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A DealExtreme just added in its catalog two novelties that have long been expected by gamers:

The first is a USB adapter that lets you connect one or two gamepads for Super Nintendo (ou Super Famicom) no PC. For those who like emulators and want the full experience of this Super Nintendo is a great accessory. Despite the Super Nintendo gamepads, I play with the joystick ZSNES XBox 360 Playstation or for lack of an adapter for the Super Nintendo gamepads. Now he arrived and certainly goes to my wishlist.

The second is the receptor USB para joysticks de XBox 360, two versions: Black and White. This receiver allows you to connect one to four joysticks Wireless XBox 360 no PC. Until then the only option was to buy the package and adapter together with control, which apparently was discontinued by Microsoft. Note that these newly launched adapters are third, Microsoft also stopped selling the adapter isolated. This means that the communication protocol XBox 360 was finally broken and we will soon see a number of controls and accessories for the same generic, from China. It may even be illegal, but it is still a beautiful punishment for a company that made a lot of promises and then pulled the product from the market without further explanation.

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Wonder! I just ask a control adapter for Snes.


An excellent option to purchase the adapter controls X360. Possuo um, is excellent! This was further “Games for Windows”


The site of this post OFF. =/

[…] two SNES Gamepad controls (Super Nintendo) ou SFC (Super Famicom) here in Skooter Blog in an article 2009. From então, he was more than a year and a half on my wish list. Finally, in 29/06/2011 […]

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