Dealextreme: Generic Apple Earphones

Salve galera do SkooterBlog. Who writes this post is castrobhz, the newest collaborator with SkooterBlog reviews of products purchased at DealExtreme (and soon FocalPrice).
As Fabricio, also tend to make purchases in these stores that are a real success and I will report my experiences on overseas purchases.
I am already a blog reader for some time and found the DX right here. Fui lendo os reviews, I tried to learn how to make purchases abroad and use Paypal and one fine day I made my first purchase. Arrived everything right and I decided to buy again. So I never stopped.
Good, already introduced myself and we'll get down to business. I'll start talking about a purchase I made in July at DealExtreme. Were 4 um units generic headset for iPhone.

The application was done on days 16/07 and sent to the mail Honk Kong on 19/07. For failing to register (the purchase was below 15 U.S. dollar) I can not say when he left Hong Kong and when we arrived in Brazil. The package arrived for me in Belo Horizonte on 10/08.

I do not own the Iphone but I use this headset in my Dingoo. I kept a spare and I presented two family members with the remaining . I was surprised by the sound quality of this headset DX model that costs so little. But is a note: He did not work on my Nokia phone 5310, the handset fits but the phone did not recognize). In relation to taxation, the package was not taxed by the IRS.

So for now this is, I will stop here. Wait new reviews and if you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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Diego Henrique Minholi

I also bought these headphones. I opened one and compared it with fone original photos from apple (also open) I found on the internet. Here's the surprise… Are identical.

I also made the comparison with the original headset personally (without open in this case) and are identical.

To my view, the same Chinese producing little fists the Apple headset, make this. Is the same product.


Maysa de Castro

Jah I bought some trinkets for my Iphone and it was taxed at the post Office of BH. But still worth it. Another consignment was not taxed. Will understand….



Hugo Cardozo

Good Afternoon, Fabricio!
Look, want to buy in DealExtreme, more you think reliable pay right in their page with the card? Or better make an account on Paypal and buy it?
Thank you.


The DealExtreme only accepts PayPal as payment.

Hugo Cardozo

I saw that buy with the international card, and not by paypal!
Don't have a PayPal account?
Use your credit card or bank account (where available). Go on


As far as I know, the payment is by PayPal, I know of no other forms.
To have separate packages make separate applications.

Hugo Cardozo

I'm going to buy 12 items, you recommend split for packages to improve the chance in the recipe? How can I do this? do you have any e-mail to request this request?

Hugo Cardozo

Thank you! Fabricio!


Wanting to buy a gps vehicle crawled that sends your location via sms of gsm chip. The value is U $114,00. Sera that is best put as gift or not? If you do not place as gift, not coming declared the correct value and possibly will be calculated a more accurate value of tax?


I was taxed on a gps 80$, but the taxation right out and taxed by our friend Orlandão kkk
the recommended is that you put this gift and put something else, as a memory card reader or something.
Is the tip, Hangman shot me many times.


Whoa there have as you espicar your best tip = P? or get it to n buy a single item, always buy something along… Thank you


Hello friends, wanting to purchase some stuff on dealextreme, and I wanted to ask you how I add money to my Paypal account, I've added the card already confirmed, TD right more I'm not able to add money to the account, would someone could tell me, from already thank you


You do not need to add money to the account. Simply make the purchase and select to use the card you've added.

Mauro Martins

Castro, congratulations on being the newest contributor to the site!

And well, I bought this phone also. Externally, He is very similar to the iPhone. Same. I have the iPod and they are very similar. But, the quality, well … I didn't like. It's better than what came with the dingoes, for example, But even worse than the original iPod. This is my opinion.

Hug and continue doing reviews for the site !


good afternoon everyone, Fabricio or someone who knows, could help me, as I spend money from one account to another without money in the paypal account balance, more credit card inter and verified account, could someone help me, Since already thank you.


Hello me again, is there any advantage to have an special account? and charged some fees apply personal account and charged? Hugs


I need 10 of these headphones.. to present! ehhehehe = D
What is the strategy to buy without being taxed?
buy the 10 in msm package and ask about gift?
buy less per package and order the gift?
buy less per package and ask for the gift?

Thank you..

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