FocalPrice: Rechargeable 9V NiMH 250mAh Tweens Friendly to the Environment (Tweens 9V 200mAh NIMH Rechargeable Environmentally Friendly Battery)

Finally the first review of 2010 aqui no Skooter Blog: are three Batteries Rechargeable 9V 250mAh Tweens Friendly to Environment (Tweens 9V 200mAh NIMH Rechargeable Environmentally Friendly Battery) acquired na FocalPrice (SKU EB012X).

The Tweens battery has a unit price of $4,04 USD, and progressive discounts for larger quantities. For 3 them the price drops to $3,74 U.S. dollar, I took and used a coupon $5 dollars for purchases above $10 U.S. dollar, obtained with my points in FocalPrice, and so the three batteries only cost $6,22 U.S. dollar, or just over £ 10,00. This cost is lower than that of a single 9V alkaline battery in Brazil, so even if the income is not as good yet it was a great deal.

Baterias recarregáveis NiMH 250mAh Tweens

Rechargeable NiMH 250mAh Tweens

According to the announcement in FocalPrice these batteries are 8.4V, in other words, have 7 cells internally, which is a good sign. For those who did not understand I explain: alkaline 9V battery contains internally 6 1.5V cells (the same voltage of AA batteries, AAA, C, D, etc.) connected in series to achieve 9V, each of these cells has the same size as a Battery size AAAA. In the case of rechargeable nickel-metal hydride (NiMH), cells is typically 1.2V in use, which is not usually problem in most devices, because the common cells only have 1.5V when new, but the voltage will fall as the use, unlike NiMH which has a greater voltage drop during discharge. So the first “9V batteries” NiMH used 6 1.2V NiMH cells, having, therefore, a voltage in typical use of 7.2V. Then came the batteries with 7 1.2V NiMH cells, totaling 8.4V. These are the most common today, and in the case of these Tweens I got. Finally there are the batteries with 8 1.2V NiMH cells, totaling 9,6V, these are rare and should also be used with caution because they exceed the rated voltage of some appliances, although 0.6V more rarely causes problem.

With regard to capacity, the announcement indicates 200mAh, even this is the value that appears in the photos there in FocalPrice. But I received 250mAh battery, probably the manufacturer has updated the product and the FocalPrice not yet updated the ad. The question is whether there really was some updating internally, or if you just changed the value in the label. Anyway it is unlikely that these batteries reach such capacity, most Chinese manufacturers place a greater capacity than the actual on its batteries, and even NiMH batteries mark do not usually get to these higher values, that are unique to alkaline (here is a test with some alkaline), then I'll be happy if each of these batteries have a capacity of 150mAh or more. I'll be even happier if the self-discharge of these batteries is relatively low, because I intend to use them in low-power devices or used sporadically (clock radio, audio monitor, corporals testator, etc.). I am not aware of low self-discharge batteries in the style of Eneloop, then I can hope is that last at least several months, a biannual recharge would already be a good size.

The announcement says that the batteries are friendly to the environment (environmentally friendly), but it has nothing to all other NiMH batteries do not have. The merit of it is not contain cadmium, highly toxic metal used in rechargeable NiCd, prevalent a few years ago, and gradually were replaced by NiMH, despite still being found in cordless phones and other devices.

The batteries came without specific packaging and unsealed, only in individual plastic bags. They have all plastic body, except for the metal contacts, equal to BTY I acquired at DealExtreme in 2008. The finish looks good. The body is surrounded by a very shiny metallic sticker with details and written in orange and black. It can be read the brand “Tweens”, which apparently is not a Chinese brand of the most famous, also found no official website. It can also be read at nominal capacity of 250mAh, the voltage of 8.4V, and a series of writings in Chinese that I can not decipher. There are some small print alphabet 20mA associating with the number 15 and 60mA with the number 5. Multiplying the couple of factors gives 300mA in both cases, then I believe it is time to recharge or something.

