nov 21 2009

DealExtreme now selling batteries for Dingoo

Since the launch of Dingoo A-320, many people were worried about the battery. What would your Dingoos in a few years when the batteries no longer function? Play with it just plugged in an outlet would not be very interesting. Some batteries in DealExtreme has the same voltage as the Dingoo A-320 and probably work, but now DealExtreme put in his two huge catalog Specific batteries for Dingoo, versions of 1700mAh and 2300mAh. The battery has 1700mAh Dingoo original version with his paw ago, and the 1800mAh version without it, so who wants to increase the battery life can also upgrade to the 2300mAh. If you also want to buy direct from Hong Kong on DealExtreme, click here and good shopping.

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