ten 04 2009

“The synonym table was not found!”

This is another article in the series of troubleshooting I meet there and how to solve them, that serves mainly to myself not to forget when you find the solution to the same problem again and possibly to help others.

The error in question happens in Microsoft Word 2007, and possibly other versions also. When opening certain documents, it still can not pinpoint what's different from the others, Word displays the message “The synonym table was not found!”, with the OK button which when clicked, Word closes immediately. Thus it becomes impossible to edit such documents, as the message that appears is modal and can not do anything if you do not click on OK. Error with a message that does not clarify anything is the worst kind, and the Microsoft style.

Looking on Google I found more people with the same problem, some suggestions for solutions that do not work, but it was in Microsoft Technet I found some people saying that the problem would be because of dictionaries installed on the machine, and some solutions involving dictionaries or even uninstall Office. Soon suspected that the problem could be the Concise Oxford Dictionary, but instead of uninstalling it decided to see what would be in his Word component that was causing the damage, and found a reference to a DLL: “C:\Windows Houaiss.dll”.

The solution then was simple, just renamed the “C:\Windows Houaiss.dll” to “Houaiss.dll.bak” and the Word problem was solved. Also did not notice any side effect, the Houaiss keeps running. His integration with Word I have not used it, then consider the problem solved.

The Concise Oxford in question is old, probably a new version compatible with Word 2007 that does not cause problems, but new versions should follow the new spelling agreement and I refuse to use it, then I have no interest in buying any new dictionary. The Skooter blog articles continue to be written in the good old Portuguese spell early retirement, that probably was not approved because the already approved could not write the old Portuguese and so would be the same.

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