DealExtreme: Portable Slim External Optical Drive USB 2.0 Combo Blu-Ray 2X + DVD /-RW 8X + CD-RW 8X (Slim Portable USB 2.0 2X Blu-Ray + 8X DVD /-RW + 8X CD-RW Combo External Optical Drive)

The review today is a Portable Slim External Optical Drive USB 2.0 Combo Blu-Ray 2X + DVD /-RW 8X + CD-RW 8X (Slim Portable USB 2.0 2X Blu-Ray + 8X DVD /-RW + 8X CD-RW Combo External Optical Drive) acquired on DealExtreme. This is an external drive that reads and writes CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD R, DVD RW discs and also read Blu-Ray (BD-ROM, BD-R, BD-RE). This differential to read Blu-ray makes it a cheap option to watch movies on blu-ray high definition (HD) no PC, the laptop or even on TV through a HTPC with HDMI or even VGA, it is enough to resolve 1920×1080 (Full-HD). Furthermore, This drive is also an option for those who already have a blu-ray player (como o Playstation 3) power backup your DVD movies to common media, while maintaining the high definition, with the help of software such as BD Rebuilder, backup using the AVCHD format which is accepted by most blu-ray players, thus saving the beloved original. Finally, he is also an option for mini-laptops that do not come with optical drive, it is a player / CD burner and DVD full, But to watch movies on blu-ray is necessary to make sure that the processor is powerful enough to decode audio and high definition video.

In the box there is no indication of who the manufacturer, but it is a slim drive MATSHITA BD-CMB UJ-120 OEM duly coupled in this case plastic. On the back of the box for the product code and serial number, beyond “Made in China” and a stamp with the logo of the Blu-ray. In the box we have the drive properly protected in a plastic bag and protected by cardboard, a bag of fabric to protect you on shipping, USB data cable, a USB cable only energy, AC adapter, instruction manual and a CD with drivers for Windows 98/SE (it is plug-and-play in most modern OSes: Windows 2000, XP, View, etc.).

Caixa do Drive Óptico Portátil Combo Blu-ray, DVD+/-RW e CD-RW

Box Portable Optical Drive Blu-ray Combo, DVD /-RW e CD-RW

Parte traseira da caixa do Drive Óptico Portátil Combo Blu-ray, DVD+/-RW e CD-RW

Rear Box Portable Optical Drive Blu-ray Combo, DVD /-RW e CD-RW

Drive Óptico Portátil Combo Blu-ray, DVD+/-RW e CD-RW, acompanhado de cabo USB, cabo de energia, adaptador AC, saquinho para transporte, manual de instruções e CD com driver para Windows 98

Laptop Optical Drive Blu-ray Combo, DVD /-RW e CD-RW, accompanied by USB cable, Power out, AC adapter, bag for transport, instruction manual and driver CD for Windows 98

Fonte e cabos do Drive Óptico Portátil Combo Blu-ray, DVD+/-RW e CD-RW

Source and wiring Portable Optical Drive Blu-ray Combo, DVD /-RW e CD-RW

On the front cover of the drive we have the traditional logos: “Compact Disc Rewritable Ultra Speed”, “DVD ReWritable”, “DVD-R/RW” and “Blu-ray Disc”, EJECT botão, LED to indicate operation and hole to force the opening of the drive power outage.

Drive Óptico Portátil Combo Blu-ray, DVD+/-RW e CD-RW

Laptop Optical Drive Blu-ray Combo, DVD /-RW e CD-RW

On the back there is a USB input and a power input. The drive can operate only with the USB cable, because it already provides power (500mA) to make it work, But to achieve the highest recording speeds is necessary to use an additional USB port to connect the included cable that has a USB plug on one end and a power plug in the other, thereby providing further drive to 500mA, 1A totaling. In the absence of an extra USB port (or if the drive is connected to an unpowered USB HUB) can be used with external power through the AC adapter included, he is bivolt (accept any voltage in the range 100-240V), has plug with round pins and provides output according to the specification 5V 1000mA. In my tests I recorded just one DVD RW and I read Blu-ray, and in these cases the energy of a single USB port was sufficient to reach a top speed, this information so that the extra power is needed to achieve higher recording speeds is due to the DealExtreme.

