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Who accompanies Skooter Blog already know that DealExtreme is much cheaper and different, but when it comes to Chinese products a lot of people worry about the durability, the reviews here are usually made shortly after purchase and so people are in doubt whether the product is still functioning, super cool gadget if that still has the same grace after a few months, etc.

This article comes to solve these doubts, here are listed 62 products purchased in DealExtreme and their respective destinations, in descending chronological order. I left out the Batteries, because they already had their own exclusive article and products purchased for this. Nor have products here and were repeated for another occasion the batteries are not rechargeable and 9V batteries.

Then follows a list, it shall state the date of the original review, the name of the product and the target.

  1. 25/11/2009 – Passáro Sedento (Dippy Drinking Bird): many people say they do not pay more attention to it after awhile, in my case it's too early to say, still find it interesting to stare at him and always full of water mug for him not to get thirsty. 🙂
  2. 25/11/2009 – Bracelet Genuine Remote Control for Wii: I still do not have a Wii, so she keeps inside the drawer useless. 🙂
  3. 07/10/2009 – Rubberized Case for Dingoo: still in perfect condition and safely storing my esteemed Dingoo A-320.
  4. 01/10/2009 – Dingoo A-320: my faithful traveling companion, I played and finished Quackshot Mega Drive between Edmonton, Toronto and São Paulo, is better every day, with new emulators and updates, highly recommended, not change it for any other portable (includes DS and PSP this).
  5. 23/07/2009 – Portable External Drive Combo Blu-Ray Burner and DVD /-RW and CD-RW: traveled to Canada but I do not see any blu-ray movie, mas já fiz algumas cópias de segurança de blu-ray com ele e o BD Rebuilder e consegui gravá-las em mídia DVD-5 no formato AVCHD, keeping menus, extras, all in high definition and oddly enough without noticeable loss, all compatible with Playstation 3 and some other blu-ray players.
  6. 20/07/2009 – Switch Audio / Video Composite and SVideo with 4 doors: tired of searching and not found in Brazil, and the DX solved. Working perfectly, Sky toggling between a PC and a TV that only has an S-Video input.
  7. 14/07/2009 – GPS Navigator with 5.0 LCD″ s CPU 372MHz: no need to talk about how a GPS can be useful, continuous running iGO 8 with maps of Brazil all, only the additional functions (video player, etc.) I so far have not been interested in using.
  8. 01/07/2009 – HDMI v1.3 cable shielded with gold 5 meters: a change in layout made the previous cable lower adquirodo also served in DX, and so it is waiting for a future use, certainly there since the future (present?) is high definition and HDMI.
  9. 26/06/2009 – Cable HDMI v1.3 zinc alloy with 1,8 metro: connecting a Playstation 3 as perfectly, for a fraction of the price and cheaper Brazilian until prices U.S., where the console was purchased. Running 100%.
  10. 24/06/2009 – Digital Audio Optical Cable with TOSLINK 3 meters: conectando decoder da Sky e Playstation 3 ao home theater, also perfectly and flawlessly, by price also lower than the U.S. and much lower than the Brazilian. I know that HDMI also carries audio but the home theater is old and has no HDMI inputs.
  11. 13/06/2009 – Lanterna Romisen MXLD RC-G2 Cree: flashlight that runs on a single AA battery but very strong for those accustomed to cheap flashlight with filament light / bulb. Traveled with me to Canada, cleared the blackout of Lula, highly recommended. Running 100% also.
  12. 04/06/2009 – Hub USB 2.0 with 4 doors: this also traveled to Canada and was very useful to connect two pendrives (one of ReadyBoost and a data), Dingoo and external HD case (self-powered) a laptop that had only three USB, two of them already occupied (mouse receiver and self-powered external hard drive without). Working perfectly.
  13. 28/05/2009 – Controle de XBox 360 wireless receiver for PC: certainly one of the best controls for playing, I do not have XBox 360, but I like this control, for who has the game should be even better maintain consistency between PC and videogame, besides being able to take the controls in both. The receiver supports up 4 controls. Running 100%.
  14. 26/05/2009 – Converter AA battery for C: did not work on my machine Ferrorama because of non-standard format, I did not find another use today, adapters that come with the La Crosse Technology BC-9009 AlphaPower Battery Charger are much better.
  15. 25/05/2009 – Converter one or two AA batteries for D: served as a test of an old radio that used batteries D, its role and is working.
  16. 15/05/2009 – Porquinhos Lantern: work perfectly until today. Mine are stored because I use another flashlight keychain, My girlfriend carries one of these in the bag and has been useful in several situations.
  17. 12/05/2009 – LodeStar solder paste: I used the solder paste in some welds that had to do and the result was very good, certainly buy another when it's over.
