DealExtreme: Dingoo A-320 2.8″ LCD GBA emulator, Neo Geo, SNES, NES, Mega Drive, Master System, CPS-1, CPS-2, Mame, etc. 4GB Internos + slot SD

Time does not appear here, but the blog is not abandoned, just had not bought anything new in DealExtreme, whose reviews ended up becoming the main attraction of Skooter Blog, and I'm not having much time to post any other text. But today I decided to go back to talking about the arrival of my Dingoo A-320 2.8 LCD″ with GBA emulator, Neo Geo, SNES, NES, Mega Drive, Master System, CPS-1, CPS-2, Mame, etc. 4GB Internos + slot SD (Dingoo A-320 2.8″ LCD GBA/NGO/SNES/ NES/SFC/CPS1/2/ Emulator Game Console (4GB Built-in + Mini-SD)) acquired on DealExtreme.

For those who still do not know the Dingoo A-320, strongly recommend reading previous posts about it here on the Blog Skooter, bearing in mind that back and forth a lot has changed. The Dingoo now has the support of independent developers who have managed many feats, among them highlight the dual-boot and Linux for the Dingoo, the Dingux. From there began to emerge several games (adaptations like Doom and Duke Nukem and some unpublished), addition of new emulators that corrected many of the deficiencies of the instrument, plus support new consoles like Atari and Sega Master System, many arcades through emulators and MAME FinalBurn, and even the old LucasArts adventures of (lembra de Full Throttle e Day of the Tentacle?) by ScummVM emulator. For the native system also developed new emulators, as Game Boy, e Master of Colecovision System. Accompanying the Dingoo-Scene We can see that the news is daily.

Now on sale, are already 7 months since said the Dingoo here first, but after following the reviews and videos of the first buyers chose to wait, as some emulators were not good, especially the Mega Drive and Super Nintendo, two consoles I had in my childhood, indeed still have, and therefore are the ones who have the most interest among the original emulated system (Nintendinho never had nor pinball machine in my house, although I like them too). Also missing the Master System and Atari who were also part of my childhood, now no longer missing.

I decided to enjoy it while I'm in Canada to ask for the Dingoo DealExtreme. The advantages of buying it while on Canadian soil are basically two: 1) Can I use it on the long journey back to Brazil instead of relying on rough games of the airplane entertainment system, and a principal, 2) NON having to pay fees alfandegárias abusive Brazil, which are levied on virtually everything that comes from outside and passes by the IRS to Curitiba, it serves my area. Some people got lucky and managed to buy the Dingoo without paying tax in Brazil, but apparently none of them had their packages through Pinhais, Dingoo where none seems to emerge unscathed. Note that in Canada there is also the import tax for some products, besides focusing on the imported the same taxes levied on purchases here: o GST, imposed federal, e o PST ou HST, depending on the province. By law they can charge tax any product above 20 dollars if it is a purchase or 60 dollars for this, But in practice many packets pass without any taxation, and even if it happens to tax values ​​are not abusive and Brazil (60%), in the case of the province of Alberta (where I am) would only 5% de GST (HST has neither PST), plus import tax, it depends on the product, and in the case of portable gaming is zero. Yes, zero! There is also a rate 5 dollars to the mail as payment for the service of collecting the tax (Only in the case that has imposed). In other words, in the worst cases I would pay a tax of 5% e but 5 Canadians U.S. dollars, while in Brazil I would pay easily over 10 times that amount. And that's why Canada is one of the countries that levy taxes, so you can imagine the calamity that is the Brazilian taxes, with the difference that here the taxes are reinvested in health, safety and quality of life for the population, while in Brazil they go into the pockets of politicians and their cronies. But back to the Canadian tax, same packages over 20 U.S. dollars often go free because customs did not have time / staff to analyze everything and therefore they ignore packets with sampling and low-value product, and this was the case with my Dingoo :). Also contributes to the fact DealExtreme mark the package as gift and declare a low value, but if the package fall into the screening to be opened they may find that the declared value is not correct and arbitrate a higher value, but the reports of those who had the package open is that they usually accept the declared value even though low.

