, 480 x 272 pixels e é touch-screen (touch), working both with fingers and with the accompanying stylus. The operating system is Microsoft Windows CE 5.0, originally in English, but several other languages ​​can be chosen, including Portuguese. I can not tell if these are really original Windows and if Microsoft licenses received by them, the case of non-branded product made in China, is the question, but we believe that everything is in order.

The CPU is Atlas-III 372 MHz, second DX. The device has 64MB of RAM, a rechargeable 900mAh lithium, which unfortunately does not last long and runs out in a short time if the device is used without being connected to a power source, in other words, to use it on foot or by bicycle is necessary to overcome this problem of battery, but the car just use it always powered up.

The GPS chip is SiRF-III, you can connect to 12 satellites at the same time in the DX and 20 according to Wikipedia, whatever the true number is more than enough to work perfectly, since these are only 28 Terra satellites orbiting not complete, being 4 Spare, and anywhere in the world only one of them will be in line of sight with the browser.

The browser comes with an SD card 2 GB containing the iGO software with maps of USA and Canada. Deleted the contents of it and replaced it with a newer version of iGO 8 with texts in Portuguese, voice synthesizer in Portuguese with (Gabriela TTS) and maps from all over Brazil, obtained in all Also I can not tell if the manufacturer has paid the license iGO, let alone the original license (caso there) entitles you to update to the latest version, The same applies to maps Brazil, but again, I believe in the good faith of the manufacturer, whoever he is. The slot accepts SD cards up to 8GB (possibly) indicating supporting SDHC, although only be included SD card. Other navigation software compatible with Windows CE can be installed without problem, please select one of the setup menus which is the executable path browser.

The browser also works as an MP3 and MP4 player, playing various audio and video formats, but I had no curiosity to test it yet, then it gets to the next part of the review. It also opens image files (Photos) and is an ebook reader, functions that also have not tested. According to DX formats are supported: WMV9, MPEG4, DivX 5.0, XVid, MPEG-2, WMV, ASF, AVI, MP4, JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, being the JPG with maximum resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels, which exclude the role of large-screen viewer pictures newly taken, except for VGA photo shooters out there. In the list of formats for mixed containers with codecs and a mess, then you can not guarantee much without testing, I owe tests true because I am not very interested in these extra functions.

O Windows CE suporta ActiveSync, some synchronization technology from Microsoft that I did not have the slightest interest in finding out what it is, but for the record I'm saying :), you will see the Windows Vista drivers download and install the first time you connect it to your PC.

Among the accessories are included 2GB SD card with iGO and maps of USA and Canada, the AC charger bivolt (100V ~ 240V AC), a headset with stereo 2.5mm plug, a USB cable, Car charger DC (12V ~ 24V DC), bracket to attach it to the car window (com suckers), stylus and a manual in very basic English.

Navegador GPS e seus acessórios

Navigator GPS and accessories

The interface is quite intuitive, with the various options in the start menu logo: navigation (enters the navigation program configured, By default iGO, but can be any other compatible with Windows CE), music, video, Photos, books, flash (it also displays flash files), bluetooth, games (he also has some games), tool, adjustments (settings) s GPS Info (showing connection information with satellites, latitude, longitude, altitude, schedule, etc) no need to access the browser.

Interface dos menus do Navegador GPS

Interface of Auto Navigation menus

Menu do navegador GPS

Menu do navegador GPS

In the phone side we have a mini-USB port which is where the chargers are connected (both the drive and the outlet), and the USB cable, which serves both to recharge it taking power as the USB bus to access the SD card data and the browser internal memory. Beside an output for headphones, an audio and video entry that did not get to test (comes not out), but it can also be purchased at DealExtreme and, reportedly, just plug a video source that the browser goes on to show the video input. Although the side have the SD card slot and a reset button, hidden and accessible with a toothpick or something, should be useful in case of crashes, but never needed to use it.

Lateral do aparelho com a porta USB, a saída de fone de ouvido, a entrada de áudio e vídeo e o slot de cartão SD

Side of the device to the USB port, the output of headphone, audio input and video and SD card slot

The stylus is retractable and is stuck on the back of the adapter that enables the browser to place the support that can be fastened to the car window via suction pads. On top of the browser's inscriptions: “GPS”, “Very Good” and “Very Powerful”, a self-promoting kind of weird.

Parte de cima do navegador e caneta stylus

Top of the browser and stylus

Now let's talk about the user experience is more important than in a GPS navigator: navigating. When the device he will search for satellites, even if you do not enter the program navigation, takes a few seconds until it can connect to at least 3 satellites which is the minimum so that he can identify a position. It is worth noting that it only be able to connect if you're in an open environment, within closed environments it is unsigned. Even in the car we recommend leaving it attached to the windshield or the dashboard, for if you decide to leave it on the passenger seat (for example) he probably will not find signal also.

