Teste de pilhas com o La Crosse Technology BC-9009 AlphaPower Battery Charge

La Crosse BC-9009 Alpha Power Battery Charger

La Crosse BC-9009 Alpha Power Battery Charger

Just bought a battery charger La Crosse Technology BC-9009 AlphaPower Battery Charger and decided to use the test function capacity in some of the cells that possess. The results that I am putting this article should be seen only as an informal test, without any order to compare different brands, also because the conditions for both tests would be the same, in other words, all cells with the same number of cycles, loaded with the same current, at the same temperature, etc. and this was not the case. In my test some batteries were new and had not yet reached its maximum capacity (which takes a few cycles) and others were already quite used, some were loaded at high current (1A) and others with low current (200mA), charged in some cold northern Canadian, other in the heat of the southeastern Brazilian, and so on. The tests were done with the TEST function of La Crosse, which consists in charging the battery to a maximum (a pre-discharge without), discharging it by measuring and then load them again. Note that the result you get is the ability download, what really matters, because what is lost in heat load em how, etc. will not be used by our equipment. The download is made with half the capacity, in other words, 100mA in charge with 200m and 500m in charges with 1A. These are the minimum and maximum values ​​of the charger, I did not use intermediaries.

The first test was done with 1A load cells because they were new and I wanted a quick answer, even to test the charger, and here are the results:

Sanyo Eneloop (Sanyo Eneloop Pre-Charged Rechargeable 1.2V 2000mAh Ni-MH AA Batteries (2-Pack)) COUNTERFEIT

Pilhas Sanyo Eneloop falsificadas

Batteries Sanyo Eneloop fake

These are the cells that DealExtreme sold as genuine a while, and after they were proven false returned the money of purchases or give store credit, the discretion of the buyer. I opted for the credit and they did not want the fake batteries back, even because freight not compensate, Then I found interesting test them, after all despite being fakes, manufactured by Sanyo were not and are not low self desacarga (LSD), it is still possible that they are at least NiMH common acceptable quality, manufactured by reputable company and modified by counterfeiters. And the result is:

Stack – Data – Load apresentada
1 – 09/10/2009 – 2.38Ah (1A Load)
2 – 25/10/2009 – 2.43Ah (1A Load)
3 – 17/11/2009 – 1331mAh (200mA load)
4 – 17/11/2009 – 2.30Ah (200mA load)

The result shows a certain variance. The first pile was being used in a Romisen MXDL RC-Lanterna Create G2 2.38Ah to load it proved to be a reasonable NiMH battery, obviously not LSD, eventually exceeds the rated capacity of LSD with greater capacity than we currently. The second was for a toothbrush Oral-B CrossAction Power, and also presented a high load (2.38Ah). The third and the fourth does not have use, were loaded using a smaller current (200mA) and while one showed a high load (2.30Ah), the other showed only 1.331mAh. It may be that using this ability increases, after all it has not been used, but alas we can understand that the falsification of quality control obviously does not exist.

AA Rechargeable NiMH Batteries GS Yuasa Enitime Pre-Charged 2000mAh (Gsyuasa Enitime Pre-Charged 2000mAh 1.2V Rechargeable NiMH AA Batteries (4-Pack))

Cartelas com 4 Pilhas NiMH GS Yuasa 2000mAh (Baixa Auto-Descarga)

GS Yuasa 2000mAh NiMH Pilhas (Low self-discharge)

These were also in adquriidas DealExtreme and are in use in a camera (Canon PowerShot SX10 IS), are two sets, See the results:

First Set – 18/10/2009
1 – 2.10Ah
2 – 2.06Ah
3 – 1.983Ah
4 – 2.06Ah

Second Set – 10/10/2009
5 – 2.05Ah
6 – 2.03Ah
7 – 1.986Ah
8 – 2.01Ah

In both cases, the charge was performed with 1A (quick charge), the result is very good, with all batteries around the nominal capacity of 2.0Ah, confirming that more in quesito hair load the GS Yuasa Enitime are excellent choices. The finish also is first, then only question is whether the durability and charge retention are also good, but so far I have nothing to complain about.

AAA NiMH rechargeable 750mAh, 1.2In, preloaded, GS Yuasa Enitime (Gsyuasa Enitime Pre-Charged 750mAh 1.2V Rechargeable NiMH AAA Batteries (4-Pack))

Terceira cartela de pilhas GS Yuasa NiMH AAA de baixa auto-descarga

Pilhas GS Yuasa AAA NiMH low self-discharge

Also coming from DealExtreme, this is the AAA version of GS Yuasa Enitime, has been used in a mouse Logitech VX-Nano, and are in their first cycles, See the results:

10/10/2009 – Com 1A Load
1 – 747mAh
2 – 726mAh
3 – 741mAh
4 – 748mAh

All is WELL saíram in charge with 1A, reaching values ​​close to its nominal capacity of 750mAh, just as they were in their first or second charge is possible to reach values ​​close to 800mAh (typical capacity) over a few cycles.