Baterias recarregáveis NiMH Tweens, sem embalagem específica

Rechargeable NiMH Tweens, no specific packaging

Detalhes do acabamento das baterias Tweens

Finishing Details of Tweens batteries

Tested one by one meter in the three batteries indicated 8,52V, 8,69The e 8,55V. As well above the nominal voltage of 8.4V? Yes, this is normal, since the rated voltage is typically, in other words, observed when the battery is charging and discharging (connected to a device being used). A full NiMH cell measured without load easily comes 1,35V to 1,45V, then one of these batteries (with 7 cells) fully charged can reach values ​​of 9,45V the 10,15V.

Bateria recém-chegada indicando 8,52V no multímetro

Newcomer battery 8,52V indicating the Meter

Outra bateria recém-chegada, essa indicando 8,69V no multímetro

Another newcomer battery, indicating that 8,69V on the Meter

A terceira bateria recém-chegada, indicando 8,55V no multímetro

The third newcomer battery, 8,55V not indicating multimeter

Unfortunately my La-Crosse BC-9009 recharging and test the actual capacity of the battery is only good for AA and AAA batteries, so keep using my Charger BTY GN-96 purchased from DealExtreme to recharge the 9V batteries. Put two batteries in the charger and after about an hour and a half the LEDs BTY turned green, this gives approximately 75mA provided for each battery, which does not mean that this is the actual capacity of these, as both have had some charge initially, besides, not all charge provided the load is actually stored, there are losses. Without a tester such as La-Crosse BC-9009 9V batteries to the test could only be done by monitoring the voltage while the battery is connected to a constant load and known and check how long it takes to download (which is nothing more than what the La Crosse makes computerized form). This test should I be, I will evaluate the performance batteries in practice it and hope to inform it soon. After charging the batteries recharged indicated 9,91V and 9,73V, fully within the expected values ​​as explained in the previous paragraph.

Duas baterias NiMH Tweens 9V no carregador da BTY

Two NiMH Tweens 9V batteries in the charger BTY

Bateria Tweens após a carga, indicando 9,91V

Tweens battery after charging, indicando 9,91V

Segunda bateria Tweens após a carga, indicando 9,73V

Tweens second battery after charging, indicando 9,73V

How to buy, was carried out in 11/11/2009, posted at 13/11/2009 and got em 22/01/2010. More than 2 months in transit until the package arrived without taxation without trace and without any stamp from the IRS. The explanation for such delay is the set of 3 factors, that will list in order of most important to least important in my opinion:

  1. Delay IRS: information (Unconfirmed) are that the IRS decided to send all packages Brazil (or a few more states) to be audited by the IRS in Curitiba (Pinhais), the famous place to charge tax on almost everything (with tracking) passing there. Remember that the interior of São Paulo packages that were initially monitored by the Internal Revenue Service in São Paulo started to be monitored in Curitiba from the end of 2008. Now the end of 2009 decide to do this with some other states. Some say that this was only because of the Christmas season, but how packets of São Paulo never again go through Sao Paulo (even after Christmas), I believe that everything will remain so in 2010. This overload of the Pine forests of Saint Joseph tax probably makes the IRS the main cause of delays in international orders. Now in addition to confront this abusive protectionism third world which taxes International products are not manufactured in Brazil we still have to face these inordinate delay.
  2. Hong Kong Post Office delay: this is confirmed, and it was reported by both FocalPrice and by DealExtreme. The mail Hong Kong received a fairly large volume of international packages this holiday season, perhaps due to the recovery of the global crisis and the falling dollar. Furthermore, there was a decrease in the number of China flights to Brazil and some other countries. These two factors caused the Hong Kong post began to accumulate packages, without having space on flights to send them all, causing delays. Were probably the EMS prioritized, while the common and registered Airmail were set aside and engaged gradually in the spaces available on each flight. Remember, the international airmail from Hong Kong is extremely cheap compared to other countries, it probably prevents charter flights to take backlogged packets. Delays were confirmed by buyers who had packages with tracking who came to take weeks to leave Hong Kong. My I can not say how long it took for not tracking. But fortunately this situation seems to be already normalized and the packages already returned to leave Hong Kong a few days after posted.
  3. Delay of Brazilian Post: Brazilian mail also posted a message to anyone who tried to track international packages saying that there would be delays because of the large volume of packages at the end of the year. This factor should be less relevant than the other two, but probably also collaborated.

