nov 25 2009

DealExtreme: Bird Drinker (Dippy Drinking Bird)

The “Bird Drinker” (English “Drinking Bird”, and also known in Brazil as “Thirsty Bird”) é um “toy” (with quotation marks because it is not exactly a toy and is not recommended even for children), that mimics a bird drinking water from a fountain or anywhere else. Since I saw or Bird Drinker in DealExtreme for the first time in August I knew I wanted a. Always been a fan of toys / equipment operating / move without using conventional energy (Electric, Batteries, Batteries, gasoline, etc.), which explains my purchases solar toys and dynamo lanternas.

O pássaro bebedor em funcionamento

The bird drinker in operation

The bird drinker basically consists of two glass bulbs connected by a tube, inside we have a substance called dichloromethane, that is usually colorless and therefore receives some dye to make the bird more interesting, laranja no original, more to DealExtreme also has birds in colors with dichloromethane: Green escuro, light green and blue. It has no air inside the tube, the empty space is filled with steam dichloromethane. In the upper bulb have the bird's beak covered with a porous material. The rest is just cosmetic: o chapéu azul, off green, etc. These are the classic colors, but who does not like it can opt for a chapéu verde, also available at DealExtreme. Somewhere along the tube (neck) is placed on a pivot that allows the tube to move on the legs of the bird.

The bird drinker is not a toy because it can be dangerous for small children. The early models had quite flammable substance. The newer using dichloromethane, that is nonflammable, but has the potential to irritate the skin, can cause genetic mutations in (DNA), can cause birth defects and is possibly carcinogenic, in other words, break it is not a good idea, so it's good to keep it out of reach of children and pets.

The operation of bird drinker employs principles of physics and chemistry, I will not go into those details here because that is not my forte, if you are interested you can find a detailed description of the operation Wikipedia (com nofollow, like they do with everyone) or no HowStuffWorks. The important thing is that the movement does not stop while there is enough liquid to wet the bird beak, because the operation is based on a temperature difference between the two bulbs. Even without water bird must keep moving while the head is wet, or heating the bottom somehow, some modifications include painting the bottom bulb black so it absorbs solar energy and transforms it into heat (yes, that story that black outfit gets hotter and it is better to use light clothing on hot days is true).

Pássaro bebedor no momento em que ele molha o bico na água

Bird drinker when it wets the nozzle in water

Though it appeared in DealExtreme only now the bird drinker is not a new toy, it was created in 1945 and patented in 1946 by Miles V. Sullivan, Bell Labs and was instant success. Has appeared in 3 Simpsons episodes (one more reason for you to have a :)), one in Homer uses it to work in your place, pressionando to tecla Y (Yes) the keyboard of your computer accepting all suggestions system of nuclear plant.

The box came in the standard bubble envelope DealExtreme and arrived quite wrinkled, inside the tube is wrapped in a plastic bubble, fortunately did not break in transport.

Caixa do pássaro bebedor (Drinking Bird)

Bird Box drinker (Drinking Bird)

On the side of the box we have the name “Drinking lucky bird”, or “Bird drinker luck”, do not understand why the Chinese are so fond of saying that their products bring luck. Also in the description box “Non-Flammable” (non-flammable) and a warning that this is not a toy and should not be used by children under 8 years, must be used under adult supervision, liquid can stain clothing and other surfaces. Do not swallow or allow eye contact. Not flammable, but keep away from open flames and other heat sources. And down the line that defines what is the grace of pet: “Once he / she starts drinking he / she will not stop”.

Lateral da caixa do pássaro bebedor

Side of the box bird drinker

In another lateral directions of how to assemble, which is very simple, the only key point is the position of the pivot in the neck of the bird, must be set correctly (fine-tuning is more trial and error even) so the bird does not stop. The height of the beaker is also important. It also says that the temperature is maintained at 25 º C, but here it is functioning normally with the current 32 º C.

A outra lateral da caixa do pássaro bebedor

The other side of the box bird drinker

The application in DealExtreme, was made in 16/10/2009, sent em 24/10, arrived in 24/11, one month later, well detonated an envelope, Without Registration, and strangely without the stamp released by the IRS in Curitiba, but without tax. Note aí que a DealExtreme no shipping walks quite slow, and it took exactly one month pro product reach, as has no trace do not know whose fault it was, but it's probably the IRS or mail Brazilian. Did not meet the description of the content (go blank) and the declared value was $30 Hong Kong dollars, which equates to just under £ 7,00, the real value of the product, including freight.

Pacote da DealExtreme com o Pássaro Bebedor

DealExtreme package with Bird Drinker

But I think there is no better way to illustrate the operation of the Bird drinker than a video, so here it goes:

[YouTube width =”490″ height=”390″] = zTgRU7qSmAs[/YouTube]

Here E shut. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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