As a buy, was made in 08/09, more to DealExtreme winding a week just to send the same with the product as consisting “In Stock”, and so the shipping was only made 15/09. Reportedly the package left Hong Kong in 19/09, arriving at customs in Vancouver 22/09. A week later I was worried because the package still listed as being in the customs, but to my surprise he came here 28/09. Apparently it was clear customs quickly and without tax, and mail here already proceeded with the delivery, but never update the tracking information, in other words, Canada Post has this in common with the Brazilian Post, both bad track orders unexpressed. The expressed (and sometimes the common) usually have more attention here, including scanned signature of receiver available on the website along with the tracking. A DealExtreme declared the contents as “Pocket Games” and the value to be 40 Hong Kong dollars. Total transit time of only 14 calendar days and zero tax. Saudade do Brasil? One of those, Food and climate, because the rest…

Pacote da DealExtreme com o meu Dingoo A-320, chegando no Canadá sem imposto

DealExtreme package with my Dingoo A-320, arriving in Canada without tax

Rastreamento no Canada Post, ruinzinho igual o do Brasil

Tracing Canada Post, ruinzinho equal to that of Brazil

A common question for those who make the purchase a Dingoo A-320 is: “Why not a PSP?” And this common question becomes unavoidable when the country concerned is Canada, for here a PSP cost in the range of 170 Canadians U.S. dollars, which is still double the Dingoo, but less than half of what a PSP cost in Brazil legalized form. The PSP seemed rather interesting, with larger screen, integration with Playstation 3 and everything. But research by the forums show that the new firmware has no way of being unlocked to rotate homebrew, in other words, nothing emulation. That is the great evil of Sony, okay she wants to protect their interests and take measures to prevent piracy, but with this it ends up stopping by the table that any emulator work, maybe she also prefers well to force people to buy new games instead of emulating old games. And that's the great advantage of Dingoo, the manufacturer does not play against you, they do not help at all, do not release a new firmware fixing bugs and improving the emulators, but do not prevent independent developers fucem the will on the console and improve their functionality. Moreover, must have a big smile on his face because of that, since it only drives the Dingoo sales, and they live it, to sell the console and not games like Sony. Then get the unlocking of PSPs (older, since new or unlocks) batteries that depend on modified, game bugs that you do not have, etc. Add to this the Sony inconvenient habit of wanting to use only their proprietary formats (read: Memory Stick expensive rather than cheap SD) and the Dingoo becomes the best option for those looking to emulate older consoles on a laptop. For best option meant more cost / benefit, nothing to compare with portable 400+ U.S. dollar. Of course you will not miss the Sony fanboy to say that buying a used PSP with old firmware is better to buy a Dingoo, but with fanboy or use arguing.

Carimbos do Canada Post na parte traseira do envelope, e nada da alfândega

Canada Post stamps on the back of the envelope, and nothing customs

And now we finally talking about the Dingoo A-320, I'll write from now on should be seen as first impressions only, because at the time of writing I'm with him just 3 days and the work prevents me from giving much attention to him, until this post is being written slowly, and a review on a product so certainly need a lot more attention and time of use. So that's it: first impressions, up because it has many emulators, games and features that I have not yet used.

Caixa do Dingoo A-320

Caixa for Dingoo A-320

Opening the box found Dingoo preto (I chose it, DX also sells white version) carefully packed with manuals in Chinese and English, plus a few more brochures in Chinese do not know exactly what it is. He is also accompanied by headset, USB out, source and cable to connect the TV. I tested some of the first games that come with it, I saw the videos that also comes with it and tested the TV-out, everything running perfectly, not tested any other video, but I definitely want to see how films behave in the future it. In addition to games and videos do not have much interest in other functions, for music I have my phone already old man but it comes M4A (HE-AAC) and it is a lot of music on microSD, E-book? Read the screen is not very nice.