  18. 07/05/2009 – Exoo webcam with microphone and speaker: was very useful for several months to see my family and girlfriend while I was in the United States and Canada, died a couple of days before retiring, because I was with a Microsoft VX-6000 bought in Canada that would replace it. Will was jealousy?
  19. 22/04/2009 – Remote Control for PC: continues to fulfill its role perfectly on the PC that is playing the role of Media Center.
  20. 21/04/2009 – Dynamo Flashlight with Pig 2 LEDs: anything that did not last and soon broke the plastic mechanical parts, cells not yet ended then it functions, but part of the dynamo guess there is salvation.
  21. 11/04/2009 – Dongle Wi-Fi 802.11b/g 54Mbps: this was pro old PC that is playing the game and Media Center (Super Nintendo Emulator, Mega Drive, Master System, Atari, etc. Rodando numa CRT TV), since I do not want to be going out the house, has fulfilled its role perfectly and even the problem of magnets become loose I fixed.
  22. 11/04/2009 – Pilhas Estojo for AA: extremely useful for storing batteries without headache abut poles, etc. Serves both as batteries that are stopped for storing the second set of cameras and the like that go along with you. My buddy who criticized this saying that buying cell is inside also always ended up buying. I 6 these, the link is pros 3 last.
  23. 10/04/2009 – Bundled with 10 Keychain Flashlight: extremely useful, are small, easy to carry and you can put one on each locksmith to have them always with you (considering you always leave with a key to your house or your car, some?), I put in my keys and they are always breaking a twig when needed. One even traveled with me to equip my keyring Canadian. Dropped a royal? His girlfriend lost her earring? The blackout of Lula caught you off guard? O chaveirinho resolve 🙂
  24. 10/04/2009 – Dongle Bluetooth: with a friendly price to put on that gives PC, at the printer, wherever you want and leave everything with bluetooth, not perfect, but they are all running today. Are 3 these, link there is one last pro.
  25. 01/04/2009 – Caneta Stylus 4 in 1: stylus, ballpoint, laser and lanterna. I bought more for laser, I have nothing to use and have good stylus pens and flashlights. You are always with me and also traveled the continent, being used in a lecture at USP, Article Submission to Congress in Atlanta – Georgia – U.S. and seminar group in Edmonton – Alberta – Canada. Do not let me down on any occasion, recommend.
  26. 28/03/2009 – Dynamo Lanterna com 2 LEDs: despite the problems cited in the article is here to break a twig, running.
  27. 27/03/2009 – With microfiber cleaning cloths: I always forget them, need to get them out of the drawer and make them more visible pro day to day.
  28. 23/03/2009 – Power converter plug for flat round: very useful both in the U.S. and Canada where outlets only accept flat plugs and my cell phone charger and some other sources have round plugs. Construction mouth half, but it worked and beauty is full.
  29. 19/03/2009 – Dynamo Lanterna com 2 LEDs: the first of these dropped the ring of cord, which in turn went back inside the body of the flashlight and try to rescue her I broke everything. This time I'm being more careful and has completed her birthday 8 months, also traveled with me and bore the brunt of staying all the time in the backpack with other bagulhos that traced its well casing, more continuous ela 100%.
  30. 18/03/2009 – Webcam com 6 LEDs: works, but because it is against bad it hurts since I bought the Exoo (that quebrou) and was replaced by the Microsoft VX-6000.
  31. 05/03/2009 – Card Reader SD / SDHC / MMC / TF Pisen: this has worked perfectly for downloading pictures from the camera and read / write to the microSD Dingoo (Using adapter com), já go completar 9 months and hopefully continue running assim, since he replaced one of another brand that lasted little.
  32. 26/02/2009 – Transmitter and Receiver Kit Audio Video Wireless 2.4GHz: used almost daily, one of the most useful purchases I've ever made, with steel wool on the tip to not get so much interference and carefully position found. Power consumption of both the transmitter and receiver of less than 1W (brand 0 no Kill-A-Watt)
  33. 13/02/2009 – Digital Repellent Pernilongos: to this day do not know if this stuff really works, as the season is coming mosquitoes think I'll end up finding.
  34. 02/02/2009 – Acrylate Glue Two Components 302: this is also in the list of the most useful things ever bought, saved my pedalboard, a sucker port, the wi-fi dongle I have quoted and a number of other things. Be two components is advantageous with respect to Superglue because it gives you more time to work, not glue the cap itself or clogs after the first use and the result is similar to plastic and sturdy. When done buy more too.
  35. 22/01/2009 – Card Reader Siyoteam: this not only reads and writes, RMA it and was replaced by Pisen and yes this lasts until today.
  36. 20/01/2009 – Controle de XBox 360 Wired: This is the wired version, I bought it for use on PC (I do not have XBox 360), and then ended up buying the wireless version. Both running today. This even traveled with me and poured some emulators to play with my favorite games.