Tela inicial do navegador GPS

Home screen of the GPS navigator

The software is relatively easy iGO, is not the most intuitive thing in the world but soon got use it without major problems. Having satellite connection he immediately identifies your location on the map. You can search for your destination by address or search for it on the map. The route can be traced more easily, shorter, faster, more economical, etc. You can also set it to recalculate the route if you miss or solve for any reason not to follow some instruction. The software also has a mini trip computer that marks the current speed, average speed, minimum, maxim, altitude atual, minimum, maxim, Total kilometers traveled, Total run time, running time and downtime, and various other information.

Mapa no iGO durante simulação de navegação

Map with iGO navigation during simulation

The maps have information to gas stations (identified peel respective flag: It, Shell, etc.), supermarkets, and many other points of interest. You can search for them or simply view the symbols on the map as it approaches them. The instructions are both visual (Through mushrooms, name of the next street, etc.) As sonoras, the voice synthesizer speaks Portuguese almost perfectly, and speaks not only the direction to be taken, but also street names, output that must be taken on a roundabout, warns in advance what the next maneuver, etc.

Not yet used it to go somewhere that he could not go without, in other words, tests were only. But he did well in most cases. However, some problems arose. The first I noticed was that downloaded a iGO which was already skins and customization options that let even more complete and beautiful, both with useful information when with cosmetic details such as the representation of a cart (make and model of your choice) instead of the traditional small arrow. The problem about this is that the software ends up being too heavy for only 64MB of RAM browser and then the voice starts to curl and the map begins to fade / appear details. I resolved this by placing the back software in the default skin and disabling unnecessary frills that are not part of the standard. With the default skin could leave the maximum levels of detail without any problem.

The GPS system we use has a margin of error 10 meters, iGO is smart enough to realize the error and you “pull” for the closest track, so that he will not be showing you walking on the sidewalk or building. It is also smart enough to know that on the streets / lanes parallel opposing hands, you'll probably be walking in hand and so will not get you walking the wrong way in the next lane, even if the GPS position indicates that. But in some extreme cases the error exceeds 10 meters, I do not know if the device for vagueness or imprecision in the map itself, and then you can come off the track (na estrada) or even on the wrong street (city). Fortunately I realized this problem only in short stretches of Highway Washington Luís and in some streets of a nearby town.

The maps are good, but still has some minor glitches, such as: a roundabout in my town that has undergone renovations last year is still on the map with its old model. And there are few issues more serious, I've seen two points of my city where the browser says to turn left into side streets so that I would be crossing the road in other places where it is forbidden, then it is highly recommended not to rely solely on GPS and watch the plates to see if conversions are actually allowed or if a hand has not changed direction.

The browser also measures the speed, she is always slightly lower than the speedometer marked by car, provalmente is the browser that is right, because the car speedometers are notorious for not being calibrated and always mark a speed just above the real. IGO warns you if you exceed the speed limit, the problem here is that the maximum speed that is registered in the maps are often wrong, in general is a speed just to highways entire, to another city, etc. no differences in certain parts. He also warns of registered radar, note that this is not radar detector (prohibited by law), but just a warning to radars that are pre-registered on the map. Here I noticed that there are several radars registered correctly, in the city and on highways, and are not only fixed speed cameras but also points where mobile cameras are usually placed. But I also noticed that some relatively old fixed speed cameras are not registered. IGO also calculates the estimated time of arrival, usually initially overestimated, because it assumes that you will all the time at full speed, ignoring crossings, lights, tolls, etc. but as you vai vai driving him perceiving reality and making a better estimate.

Time to turn off the GPS appears a question in some language unknown to, apparently failed translation, with a counter 20 seconds and orange and red buttons. I found that orange is sleeping while the red is off. Using sleep to RAM is not cleared, the browser back in the same state it was in when turned off, even back in the same position with the iGO map, etc. Furthermore, he finds the satellites faster as well “grant” than to be linked, and not lose the current time. The sleep mode consumes battery, but consumption is low enough that he can stay in this state for several days. They choose decouple, to be rewired the GPS needs to find the satellites and time again zeroed back, however it is not necessary to adjust it manually, to locate the satellite it takes the same time and have put in the time zone selected.