The package FocalPrice remains a bubble envelope, with sender noted as being “FINEOU”, content marked as “Other”, declared “Gift electronics” and with declared value as $10, without specifying currency. The printed signature is from someone named “Cui”.

Pacote da FocalPrice, chegando após mais de dois meses, sem rastreamento e sem tributação

Packet FocalPrice, coming after more than two months, without trace and without taxation

Declaração de conteúdo no pacote da FocalPrice

Content statement on the package FocalPrice

And I'm ending here. If you also want to shop in FocalPrice, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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Congratulations on review! As the delay for the delivery, my requests are also so… Bought day 18/11 sent 23/11 and so far nothing. As there's no trace stay with a doubt: Will it reach or the Maluf is working at the post office???

See the date of your purchase, Maybe this week reaches.



Geez, confuse in the in the first row (RS…)
FDS is mad right!


Opa fabricio, Sera q still has chance of my requests for 16 November of the focal arrive? =]


Found your site by searching on the DX, tracing and etc.. I found very interesting your reviews and even should I buy a La-Crosse 700, (much like your, do you know??) and a pack of 8 eneloop batteries on amazon (agree or have any better suggestion??).

Now, my case is the following:

I bought a “DIGIMATE III 2.0” on DX in 15/12/09;
It was sent on 17/12/09 Pro Hong Kong Post;
Left Hong Kong in 29/12/09.
And has not yet reached!!! 🙁

My purchase was $32,13 and I have the tracking number, but the post office listed as not registered yet!!!
Usually the rastreamente is only possible Web delivery??
Will I still receive??



My requests are also late. An application from Deal Extreme was sent day 23/11 and came here day 21/12. Already my requests of FocalPrice were sent day 28/11, only 5 days after the dealextreme, and so far nothing! I contacted them and they asked me more 2 weeks to see if the products arrive… I don't have much of a choice… But good to know that there may be a light at the end of the tunnel hehe. Congratulations blog! It was because of their stories that I decided to start buying from there! Thank you!


I'm waiting for a purchase I made in DealExtreme last month, According to the tracing code arrived 22 (last Friday) no Brasil, however, until today the only entry in Brazil, I wonder if it's coming or I wonder what happened?


I'm also with 2 late orders.
one of the DX another from ebay

were purchased in December, I have the tracking numbers, but on the site of the station say they are not registered.

It's amazing the postal delay of Brazil… It's a shame the services rendered by this State-.
The solution is the privatization!
Anyone remember what it was like telecommunications in Brazil? Phone was considered a LUXURY GOOD, After the privatization which turned an essential service.
And also remember the market reserve? Computers were outdated and expensive. Only with the opening that Brazil managed to at least get out of the prehistoric era of computing.


My DIGIMATE III 2.0 ″ finally arrived in Brazil, not give 26/01. But, as Ricardo, just include the entrafa and didn't leave conferred in tracking site, since then.
I'll wait!!



Just an update: my orders have arrived. A last week and the other yesterday. But 2 months later, but arrived. The Dealextreme, in the media, delivery at home in 30 days. Thanks!


Anyone here having problems with taxation?

From 1 hour to the other all I buy began to be taxed, is horrible.
If this keeps up I will not have more how to buy nothing.


You are from that State or where it comes from the collection of taxes?


My, I bought some products in focalprice day 11/10/2010 and so far only appears processing and nothing, know of something this acontecdendo, Let me know.

vlw and good review


Skooter could tell me the quality and durability of this battery? better Tweens or BTY? I want to buy some to use on my multimeter.

Thank you