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Dealextreme: Generic Apple Earphones

Salve galera do SkooterBlog. Who writes this post is castrobhz, the newest collaborator with SkooterBlog reviews of products purchased at DealExtreme (and soon FocalPrice).
As Fabricio, also tend to make purchases in these stores that are a real success and I will report my experiences on overseas purchases.
I am already a blog reader for some time and found the DX right here. Fui lendo os reviews, I tried to learn how to make purchases abroad and use Paypal and one fine day I made my first purchase. Arrived everything right and I decided to buy again. So I never stopped.
Good, already introduced myself and we'll get down to business. I'll start talking about a purchase I made in July at DealExtreme. Were 4 um units generic headset for iPhone.

The application was done on days 16/07 and sent to the mail Honk Kong on 19/07. For failing to register (the purchase was below 15 U.S. dollar) I can not say when he left Hong Kong and when we arrived in Brazil. The package arrived for me in Belo Horizonte on 10/08.

I do not own the Iphone but I use this headset in my Dingoo. I kept a spare and I presented two family members with the remaining . I was surprised by the sound quality of this headset DX model that costs so little. But is a note: He did not work on my Nokia phone 5310, the handset fits but the phone did not recognize). In relation to taxation, the package was not taxed by the IRS.

So for now this is, I will stop here. Wait new reviews and if you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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