AA Rechargeable NiMH Batteries GS Yuasa Enitime Pre-Charged 2000mAh (Gsyuasa Enitime Pre-Charged 2000mAh 1.2V Rechargeable NiMH AA Batteries (4-Pack))

Pilhas AA GS Yuasa Enitime na nova embalagem

AA GS Yuasa Enitime the new packaging

Also coming from DealExtreme, another set of GS Yuasa AA, these to be used in a radio Etón Grundig Globe Traveler G3, and here are the results:

18/10/2009 – Com 1A Load
1 – 1354mAh
2 – 1313mAh
3 – 1341mAh
4 – 1439mAh

These results are a bit more worrisome, quite low compared to the nominal charge of 2Ah. But this was the first charge these batteries, then this may have influenced, since the other Enitime tested had some cycles. Furthermore they have not been discharged (da original factory load) before terem its full charge to download test. Anyway the yellow light stays on, if these batteries do not improve in the remaining cycles is possible that they are defective or counterfeit (the packaging differs from previous). The La Crosse Technology BC-9009 AlphaPower Battery Charger has a function renewal / conditioning (REFRESH function, not to be confused with the refresh of other chargers that only discharges the battery before charging it) the pilhas which is DOING cycles of loading and unloading to take them to maximum capacity, which can be used both in cells and in newly acquired batteries unused for a long time. But it is worth remembering that these refresh cycles will also be deducted from the maximum amount of cycles of battery life, so I just naturally prefer to do the conditioning through use and only recommend the conditioning charger with batteries in old well or for those who really need the battery to its maximum capacity.

Sony NiMH AA 2300mAh

These are already old, previously been used in the Canon cameras, through several cycles of their lives, began to be defective on my smart charger from Sony and had to be recharged in older chargers (and less demanding). Currently they are in a remote control car. E or result:

27/10/2009 – Com 200mA Load
1 – 1928mAh
2 – 1902mAh
3 – 1889mAh
4 – 2.01Ah

Because these cells were already old ladies and problematic opted for softer charge of only 200mA. The result is good for their age, lost about 400mAh maximum load with these life years, it is possible to recover part of it if they were reconditioned with REFRESH, but I chose not to do so to avoid losing cycles unnecessarily.

SonyNiMH AA 1700mAh

These are my first NiMH batteries, acquired em 2002, along with a digital camera that was also my first, a Sony Cybershot P51. These batteries have passed through many cycles of charge and discharge, are in 7 years of life and already have problems in intelligent charger Sony. Today they are used in remote control car (together with the 2300mAh). Os results:

29/10/2009 – Com 200mA Load
1 – 1524mAh
2 – 1456mAh
3 – 1498mAh
4 – 1473mAh

Charge these batteries also gentle, very good result for batteries as old, lost his only 200mAh capacity in 7 years. Maybe they could even recover some of that with reconditioning. Note 10 Sony for these cells.

Jumpsun AAA NiMH 300mAh

Two sets of NiMH batteries that came following a pair of radios Cobra microTALK CXT90, with capacity of 300mAh, which is little by today's standards in NiMH batteries. Here are the results of tests:

30/10/2009 – Com 200mA Load

Set 1
1 – 329mAh
2 – 371mAh
3 – 315mAh
4 – 317mAh

Set 2
1 – 348mAh
2 – 366mAh
3 – 332mAh
4 – 358mAh

All cells showed slightly above the nominal capacity, what is amazing, since most brands Chinese placed above the nominal values, sometimes prohibitively above. The Jumpson here has a capacity batteries that are not even half of the best batteries, moreover, do not come to the top half of the piles of low self-discharge, This is not the case it, but at least they are honest about values. These batteries should also be pretty cheap to be offered along with the more expensive radios from Cobra without them.

GP NiMH rechargeable battery 2050mAh Recyko (package 4) (GP ReCyko 2050mAh Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries (4-Pack))

Embalagem das pilhas GP Recyko+

Pilhas GP Recyko

These cells are also the DealExtreme and were purchased to feed a Remote Control Truck Model Subaru Rally WRC2006 (Subaru WRC2006 Remote Controlled R/C Rally Model Car). They have gone through a few cycles of loading and unloading and then the results will:

11/2009 – Com 200mA Load
R1 – 2.31Ah
R2 – 871mAh
C1 – 870mAh
C2 – 2.35Ah

Here R1 and R2 are the cells that are in remote and C1 and C2 cells that are in the car, in other words, the result was 2.31A 871mA and the batteries that are being used in remote and 870mA and 2.35A in cells that are being used in car. The dismal performance of two batteries plus the surreal performance of the other two, that is above par and also the most ever seen in LSD batteries (Low self-discharge), are strong evidence that these cells are false. I will not complain after a year of purchase, but be warned.

