DealExtreme: Switch Audio / Composite Video and S-Video with 4 doors (4-Port Composite/S-Video AV Media Signal Switch Box)

The review today is a Switch Audio / Composite Video and S-Video with 4 doors (4-Port Composite/S-Video AV Media Signal Switch Box) acquired on DealExtreme. This device allows you to connect up 4 appliances (DVD, Videogame, Satellite TV, etc.) on a TV / VCR / etc. that has only one set of audio / video. The highlight of this device is that output and two inputs have S-Video connections, beyond traditional composite video connections and stereo audio (3 plugs RCA). While TVs have plenty of recent entries, TVs somewhat older generally have at most only a single component video input, a single S-Video and composite video some.

This chaveador is an outfit that I was looking for a good time here, in local stores was extremely complicated to explain to vendors what I was wanting, since they do not know what a switcher, switch, selector or whatever name you choose. And as far as local stores have available switcher is a yellowing of poor quality, only with composite video and stereo audio, equals ess da DealExtreme, whose only difference is be blue instead of yellow. A DealExtreme also have a Version with S-Video, but only a single S-Video, totally useless for my purposes. I also tried the online stores that sell over the internet with no success, I found only one similar device of Transcortec, but the price was so abusive that I could buy a TV for each machine and no longer need the switcher :). He had given up on finding this equipment in Brazil, I thought I'd build one or buy abroad as a model Dynex da esse or ess da Philips, that appear to have even better quality than the DX, besides having more ports S-Video, but are more expensive and could complicate passage through customs on my return to Brazil. And a few days before traveling this model appeared in DealExtreme, and so decided to buy it.

O device traz como modelo AV-109, apparently no manufacturer name, or if, is in Chinese and I could not understand. There are four inputs and one output, entries of which 1 and 2 have S-Video and composite video only other. The selection is made through a dial fairly soft, and a mechanical indicator mark which input is selected. The device needs no power for all connections are only mechanical. On the back of the pack is an example of use with a DVD player and three video games. Interestingly the scheme on the back does not show anything about the S-Video port. The device comes with one of those audio and video cable quality standards sufferable, with three RCA plugs at each end: composite video (yellow) and stereo audio (white and red).

The picture quality and sound seems to change on account of the switcher, I conclude that it was a good buy. The manufacturer owed just over S-Video ports, if he would be better S-Video inputs on all four instead of just two.

Chaveador de áudio e vídeo com S-Video na sua embalagem original

Switch audio and video to S-Video in its original packaging

Parte traseira da embalagem do chaveador de áudio e vídeo com S-Video

Back Packing switcher video and audio with S-Video

Chaveador de áudio e vídeo com S-Video e cabo RCA triplo que acompanha o produto

Switch audio and video to S-Video and RCA cable that came with the triple product

Conectores na parte traseira do chaveador de áudio e vídeo com S-Video

Connectors on the rear of the switcher video and audio with S-Video

Visão superior do chaveador de áudio e vídeo com S-Video

Top view of the switcher video and audio with S-Video

As a buy, on request 08/06, but only sent on 19/06, in other words, a DealExtreme gave a good wound and exceeded the time limit laid down what was typical in 2-5 days. The package eventually reached here on 08/07, exactly one month later. The description came as “AV EQUIPMENTS”, com declared value em 40 Hong Kong dollars (near 10 real), and without registration, by trying to purchase is valued at less than 15 USD. The package was not taxed.

Segundo pacote da DealExtreme com as pilhas GS Yuasa NiMH AAA (à direita) e pacote com chaveador (à esquerda)

Package with video and audio switcher (left)

Wait for the next review, which is a Portable Slim External Optical Drive USB 2.0 Combo Blu-Ray 2X + DVD /-RW 8X + CD-RW 8X (Slim Portable USB 2.0 2X Blu-Ray + 8X DVD /-RW + 8X CD-RW Combo External Optical Drive). If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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This is the same quality?
I already bought one of those blue, but not provided, less than 1 month of use has stopped working..


This blue must be greater gambiarra inside hehe.
What about the DX's Point, I have 11 here, but do not know how to use, used as the?


Fabricio, blz?
Help me on one thing? I ordered the day 12/07 and the products were in the order of the date stock. No give 16/07 I made another request and this has already been placed in the mail. I know it can occur in any order be dispatched before another previously done, but I'm finding it strange today (12/07) The first application is the status of “Waiting for Supplier”.

It's happened to you so long to take pro status change and posting them in the mail ? I searched the site some email direct from DX and a place to get in touch but found nothing.
Thank you.


Got it, acessei or CSE (Customer Service Express) ??
You have several options..

– Defective / broken,
– Technical / usage questions,

desculpa you alugar, you know which specific link? had already tried in – “EMS/DHL shipping and order inquiries ” but got no return from the DX.



Congratulations manufacture by more that!!! This guy is a fucking feladapluta pqp!!! I'm your fan May broder!


Really Luison, Fabricio's blog and his help are very good pro personnel purchase at DX. I've talked to several of the Skooterblog my friends access. The reviews are pretty good. E fabricio, I made a purchase at another site, I know you guys do not know ( if all goes well I would do a review in a few days when the product reaches… Surely will be taxed.. to .. to .. to.. wanna see the bite size, we see.. Hugs.


Sure, this blog is very good! I have pointed to several friends.


Heck, I wanted one of these switchers that was more complete and had input to headset, My TV has no input is very annoying watching TV in good sound.


What was the amount paid for the product( in real)?

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