Manuais que acompanham o Dingoo A-320

Literature accompanying the Dingoo A-320

As I said earlier, the native emulators my biggest concern was the Super Nintendo and Mega Drive, I knew that the Mega Drive emulator was poorly, then separated some ROMs to test the Super Nintendo, and the result was unsatisfactory and also, as the games were with high frameskips, flaws in the sound and also the emulators do not control the right speed, so that the game is accelerating and slowing, horrible. Ultimately, there already noticed that it had been one of the first buyers of the Dingoo would have been very unhappy with the native system, but fortunately there Dingux and then left for his installation.

O Dingoo A-320 dentro da caixa

The Dingoo A-320 inside the box

The installation of dual-boot was quiet, or follow The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Installing Dingux and everything worked, I was even surprised that the drivers have worked perfectly in Windows 7 (32 bits). With the dual-boot installed caught the local do toddler, in its version 0.30. The place is like a distribution of Dingux, already comes with several emulators, games and a cute graphic menu to use them, since the keypad does not Dingoo. In other words, all ready for you only install. Obviously anyone who wants to can just download the basic Dingux, install only what you want and set your own menus, but I'd rather not have this job. The installation site should also be quiet, but for some reason the Dingoo not like the default format of my microSD card (with adapter for miniSD), despite being FAT32 as it requires, and it did not work Dingux. I racked my brain a bit and decided to format the card, and then worked all right, maybe the problem was something the size of the clusters, but I can not say anything.

Dingoo A-320 em funcionamento

Dingoo A-320 in operation

After installing Dingux decided to test the SNES9X and PicoDrive, Emulators SNES and Mega Drive respectively, and to my pleasant surprise both functioned well acceptably, with framerates above 30 fps in most games, etc. The games with some special chips not yet run, but that was expected. Also tested the Stella, Atari emulator and this also worked reasonably, although still need a more adapted interface to laptop and the sounds are not 100%. Also tested the ScummVM, emulator adventure games of Lucas Arts (and some other) and both the Full Throttle when the Day of the Tentacle worked perfectly. The only drawback it is on account of using the joystick as a mouse, here is lacks a touch screen. The Master System emulator SMSPlus was not very good, and also not found a way to maximize it to use the entire screen. I owe an opinion MAME, the FinalBurn and other emulators because I have not had time to test them.

Returning for the original system decided to test the Game Boy Advance emulator, and yes this worked very well. Never had a GBA, then never had much interest in emulate it, but in its collection of more than 1.000 games are classic Super Nintendo and even Mega Drive (Sega and Nintendo had been little friends) that are well worth it. Another positive point is that the GBA games were really made to run on the screen of a laptop, in other words, sprites are larger, etc. and is perfect in the Dingoo screen. The Super Nintendo games and Mega Drive, while not losing resolution in the 320 screen×240 for Dingoo, They were not really designed to be played in a 2.8 screen″ and sometimes it is difficult to see some little details. Of course, this is not a problem of Dingoo, made for gaming laptops have larger sprites since the time of the Game Gear in the Master System games were adapted to fit the smaller screen. The Master System games itself also ran in the Game Gear with an adapter, but then the sprites were small. The only drawback of the GBA, it is also not a problem Dingoo, is that Nintendo stupidly put only four buttons on the console (A, B, L and R), something totally illogical for a laptop would receive multiple game adaptations of the Super Nintendo futuralmente, many of whom used the buttons X and Y, and so while playing the GBA classic Super Nintendo in its versions for GBA have to live with the lack of buttons. Fortunately the Dingoo allows remap the L and R for X and Y, and so it becomes easier to play games like “Super Mario World” or “Zelda, a Link do the Past”, without going all the time to the L and R for functions that do not fit there. And in the end fighting games like Street Fighter end up being the most affected. But it is to talk about the Dingoo and not the GBA, some? Then we go to the next paragraph to complete these first impressions.