Parte traseira do Drive Óptico Portátil Combo Blu-ray, DVD+/-RW e CD-RW

Rear of Laptop Optical Drive Blu-ray Combo, DVD /-RW e CD-RW

Parte inferior do Drive Óptico Portátil Combo Blu-ray, DVD+/-RW e CD-RW

Bottom Laptop Optical Drive do Blu-ray Combo, DVD /-RW e CD-RW

Opening the drive tray is possible to observe two lenses, one yellow and one blue, What do the readings of media CD, DVD e Blu-Ray. Tem 8MB buffer, what is a good advantage since there are models that cost cutting in the buffer, leaving only with 2MB. The interface is USB 2.0, so that no bottleneck on the USB bus.

As duas lentes do Drive Óptico Portátil Combo Blu-ray, DVD+/-RW e CD-RW

The two lenses Laptop Optical Drive Blu-ray Combo, DVD /-RW e CD-RW

When connecting the drive to a USB port of your PC or laptop with Windows Vista recognition is immediate and there is no need to install any additional drivers. The drive is recognized as a “MATSHITA BD-CMB UJ-120 USB Device”, as expected. Among the hardware IDs listed in device manager appear:


Furthermore, the parent device is indicated as “USB VID_05E3&PID_07015&1a5396ad&0&1”. Apparently there is a USB device that is IDE-USB adapter of the case and a second device, connected to the first, is the drive installed on almost.

The SiSoft Sandra indicates the following information into the USB port where it is installed:

Root Hub: USB Port 1
Status : Device Connected
Device Connected to Port : USB Mass Storage Device
OEM Device Name : Genesys Logic USB 2.0 IDE Adapter
Device Version : 0.33
Device ID : VEN_05E3, DEV_0701, PRT_00
USB Version : 2.00
Speed : High (480Mbps)
Configuration Settings : 1
Open Pipes : 2
Transfer Type : Bulk
Data Packet Size : 64bytes

In tests left side through the functions of read / write CDs and DVDs since I have specific drives for it at a lower cost, just not worth getting “spending” the reader of the new drive with them, my goal was really to read Blu-ray and so focused on my tests it. Using my original Blu-ray movie “Marley & Me” (Marley e eu) I could watch it quietly using Cyberlink PowerDVD (either version 8 as for 9) on a micro-processor Core 2 Quad. Apparently there is free software that displays Blu-ray movies on Windows, then consider this additional cost. Laptop owners should also consider that older models may not have enough processing power and thus can playback suffer frameskip (skipped frames), but it has no relation with the drive that just does his part in reading, it is up to software decode the format and play it. I can not tell if the WinDVD (PowerDVD competitor) can be lighter accordingly, because I do not have to test. Enable the option that PowerDVD uses accelerated video card also helps reduce the load on the processor and works on both NVidia cards in desktops (not tested with ATI) as the accelerator onboard Intel present in several laptop models.

On Blu-ray the world was divided into 3 regions, The drive comes with no region selected so that the buyer can select any of them and change them for a limited number of times. The Blu-ray of my forehead and the United States, Therefore Region A, the same in Brazil. I did not need to select any region in the drive to watch the film (he remains without a selected region), I needed only PowerDVD set, but maybe it has to do with AnyDVD HD which is installed on my system.