  37. 14/01/2009 – Conversor USB para joystick de Playstation no PC: quem tem Playstation 1 or 2 no need to buy another PC control pro, and even those who do not have best deal buying an adapter and a control of these original Playstation instead of clones bums that do not last anything. This adapter is the Dilong and has driver for Windows 64 bits, and supports vibration, something rare in this type of accessory. Beauty Works on Windows 7 also.
  38. 14/01/2009 – Security lock for PC / laptops: only fault is to be too short, the rest works as it should.
  39. 30/12/2008 – Mouse Dedo: the first is defective, but the second one is perfect until today, useful on the PC that's how Media Center, when you do not want to use the remote control can use this mouse that needs a table and it does not bother to use a little, pity that the wire is not too long (would be better if it was wireless). For daily use, and replace standard mouse does not turn, is useful only in special situations.
  40. 08/12/2008 – Hi-Fi Dynamic Microphone for PC: already has almost a year of use on my PC and my microphone is “official”. Already made a strange dick dumb and generate only noise, solved with some tapas, has to be some bad contact in the switch or internal.
  41. 25/11/2008 – Cola de Cyanoacrylate: suffers from the same problem of Superglue, Glue the cap itself, his finger, and see everything in front, tem less what you necklace. If you like Super Bonder beauty, this is more, if not dispense likes.
  42. 20/10/2008 – Remote Control Truck Subaru WRC2006: fun toy for the idle hours, continues being valid on pain and continues 100%.
  43. 07/10/2008 – Cartridges Mach 3 by Gillette: keep shaving them, when it's over I'll see if the price continues worth it to buy more.
  44. 06/10/2008 – Fita de Corretiva 6 meters Guitar format: there is not much to say, is a correction tape and this is its usefulness, I write little, bit error, little use, but would buy again.
  45. 01/10/2008 – Card Reader SD / SDHC USB 2.0: first card reader, nice but lasted almost nothing, Siyoteam replaced by only reading and not recorded which in turn was substituted by up until today Pisen.
  46. 29/09/2008 – Couple Keychain with Magnet: mine is in my kit, has traveled extensively and is full, or by Clau (my girlfriend) bag is na dela, as vezes eles se encontram e seguram as mãos 🙂 Funcionando 100%.
  47. 25/09/2008 – Boca Bagpipe Victory: continues perfeita, I just need to learn to play, traveled with me too, but little touched, 'm less worse even with stringed instruments.
  48. 24/09/2008 – Anti-Static Pulseira: use whenever I move the micro, highly recommended.
  49. 09/09/2008 – Intelligent Carregador 4 Canais BTY: despite having acquired excellent La Crosse Technology BC-9009 AlphaPower Battery Charger, this is still my main charger for 9V batteries, since La Crosse is just for AA and AAA. Running 100%.
  50. 08/09/2008 – Universal Remote Control 10 appliances: remains the remote control stereo connected to my PC (whose original remote died). Running 100%.
  51. 26/08/2008 – Clock / Thermometer / Hygrometer: the first came with defect, I did RMA and the second came out perfect, DX as I get left with broken I ended up fixing it (weld was poorly made), both are used and consulted daily, also one of the best buys.
  52. 03/06/2008 – Compass: accompanied me to Canada and helped a lot in the early days to get used to the place and find things.
  53. 03/06/2008 – Chain Plant Bamboo: are here after more than a year still inside their jars, a not very healthy since I came and another very healthy almost over the net vial.
  54. 29/05/2008 – Caneta with color Invisível: bought out of curiosity, do not use on a daily course, not found a practical use, but it still works.
  55. 29/05/2008 – Keychain that beeps when you hear hissing: even tried using, but he is very sensitive and lived beeping for no reason, leaning over, the finished stack, just replace that but it still works.
  56. 27/05/2008 – Digital Thermometer: continues to be my only body thermometer, works 100%.
  57. 27/05/2008 – IQ Teaser Ring: it was fun for several weeks until I memorize all the secret and solve them without any problem, Now I think I'll pick them up again to see if I still remember, and it's also fun to challenge others.
  58. 27/05/2008 – Chain of Mario: adorn my bookshelf today, Boom materials, good finish, 100%.
  59. 27/05/2008 – Electronic Bicycle Speedometer: continuous running 100% after 18 months of use. Only stopped once he unwittingly filled water, but dried and returned to work.
  60. 27/05/2008 – Solar toy that nods: adorns my desk today, are already 18 months and still find amusing.
  61. 20/05/2008 – Shrink wrapping Cabo de Rede: very useful when traveling, broke the pin that locks the plug on one end, more continuous running.
  62. 20/05/2008 – Rede testator Cabos: tested various cables, all 100%, working perfectly.

E locked here, are 62 products in more than 1 year and a half of shopping DealExtreme and the vast majority of them still in working order and being used today. Hopefully this fall with the myth that Chinese products do not provide, since this varies greatly from product to product. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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