Sony AA 1750mAh

A pair of old batteries that ended up having little use, was the third pair of my old Sony Cybershot P-51 (rarely used) and after a Canon Powershot A510, but once you get rid of these cameras left for a model that uses 4 Batteries (Canon Powershot A-610), and then the two pairs of Sony AA 1700mAh (já cited) joined to form a quartet and Sony AA 2300 mAh (Also aforementioned) formed the second quartet. These Sony AA 1750mAh that came in a pack with only two ended up alone. After enough time stops behold the result:

12/11/2009 – Com 200mA Load
1 – 1473mAh
2 – 1538mAh

Result pretty razoável, average loss of 250mAh with respect to maximum capacity, given use, and time stops are, could also improve with REFRESH.

AA Rechargeable Ni-MH 2000 mAh Sanyo Eneloop (package 4)

These came from DealExtreme, my first Sanyo Eneloop, yes these original. Used in a Canon PowerShot A620, passaram alguns já by charge / discharge. Here are the results:

13/11/2009 – Com 200mA Load
1 – 1977mAh
2 – 1900mAh
3 – 1936mAh
4 – 1973mAh

Result slightly below the nominal 2000mAh, but still within the expected, perhaps they could improve with REFRESH.

Sony 2700mAh AA Rechargeable Ni-MH Originals

My earliest coming from batteries DealExtreme, also used in a Canon PowerShot A620, also going through a few cycles of charge / discharge, with the following results:

16/11/2009 – Com 200mA Load
1 – 2.41Ah
2 – 2.37Ah
3 – 2.51Ah
4 – 2.55Ah

Here we also have a score slightly below the nominal, could also improve with REFRESH, since these batteries are recharging for long periods without.

Pilha Panasonic AA NiCD 650mAh

This is old, quite velha, and still using cadmium in place of the current metal hydride batteries. I used the Panasonic NiCD batteries in my walkman around 1997. This stack certainly has passed the 10 years of life, most of his companions were discarded because they had already leaks. Do not expect much of it, but she managed to hold about 340mAh (half the nominal capacity). I decided it would be a good opportunity to test the REFRESH both said that so far, and then after a few cycles of charge / recharge the battery reached 385mAh, an interesting result.

And I ended the article here, like I said, this is not a comparative, but I hope that this information can be useful or at least can be seen as a curiosity. I still have not tested here some batteries, I'll do it in a second round.

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Hello, I follow the blog for some time. Keep up the great work.
I have a question, As you purchased this charger? How can I buy an equal? Any tips?
Thank you.


Vc recommends some available at DealExtreme?


Excellent product, is the kind of thing that should appear on deal extreme. Who knows this and a Kill a watt not listed there.
A hug my dear, continue to bring us news

[…] Teste de pilhas com o La Crosse Technology BC-9009 AlphaPower Battery Charge […]


I wanted to know, how much you paid for this charger?


Fabricio Ola!

Face! Already knew the DX but after reading your entire blog I was encouraged to do my shopping in the eastern territory!
I want to buy AA LSD… q the eneloop saw the coming few months were fake right, e q vc used as GS Yuasa muito…Q Do you think it's worth risking the eneloop after the episode of false or straight from the Yuasa q are guaranteed more?

Another question. Had a game of GS Yuasa AA q vc bought the Eton radio that 2 the 4 batteries had loads well below 2000mAh. You got to retake the test in these cells after a few cycles? they reached the 2000mAh or the suspicion was confirmed to be false tb??

Thank you! I will wait your reply to my request to close the DX!
Com or excellent blog Continue! and that I have to get my ctz tb orders will contribute to a review!

Hugs! Anderson


Olá hand, I am interested in buying a battery charger at DealExtreme and that you are more experienced in that area could direct me to some model?

I found this – http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.6194, Achaeans interesting, what do you think of him or a better model would indicate to me?


Fabricio Olá, explain each of the functions of this charger la crosse, I just bought a BC-700 which is actually just like your. OS com 200, 500, 700 load.

[…] Low self-discharge of batteries (low self-discharge, LSD), Initial voltages, measures with the La Crosse Technology BC-9009, were 1.24 V, 1,25In, 1,24V and 1.23 V for each of the cells, respectively. After a discharge […]


Fabricio Ola, I know this article is old but let it…
– I'm with Sanyo Eneloop batteries XX (current of 2500 mAh LSD)

And I am looking for a charger / good tester for use.

I saw in this article that you used the “La Crosse BC-9009” and I saw on Ebay they sell a La Crosse BC-700.. But nowhere I found about which of the two is more current/modern etc…

You get to test other chargers? do you recommend any good and I need??



Another doubt is:

Read the entire article on the various batteries and at various times you comment on “Cycles” and loads of 200mAh or 1Ah.

– The cycles would be each recharges? the stack can improve each new cycle, would that be or misunderstood??

– What better to recharge?? with low or high amperage amperage??

– To have a good use of the stack, best seeria “unload” the rest of the load the battery to charge it again? or you can put for charging straight for only the remainder of the cargo complementer lack?

I think that's the biggest doubts..

A big hug and congratulations for the article.

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