The reading speed of 2X Blu-ray is not the fastest, but it is sufficient for watching videos. Do not have Blu-ray just to test data, but copying a 40GB Blu-ray to HD takes about 2 hours. I made a backup the movie using the AnyDVD to copy it to the hard drive by removing the encryption, the BD Rebuilder to recompress only the main movie to fit on a single layer DVD, maintaining and converting high definition audio from DTS 5.1 Master Lossless Dolby Digital 5.1, and the AVCHDPatcher, to modify the index file, so the Blu-ray player identifies it as an AVCHD disc. The resulting disc was recorded on a single-layer DVD and tested on a PlayStation 3, working perfectly, with superb full-HD 1080p image without noticeable loss in relation to the original, maintaining the original audio, Dubbed the, all subtitles and chapter divisions. Give way, This drive is also an excellent option for those who want to make backups of your beloved Blu-ray movies and so use only original copy, leaving the originals kept, specially useful for children (and adults alguns) handling discs without very careful, with the added bonus of going straight to the movie, without having to endure the immense lack of respect from the studios that force the poor guy who paid 25-30 dollars in an original movie to watch a dozen trailers and warnings before getting to the main menu. So to illustrate, on the “Marley & Me” the lack of respect was such that you can not get to the main menu, you need to skip all the trailers one by one and see all warnings and vignettes that is neither possible jump, losing several minutes just to get to watch the movie.

As a buy, was made on 28/06, posted at 30/06, arrived in Brazil in 06/07 falling in the damn customs supervision in Pinhais in Parana, whence came the day 15/07 (this time wrapped 9 Days for) and became available in the post office the day 17/07, where an employee was boring talking bad about me behind my back (I heard him muttering to phone) because I do not expect to get the warning before the call and ask to fetch value soon. No use to explain that mummy notice that rarely comes, and this time was no exception, once again the warning did not come and if not I keep an eye on tracking the package would surely returning to Hong Kong after a month. Under the postal tracking:

Data Local Situation
20/07/2009 13:16 AC [REMOVED] – [REMOVED]/SP Delivered
Recebido by [REMOVED]
17/07/2009 10:07 AC [REMOVED] – [REMOVED]/SP Waiting withdrawal
Address: [REMOVED]
16/07/2009 18:29 CTE CAMPINAS – VALINHOS / SP Routed
In transit to AC [REMOVED] – [REMOVED]/SP
In transit to supervisory / CUSTOMS / XX
06/07/2009 16:46 BRAZIL – BRAZIL / XX Awarded
Received / Brazil

The package was taxed by the IRS in Curitiba, found that the value of the property was 20 USD, tributável value of R $ 40,29 and with that the tax did not come out as expensive: em R $ 24,17 (60% two R 40,29). Moreover, out the rate that would be considered fair, close to the amounts charged in the first world at times when they charge import taxes, well away from abusive 60% defined in Brazilian law. They have not opened the package, that came described by DealExtreme as “HARDWARE PARTS” declared value and com 45 Hong Kong dollars. “Hardware Parts” is a vague description, but not wrong, soon there would be no excuse to send inspectors to auction, as said to be happening with some packages according to a report in The Fantastic (not watched, but many people watched and told me). Oddly enough it was not the Orlandão put the tax this time, but a citizen whose initials are A. T. M., the A and the T was that he omitted, M and I went. He described the well as “Parts and Accessories” that NTS.

Pacote da DealExtreme com o Drive Óptico Portátil Combo Blu-ray, DVD+/-RW e CD-RW, tributado em Curitiba

DealExtreme package with the Portable Optical Drive Blu-ray Combo, DVD /-RW e CD-RW, taxed in Curitiba

Wait for the next review. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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Hello, congratulations on site. I'm really enjoying these their “mini-reviews” and their experiences with shopping on dealextreme. I'm practicing to make my first purchase! earned!


dealextreme link in the value of the product and : $109.45 , therefore this wrong value that you put on the website , with the value of the amount of taxation $40 , or you asked pro personnel delaextreme to reduce the value


Hello, o review está otimo.
The reader of my laptop stopped working, then, a USB would be the solution.. What I heard is that USB does not really fast enough for recording and using.
But this AI, there are cables for connecting to socket, there will be no problems right?
Have a simple to recommend? Because here in Brazil the price is absurd for external readers.
Thanks, seu blog ^ ^ d e


