DealExtreme: Package Hong Kong to Canada

I got in last Monday my first purchase in DealExtreme delivered in Canada. This is a card with 4 AA Rechargeable NiMH Batteries GS Yuasa Enitime Pre-Charged 2000mAh (Gsyuasa Enitime Pre-Charged 2000mAh 1.2V Rechargeable NiMH AA Batteries (4-Pack)), chosen to power a radio Etón Grundig Globe Traveler G3, acquired on The Source canadense online. Ironically batteries come there from Hong Kong arrived a day before the radio was in Toronto, thanks to a delivery problem of the carrier Purolator where I was, it turned out to be less responsive to the Canadian Belt.

The radio is powered by four AA batteries, or an external source which also serves to recharge the batteries, and thus the obvious choice would be rechargeable NiMH, preferably the LSD (Low self-discharge) since the radio must consume little power. The price of batteries in Canada is lower than in Brazil, but is lower than in DealExtreme, and so I decided to order there, even to be able to compare the time it takes to reach, to alfândega, etc.

Cells GS Yuasa Enitime has been preferred in my DealExtreme for quite some time, I will not be repeating myself about them because all information about the Enitime can be seen in reviews anteriores, and so I will speak only of the request. I could have opted for Sanyo Eneloop, but I was afraid to send counterfeit batteries again.

The application has a certain job, PayPal would not accept the shipment to another country that was not my country of registration, and so had to leave the country like Brazil. Fiz o check-out não-expresso, I had to send the information from the PayPal receipt for him to pass to appear in my account, the correct and complete address already there. And the winds that usually DX a few days to make shipping was very fast and the application appeared on my account as “Packaging”, then had to run to open a ticket and putting the correct address country like Canada. Fortunately the maneuver gave time, despite having a bit late sending. In the package you can see that there are two address labels, which shows that the package was already really ready when corrected pasting a new address label over. Downside to PayPal for its inflexibility that allowed this whole mess. Okay that is to prevent fraud, but this precludes any purchase being outside of Brazil or even sending products to people outside Brazil. Looking after I saw that the same should have tried to address the checkout Brazil, so that the application would appear in my account immediately and so now could send the request for change of address minutes after the request is made, avoiding delays and the risk of the package below for the complete address wrong.

The application was done on days 13/08 and shipped on the day 14/08, perhaps it would have been shipped the same day if not for the address correction. Why not register do not know exactly when he left Hong Kong or when he arrived in Canada, but I know he was in my hands the day 24/08, only 10 calendar days (or 6 days) after. This record speed compared to Brazilian standards certainly was provided by Customs and agility of Canadian mail. Nesse pedido utilizei or “Drop Shipment and Gift Service” I do not use for purchases in Brazil there because this strategy is useless (at least with the IRS Curitiba), but here I do not know how to best use customs found. Probably no need, Canadian customs tends not taxing small purchases from abroad.

Pacote da DealExtreme de Hong Kong para o Canadá

DealExtreme package from Hong Kong to Canada

The package of batteries GS Yuasa 2000mAh Enitime Pre-Carregadas changed, which gave me a fright initial thinking they could be faking it too, but the cells themselves remain the same, with the same smooth finish as usual, and therefore believe that remain unique. The charger showed no charge in any of them initially, but after about 1 hours the first battery was already fully charged, the others were ending at intervals of about 20 minutes between uma, so that the latter was fully charged after 2 hours. If the actual capacity of these batteries is 2000mAh, should take about 4 hours so that the load was complete in my charger (525mAx4), therefore presume that they already had load, as is expected from a stack of low self-discharge.

Pilhas AA GS Yuasa Enitime na nova embalagem

AA GS Yuasa Enitime the new packaging

Parte traseira da embalagem das pilhas GS Yuasa Enitime

Backside GS Yuasa Battery pack Enitime

Pilhas GS Yuasa, com a mesma aparência de antes apesar da embalagem diferente

GS Yuasa Pilhas, look the same as before despite the different packaging

Wait for the next review. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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Beleza or post! I thought I had stopped blogging. Fabricio, when a product is not in “Back Ordered” but lacks written “In Stock” , and is with the green symbol and writing “Typically ships in 2 to 5 business days”, means they do not have the product in stock? I'm looking to buy a battery for Sony camcorder (sku.20573) but never written “In Stock”. I'm afraid to order and they linger for a long time…. what do you think?


I bought these batteries and tb came this new packaging. I'm using the time, com a charge q vieram, q are unique so I think yes. abs


Fala Fabricio !!!

Face, that bom, a new post ! Tava odd delay .. we were worried .. rss

Great review as always. Congratulations

Rodrigo Ferreira

Hello, could you please tell me if you know of any discount coupon on new DX?

I remember I had posted the Bunny, but since that time never posted any other.