What I can say is that so far I am quite satisfied with the Dingoo, and this because we have not explored even half of what it offers. The emulators Dingux I tested outweigh loose versions of the original system and therefore it is highly recommended to install it, remember that you need a miniSD card (or microSD with adapter) for this. Despite emulators Dingux be better, it still has some drawbacks that can be resolved in future versions. One is that the audio / video output does not work in Dingux, in other words, you can not play on TV, for that only the original system even. And ironically the best emulator of the original system is to GBA, that because it is a laptop does not have a cool image on TV. Another problem of emulators in Dingux is the lack of standardization of interfaces, the emulators of the original system are bad, but at least all share a common interface, which makes it much easier for the player. In Dingux each has its interface and it gets a little complicated. The original menu system is superior to DThe in Dingux to return the item that was to get out of some program / emulator, which does not happen in DThe. Both however have the flaw of not allowing use the L and R buttons as a Page Up and Page Down to quickly find the desired ROM when has many in the same directory. The Dingux also still lacks an option to shutdown, is currently must restart it and return to the native system to turn off the Dingoo.

Before closing, I leave some links for those who just bought the Dingoo and is a little lost:

I'll stop here, I will do a more thorough review of the Dingoo future, more use of time and when time permits to write. If you want to buy your Dingoo A-320 "Black Edition" or Dingo A-320 “White Edition” Direct from Hong Kong in DealExtreme, click here and good shopping.

Update (12/05/2011): Included a short video of Dingoo A-320 2.8 LCD″ with GBA emulator, Neo Geo, SNES, NES, Mega Drive, Master System, CPS-1, CPS-2, Mame, etc. 4GB Internos + slot SD (Dingoo A-320 2.8″ LCD GBA/NGO/SNES/ NES/SFC/CPS1/2/ Emulator Game Console (4GB Built-in + Mini-SD)) operation:

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Your blog very good guy eh, but in this post soh lacked awareness of Brazilian Galley dingoo scene… Aeh disclose at least the community.


Fabricio, of a help to me.
I had already bought a few things in deal, but this time I bought the wireless xbox360 control with adapdator(the same as you did the review).
I did not have the registration in deal, then I made the purchase paid Peleo pay-pal day 23/09, but not yet received any email from deal, only the transaction ID, already sent email to them through the ID, I q tava asking the forum, but nothing yet… Q vc suggests ? this is normal ? I not remember the last time you bought.
congratulations to your posts, q think I already read almost all.



Opa Fabricio, I wonder if it's recommended to buy a product without the trace to run less risk of being taxed by RF. Thank you


BLZ fabricio, so one more question I live in SP u know if aki RF is very strict as the taxation of imported products …Thanks in advance.


And what if the product comes without trace I have to know if it has already been sent?


Great analysis Fabricio, as indeed all other. I made a purchase at FocalPrice and would like to make a review here on your website. How could? Big hug!

ps. The Dingoo is great even! In January I did not even know of the existence of DX and paid R $ 400,00 buy the Free Market. But it's worth. Hug!


Opa fabricio… if you buy products without trace at risk of being lost or stolen in the mail, there how would I know if the product n this more on the way?
Thank you, Parabens At otimo blog.


Someone with this delay problem?
Ebay bought a one pendrive 16 Gb (I paid $ 10.00 for auction). makes 3 weeks and have not received (usually I get in weeks)

Sera that will be taxed?



Opa fabricio , which site u recommend the deal xtreme the deal price?


desculpa focal price*


I'll efutuar purchase by international card Bradesco has a problem? Thank you.


Oi fabricio… I wrote a little above about doing a review of a purchase but you did not answer… I took the product packaging photos,like you do, etc.. If you want I can make you review and change the language if it is not in the standard Blog. I thought I could contribute.. but it's alright.. a hug

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Alguns reviews for Dingoo (I ask permission to add your)

and also a simple installation guide Dingux:



Ok, renomei as “review outerspace”, with credits to blog.
Thank you for your support.


I want to know if u have case for dingoo to sell 'cause I do not like to buy these English sites.


OLA. I just bought a dingoo, but I do not know anything about it, let alone how to download games and emulators that do not come into it, can anyone help me:
Thank you!


Cool, face. I thought I'd buy a Dingoo a while back but I saw a lot of people complaining of emulators. And unfortunately, I did not know about (or had not yet) do Dingux.

Now just picking up a phone and I'm not really into spending money again. Mainly because this little game can turn 250 real easy (what me weighs).

You will do some review with some videos of him working? I wanted to see running Chrono Trigger to be jealous… hehe. 🙂


Site brasileiro your Dingoo:

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