Now is the Dingoo A-320 at FocalPrice

For those who want to buy Dingoo A-320 and prefere to FocalPrice em vez da DealExtreme, Now the time has come. The Dingoo A-320 is now available in FocalPrice, By while only the white version. The price is $83,91 dollars with the traditional free shipping by registered Airmail, and you can use coupon for Thanksgiving to leave it for only $79,71 U.S. dollar.

If you want to buy your Dingoo A-320 in FocalPrice, click here, search by sku GT021W and good buy.

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Fabricio is true which should be launched a new version called Dingoo a330 ?? read about it on various sites and forums. do you think that is rumor or truth? abração


I really wanted to buy a Dingoo recently, but the chaotic situation there regarding shipping, in-stock-notices and so on kept me away from that.
I ordered from a seller called “au.electronics” on Ebay for 88,50 US$ incl. shipping, which may be a bit more expensive than DX, but the seller shipped it one day after I paid and ordered – well worth the additional US$, compared to DX, where you have to wait several wekks if you are unlucky.
Now I have to find a nice bag for the Dingoo and buy a big memory card. 🙂


Opa fabricio, I made a purchase at FocalPrice yesterday and today was sent with the tracking number, so q get track ela eu n hair hong kong post, I gotta wait a few days to enter the tracking system??
Thank you


I made this same question and I answered the focal :
Dear customer,

Sorry for the delay, the tracking NO will be show up on HK post within 3 business days.
Pls kindly wait for it!

Sincerely yours’

q vo have to wait xD


Opa fabricio, pq can tell me the site of focal es offline…


It was my browser qn was entering firefox,hair ie go… vlws…


as it does to come as gift? because I received a product and not as a gift was

thank you


gift theoretically serve to prevent rates, but I was taxed the same way.



Skooter vc was taxed by dingoo?? Or went right? is to declare less than the amount to help? How to request it to them?

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