Yeah, installing inside the note, is wrapped too, but I say, carries the idea of ​​it even, e útil.
Do not believe me blu-ray interest, since I believe that in the future there will be a higher speed, and among other things… But now, the price is good.
I took a look at those you sent, Achaeans and legal, what matters is the speed, because I need to format my laptop, and can take up more than usual.
The price is good, the price of blu-ray is the normal price here in Brazil.
Valeu 😉


One more question, sobre a FocalPrice.
When you bought, How long after they sent?


Hello, painted a doubt: keeps asking you the products with the “Drop Shipment and Gift Service”? I ask this cuz I always see the packaging with the symbol of dx. Ah, and if it is no longer asking, Any reason? earned!


Or Fabricio, I would like to ask what your EXPERIENCE with items purchased from DX without the tracking code. I just bought an item of $ 10 and forgot to ask “tracking”, and I've been reading some reviews of items that are taken without code by mailman.

I do not know that my question has no relation with your purchase(BR drive). Hence, I apologize.


Putz! That sack. My chances of not receiving my order then increased, since I live in São Paulo.

one more last question: If you remember, two packages that disappeared among those?
I'm trying to have any hope of getting my microSD after his post. =^B

And dear, thank you now, for sharing your EXPERIENCE, I have learned a lot by reading your blog.


Fabricio Olá,
first, I would like to congratulate the Blog, show de bola!!!
Also I wonder if you could give me a hand, since you have a great experience in shopping at DX.

I'm trying to buy a product by DX via PayPal, Check Out when I do get into the environment Paypal, then get the following message:
“Sorry, your payment won’t go through. To make it work, you’ll need to add money to your account and pay with your PayPal balance.”

Being that I confirmed my account, everything is OK, or payment of 1,95 validei already been done to my credit card, the status of the account appears Checked.
Ultimately…I do not know what to do with the buying Credit Card, but do not give me that option. You have to help me, please????

Thank you


Fabricio, Rechargeable battery that you bought, which indicates vc?

E between essas:
-Soshine AA 2500mAh
-Sanyo Eneloop 2000mAh 4 pcs (will be that this is the original version)?
-Enitime Gsyuasa 2000mAh

Sera that these are original Eneloops?


thank you.

About aquelas BTY 2500 mAh (ebay not ta U.S. $ 3,10)
They say they have a real 800 mAh, shall not buy offsets for use in low-power devices such as remote controls or devices that type instead of using batteries amarelinhas (use only) using this?


Olá fabricio, blz? I made a purchase of a product abroad will be taxed because the tracking status is “In transit to supervisory / CUSTOMS / XX”

Could you tell me something? Once the product is to mail the agency and the status change to the site “Waiting withdrawal”, how long it is available for me to make a withdrawal? Thanks a hug!

Diego Gomes

Hello. I'm new and wanted to take a aki doubt:
I already bought some trinkets in DX but were always little things (locksmith, bluetooth pra pc, these things) and wanted to confirm if the limit for purchases without fee is 50 dollars even and as is usually the tax levied on the product when it is above the rate limit??

Diego Gomes

Now the doubt because I had taken're interested me for a mp4 which costs 60 Doletas and was afraid to stop at inspection or do I need to pay more a little money for it. So I can say I am very lucky cuz now I got to buy a sunglasses with mp3, a globe-ray, a mouse and even a Wiiremote just to turn on the PC and was not charged anything beyond the value of DealExtreme.


He sort of there so taxarem 60% do federal , here in Santa Catarina had to pay 60% the federal more 18% upon the state the fees given what I paid in credit card, that foda. That passu Curitiba and spent a week there , asked ums things at FocalPrice 22 U.S. dollars believe that I will be taxed again , if it was 60% federal revenue tdo very calm the fuck was paying more 65 conto para o estado 🙁

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