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DealExtreme: Case for Dingoo rubberized (Rubberized Case for NDS Lite (Black))

Once the DealExtreme dispatched the meu Dingoo A-320 here I've been in search of a case for it, after all it is not very convenient tranportá it in the box and he is too fragile to be transported without a cover. I ended up choosing a rubberized case which is actually for the Nintendo DS (Rubberized Case for NDS Lite (Black)), but turned out really well in my Dingoo. There is also a white version (or this cheaper) for those who may prefer. As my Dingoo is black I opted for black version. There is also a similar black version and cheaper, a pink version, a blue version, a sky blue version, a silver version and look good is likely to have other.

The case came in a package that shows the black models, blue, blue ice, red, white and pink. In front of the text “gamepouch” and some Chinese texts that can not identify. On the back a “user guide” showing how to put a Nintendo DS in the case, and obvious instructions that he should be kept away from heat and corrosive materials.

Embalagem do Case mostrando outras opções de cores

Case Packing showing other color options

Parte traseira da embalagem do case, com "instruções"

Back packing case, with “directions”

The metal plaque with the Nintendo DS logo is protected by a transparent adhesive, the front part has an interesting texture following the logo and the back part is smooth. Rubber is very hard, so that the Dingoo seems to be well protected in there. The case comes with two zippers so that it's easy to open it and close it. Also accompanying a wrist strap that can be placed in a small handle at the side.

O case ainda com o adesivo protegendo a placa metálica com o logotipo do Nintendo DS

The case also with the adhesive protecting the metal plate with the Nintendo DS logo

Parte inferior do case

Parte inferior do case

On the inside there is a rubber band at the bottom holding the Dingoo (or NDS). At the top there is a perforated fabric to pull cables. Between the two sides there is a division whose bottom is soft (not to harm the LCD Dingoo) and the top has two sections in which you can put memory cards or adapters.

O case aberto com todas as divisões

The open case with all divisions

In my case I chose to put the Dingoo at the bottom, with the headset in little space is left. In the middle put the first pocket a little box with a miniSD adapter for SD, with space also for the microSD adapter for miniSD, que esta or Dingoo, and a microSD card, which is also in Dingoo and an adapter. And the second pocket put a miniSD micro-reader for USB. And on top gives you to put the USB cable. I'm only missing the audio and video cable and the source, that does not fit. It's a shame that it is not for the source, but one case that fits the source would getting a little big and not give to take on the shorts or pants pocket as this.

O Dingoo dentro do case, juntamente com o fone de ouvido

O Dingoo dentro for Case, along with the headset

O Dingoo e seus acessórios dentro do case

The Dingoo and its accessories within the case

O case fechado com o Dingoo e seus acessórios dentro

The case closed with the Dingoo and its accessories within

Visão lateral do case com o Dingoo e seus acessórios dentro

Case the side view with the Dingoo and its accessories within

As a buy, was made in 16/09, posted at 22/09, without tracking number to be less than 15 U.S. dollar, and arrived in my hand today, 06/10, probably the mail delivered on 05 or on 02 (typically takes another day to reach the central deliveries to my university department). Anyway it's a time less traffic to two weeks, under 10 days, something never seen in my order in Brazil. Did not come tax, not least because a purchase of this amount is exempt from tax here in Canada (limit 20 Canadian dollars for shopping and 60 Canadian dollars for gifts). The content came declared “Nintendo DS Accesories” and the declared value was 29 Hong Kong dollars.

Pacote da DealExtreme com o case dentro, sem registro e sem tributação

DealExtreme package with the case inside, without registration and without taxation

I'll ending here and leaving my recommendation in this case to protect your Dingoo A-320. If you also want to buy direct from Hong Kong on DealExtreme, click here and good shopping.

Update (12/05/2011): Included a video showing Rubberized Case for Dingoo (Rubberized Case for NDS Lite (Black)):

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