DealExtreme: Bracelet Genuine Wii Remote Control (Genuine Wii Remote Control Wrist Strap)

The bracelet of the Wii remote is an essential accessory for anyone who does not want to risk breaking your television with a control escaping. A DealExtreme provides a bracelet for genuine Wii remote By only $1.47 U.S. dollar, with shipping included to anywhere in the world.

I do not have a Wii, and therefore can not tell if the bracelet is really unique, I leave the pictures for you to decide. And before that comes the obvious question: “If you do not have Wii, why bought this bracelet?” had explico: what I really wanted was a bracelet for my Powerball, acquired na NCIX in Canada for less than one-sixth of value that is paid on a in Brazil. A Powerball originally comes without the strap, but she has the strength it takes care not to let it slip and fall, never happened, but many people have ruined their Powerballs so.

Pulseira original do Wii, dentro do pacotinho da DealExtreme

Bracelet original Wii, within the packet DealExtreme

Pulseira original do Wii

Bracelet original Wii

I then went to manufacturer's official website Search peels original bracelet, and there she was at precinho comrade $1,80 USD. Excellent! The first problem is that it would allow time to receive it in Canada, would have to send to Brazil, so far so good. The bigger problem is that when selecting Brazil as the country of destination can not close the purchase and are redirected to the site of the Brazilian representative, where everything costs more absurdly expensive (four to five times in my case), thanks to Lula and his taxes and the lack of competition, as the exclusive representative is. To make matters worse they do not have the bracelet on Brazilian site.

I then decided to send an e-mail to the manufacturer, but as there was no response received 2 days decided to buy a Wii Strap in DealExtreme, apparently would also serve in Powerball, would not look good, since the original black strap, the Wii is still white and has the logo, or more important was run. But, to my surprise, few days after the manufacturer replied saying he could not even sell me the bracelet because the contract with the national representative, but that an exception would open and send me one for free. I provided my address and even before the Wii came bracelet (thanks to the slowness DealExtreme) a packet arrived from Ireland (without registration and without tax, RELEASED-stamped by the IRS in Curitiba), vindo from RPM Sports Ltd., the sides of the Powerball with two wristbands Unique, with the website address Note 10 for eles. And the ball is really good, but it is a review for another time. With this all the bracelet for genuine Wii remote nor just being used, está aqui guardada caso algum dia alguém queira me dar um Wii de presente 🙂

The application in DealExtreme, was made in 21/10/2009, sent em 27/10, and got em 18/11. Package not registered and stamped by the IRS in Curitiba as RELEASED.

Pacote da DealExtreme com a pulseira de Wii, sem registro e sem tributação

DealExtreme package with the Wii strap, without registration and without taxation

And I'll stop here. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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