Regarding the package, was sent in 15/06, arrived in Brazil in 22/06, and after being taxed by Orlandão in Pinhais, followed to their destination became available for withdrawal 27/06. Value of the arbitrated in 90 U.S. dollar, with description “ELECTRONIC”. The Orlandão usually does not kick as high for products, then guess what must have caused this was the description that DealExtreme used in the package “GPS Gadgets”, highly compromising. With this tax was R $ 108,40, still well below the rate of 60% determined by the law of the Collor times that made sense at the time but now is totally unfair and absurd.

Data Local Situation
30/06/2009 14:22 AC [REMOVED] – [REMOVED]/SP Delivered
Recebido by [REMOVED]
27/06/2009 09:41 AC [REMOVED] – [REMOVED]/SP Waiting withdrawal
Address: [REMOVED]
26/06/2009 16:16 CTE CAMPINAS – VALINHOS / SP Routed
In transit to AC [REMOVED] – [REMOVED]/SP
22/06/2009 15:58 BRAZIL – BRAZIL / XX Awarded
Received / Brazil
Pacote da DealExtreme com o GPS, tributado em Curitiba

DealExtreme package with GPS, taxed in Curitiba

I conclude this first part of the review saying it was a great buy, especially considering that it takes approximately twice to buy the cheapest available GPS navigator in Brazil. I owe more photos and videos of the operation of the GPS navigator, and also review about the extra functions (music, videos, Photos, e-book, etc.). Aguarde a próxima parte para algum dia 🙂 e os próximos reviews. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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Vlw, já li tudo 😀
muito interesting, I really enjoyed.
can you tell me, you have to download maps or it comes with the maps ja?


this guy chasing you this orlando . SEPRE you this sense of taxao in comrpas aciam $50 , n'ao there any tips to be taxed


Fabricio. Very good your review! Really well worth the purchase.
Funny how I referred to the tax: “Orlandão” kkk
Continuous publishing always there reviews..


Sensational article as always!
Quick question: There's no way you ask the DX to suggest the description?
Congratulations and Hug Dr. Fabricio!



Buying below 15 dollars, you think we need to put the “gift” rate not to generate or it is not necessary?
A hug.


Excuse, I did not: You mean they stopped putting the “gift” for purchases below 15 dollars?

Buy the package and comes with the same DX logo? Shopping below 15 U.S. dollars are much guaranteed not to be taxed? Sorry so many questions. earned!


Beauty. Got it now. I read another review that you say that you think put unnecessary “gift” Bags below 15 dollars. I did mess, mal foi.



I would like to compliment the wonderful work.
Your blog is very good and very complete their reviews.
Thanks to them, I took heart from the Chinese to buy and see that I did not regret.

Thank you very much


I bought a GPS like the one you posted in review.
Sincerely, what you are finding the device?
Hair that li, the cost x benefit seemed quite attractive.
Let's look at q gives…I hope not to be taxed .. lol
Congratulations for the great job.



Li, your article and found it quite enlightening. But I have a doubt, which may be of most people. The time is used as the GPS? He showed some signs of defect? In their perception, it is durable? I ask because of his origin… made in CHINA… TKS


And radar detection system, working right? And your I-Go to where you downloaded the? Need to pay to use it? Tks

Wes Barboza

Very good Fabricio, to surrender to purchase a GPS w / beetle aki, só q os preços são ‘altosp/ os modelos em mercado, gostei mt desse produto.

Vou ver se compro um no proximo mes, tendo em vista que conheço pouco as cidades onde moro.



Parabens Fabricio, exelente review, pedi o meu essa semana.


Fabricio, vc sabe se esse GPS faz geotagging?


Ele tem como gravar a rota percorrida?
Seria útil no caso de tirar fotos numa viagem e depois ver no pc aonde a foto foi tirada de acordo com o horário.
Existe aparelho assim lá mesmo no dealextreme, mas ele só serve para isso e é quase o mesmo preço de um navegador.


Opa! Another reason I want to purchase a. Thanks for the information Fabricio.

Julio Cesar


Congratulations on review. Where can I download igo 8 free?

Rafael Silveira

Friend, congratulations on review.
I live in Rio de Janeiro and I'm tending to buy a GPS via dealextreme and my doubts, behold, I never bought this site, are:
– There is insurance for purchases over US90,00?
– there is a risk of the product not arrive?
I do not mind paying the import duty…the biggest problem in my view is to find the way of dishonest employees couriers “astray” International orders.
Thank you.


Entered a new GPS (sku.26367) that custa 177$ and what you bought costs 103.49$, the canvas is 7 tem and 400mhz.
Just that thought up the difference through high, you think of buying that compensates 177$? pq in the part that you said it crashes, until I found the best buy of 177$ which is more internal 128MB = D
Good, if u can tell your opinion, eu appreciate ^^

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