I'm interested in some products on dx, I searched on the net and some doubts still persist, I do not know if this is the channel for questions but I hope someone answer me…. We go the ehehhehe

1 ] Nau I HAVE CREDIT CARD international , therefore, buy credits via paypal, the question is as follows…
I'll get to make the purchase on dealextreme without having a verified account?!

2 ] I live in MG, in ipatinga, the chances of me being taxed are great? q I sao:

Super Mini Bluetooth 2.0 Adapter Dongle (Vista Compatible)

USB 54Mbps 802.11b/g WiFi LAN Adapter with Detachable Antenna

obs: give my products a 15 obamas and incluirei or “gift service”..

3 ] eu precise uns 4 usb adapters like this…would be more advantageous to request 4 in the same package ( same request), and increase the risk of revenue without taxing or see on a 20 Dollar and ask each 1 separate?

thank you.

Sergio Alves

I need batteries 20/25 or 20/16 Quantity to 100000pç
oval 3 volts, how do I get from China.
I have firm open to view and buy


Fabricio, since you have experience in DX, could take a doubt? I made an account there(DX points to receive the purchases and also to get organized) and everything is going right(purchases are arriving at the expected time and without any defect). Except that there is a slight nuisance: I receive after purchasing, lá fica ainda como status Shipped via Tracked Air Mail (for more than a month and a half). Will we one day it will go away for me not to be confused with the new purchases?

I thank.



Thanks for the reply Fabricio enlightening.

PS: Here in Fortaleza – EC today was not taxed by “Orlandão”. Hope continue assim.



Wave, Fabricio.

I'm living in Canada, where I'll be for another few months, and would like to purchase some products from DW; indeed, already bought them and now I have doubts about whether these products are barred, Taxed or other problem that arises. Can you tell me how this works and what the risks? But: idea has some reason, as in my case, leve o PayPal Express (the only one I can use to pay with my credit card) to stop me from doing new buy after three successful?


Wave, Fabricio.

(the previous email was wrong)
I'm living in Canada, where I'll be for another few months, and would like to purchase some products from DW; indeed, already bought them and now I have doubts about whether these products are barred, Taxed or other problem that arises. Can you tell me how this works and what the risks? But: idea has some reason, as in my case, leve o PayPal Express (the only one I can use to pay with my credit card) to stop me from doing new buy after three successful?


Wave, Manufacturing.

If possivel, I need some more information.

For a product to be posted as “present”, devo utilizar o “Drop Shipment and Gift Service”?

I made three requests and when I was informed about the "Drop Shipment and Gift Service" could cancel two of them, with the intent of the request refezar including service; applications now appear as “Pending Refund Authorization”. How this will work?

If the product is taxed, when and how will I have to pay / withdraw the product?

I thank you again for the help; such information not found elsewhere.


I always see their reviews on items purchased at DealExtreme but one question still bothers me:
What is the charger you use for your batteries?
How I choose my charger?
I am very interested in buying these batteries but my charger is a common charger Sony indication that the brand something like 360mA(AA)140mA x4(AAA)x4. Not to mention that he is not a quick charger.
I would like a statement by you!



Thanks for the tips and yes see what model your charger because I do not know if my problem is the batteries but they are discharging very fast even without use!
Really this charger from La Crosse to be sensational but the problem is finding a store that sells to Brazil.
I'll search with a contact of mine who lives in Japan there is something good on me boots and if it indicates any, I come back here to comment!


fabricio wave… I asked a question above… I did not understand when you said ” 3) Being in São Paulo I ask everything separately and without registration because my packages unregistered never been taxed.”

mean you would buy without the modality gift?!

I did not resist and ended up buying to test a usb bluetooth adapter for 2.46 and this always or gift… it is true that I will be taxed?

thanks again…


For Anderson:

Comprei they lacrosse, but the model 700, by ebay and they delivered here in BR. It's definitely the best I've seen q charger / used.


I'm here again, Fabricio.
I just received the statement of “Refound” PayPal purchases referring both to the DE, without, cleared before products are sent because there was not hired “Gift Service”. Now I have a doubt: these purchases no longer appear on the invoice from my credit card – allowing me to carry out new and often – or, indeed, and I have a balance in DE, ou no PayPal, to buy other products – and, hence, I apply this money in the next orders?
I need to know this, since recomprarei products and run the risk of paying twice for them.
Thanks for the help so far tuda.

Andre Chamberlaw´s

Good afternoon.
Comprei hair DX, and when I saw the crawler “transit for CTE em Curitiba / International Enc” fiquei sad…
I live in Sumaré, (next Campinas), and apparently will be taxed. The problem is the amount of tax, each fiscal places you want… Too bad it.

Paulo Bezerra

Hello, I wonder why so much buying batteries ? And apparently you this in Canada, it is ? I went last year and was 1 month in Vancouver and bought many things in Futureshop and NCIX, very good.

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